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WellStar 1000

May 23, 2019


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The distribution partner for high-quality natural products from WellStar in southern of Berlin the poisoning of the body through pollution, food additives in foods or unhealthy diets require action and thinking to the people. Micro algae products are regularly taken in able to detoxify the body effectively. The new way to more health began getting to know the fitness community by WebSTAR. Newly acquired knowledge of fitness and healthy nutrition led products to purchase, as well as the taking of WellStar. The enthusiasm about the rapid and successful action of these natural products finds expression in the design of a new blog on this topic. The goal of the new blog WellStar 1000 is to inform people about the fitness community as well as the effective micro algae products.

A new and simple way to greater health and fitness allows everyone in old age, because the membership and the use of the fitness community is free. Products are high-quality natural products with a strong effect to a WellStar reasonable price. Through membership in the WebSTAR community users can exchange experiences with like-minded people, deepen his knowledge to health, access current news, define his personal fitness goals reach and directly related products WellStar.

App Like A Champ With WebSTAR

April 30, 2018


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Leading vitality community celebrates exclusive app launch of WebSTAR expected users of already full of anticipation, the world-beating vitality app from Web star at the start was on July 1, 2010. The most comprehensive functional vitality app is now available exclusively for iPhones and Android smartphones. The modern and health-conscious people of today can with WebSTAR mobile on his personal vitality coach always exactly access, if he needs his support. For the WebSTAR app offers Fireworks innovative highlights, developed together with Uwe Renteln, Olympic base supervisor and nutrition coach of the world champion. The star of the Web app is completely free for every user.

Real time nutrition plan in real time nutrition planning: can the user match mobile immediately his diet plans by mobile phone after every meal now and can see how many calories or vital points still lacks the optimal values of the day. Determine and analyze real-time fitness planning and GPS-Fitnesstracking fitness values in real time: the user can his entire sporting activities with the Web star GPS tracking system to record in real time and to determine his fitness values achieved with the integrated analysis and control tools. Push of a button, all activities are recorded, analyzed and matched with personal plans. Of course is their favorite music in all sporting activities. Retrieve at any time via the mobile University vitality expertise mobile University: over 100 video and audio tutorials available via streaming at any time. Thus, the own knowledge can be expanded time-flexible main vital strategies.

Directly and immediately with all friends on the mobile community in contact with its mobile community: on the wall displays all messages and status updates. About the friend list, the user has quick access to the profiles of his friends and can send messages to them quickly and easily. With the mission vitality health improve mission vitality: the WebSTAR mobile app works as “Vitality Game”. Through various Activities mission points can be collected. It’s worth not only for your own health: reaches the user different status levels and more use of depth in the application, win valuable prizes WebSTAR mobile is now always, easy to use and supports effectively. So, vitality to every human being makes a lot of fun. Company Description Web star is one of the leading Vitalcoaching platforms on the Internet and provides a comprehensive and innovative vitality coaching all health-conscious people. More than 350,000 people already use the free offer of WebSTAR for more vitality and health in old age. Vitality coaching WebSTAR offers its users a holistic nutrition and training program, which was developed together with uve Renteln, the nutrition coach of German top athletes. The WebSTAR Vitalcoaching ranging from a comprehensive and individual nutrition and fitness planning including personal training plans and three-dimensional animated fitness exercises to an extensive Selection of video and audio tutorials. Vitality community Web star combines the most modern and fastest way to communicate with the most important value that may exist between people: trust. The WebSTAR community interconnected all users and the community members can interact on the subject of fitness and health, communicate their experiences and recommendations, as well as invite friends or acquaintances. Vitality Commerce there shopping world in future in the Web star around the topic of vitality and lifestyle over 1 million articles of world top brands.

Public Relations

October 14, 2016


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Wellness and Halloween: in the autumn of 2013 after a nice summer the time to prepare for the cold season is PR effective topics now. The turbulent Christmas is around the corner, much strength and energy is needed. The autumn is ideal to stimulate the financial year 2013 again with the right PR issues, public relations, Public Relations and Medienarbeiten.de PR agency from Berlin. Effective PR topics for autumn planning with Medienarbeiten.de from the end of September and in October there are numerous ways to operate related PR campaigns: the autumn is the time of incipient colds, health and wellness tips are now booming. Best now is the time to for wellness, pharmacies, health food stores, to alert the public to your products. When the days are short and cool, the home is the place for cosy leisure again. Interior design, cooking and decoration tips and DIY instructions are now sought-after topics.

Also the Halloween known from the United States on October 31 is the ideal date for Dekoanbieter, candy – and costume manufacturers to promote the goods. In regard to the upcoming winter tire manufacturers but also can alert already their customers with the help of public relations on the upcoming winter frost. The right services for PR support to: medienarbeiten.de/angebote-preise/ before so the holiday shopping season begins, you should use the remaining time of the year for press and public relations and start his sprint customer favour and positive financial results. And it requires one thing: public relations! Information about references, PR actions and services at: since 2000, consults and supports organizations renowned as owner-operated full-service PR agency / company and their products in the B2B and B2C communication Medienarbeiten.de. Medienarbeiten.de offers in addition to the core competencies of strategic consulting, classical press work and guerilla PR campaigns involving external network partners on the entire portfolio of contemporary PR tools.