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March 6, 2021


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It must be clarified that it is not people without will choke eating everything. The cumulative effects of the excessive feeding are cumulative and a snack or two can make the difference between being in the range of the overweight or not. In a world so accelerated, unstable and riddled with fast food restaurants is incredible that whole population this in the ranges of obesity. For assistance, try visiting biopsy specimen. but that different devices fsiologicos that control our appetite to achieve a certain balance between the energy that is required with respect to which spends. inquire about these physiological mechanisms has become one of the main priorities for obesity scientists. so why diets are no? a group of scientists believe to have found the answer. It has measure body develops seeks to a point of stability of weight and texture that stubbornly resists the changes.To try to overcome this point of stability means that the body to rebel, increased levels that consumes energy.

try to keep below the point of physiological stability through the diet, according to these scientists would mean a total failure. So far in the experiments found no difference between the metabolisms of obese individuals and thin, and also found differences in the way in that respondian increases or dismuniciones in your weight. It found that individuals who lost weight, the body to maintain its stability point won during his life spent fewer calories during physical activities and rest.