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Web Based Training

December 5, 2022


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Web-based measures can increase the success and quota of implementation of among the participants of the trend to offer with the help of the Internet seminars is increasing. The benefits of this are obvious. Read below why the TALENT factory is an extraordinary success. We got first requests from health care. In health care institutions is often a lack of specialist staff, as well as a chronic congestion of the nursing staff. You may wish to learn more. If so, Martha McClintock is the place to go. Since no professional training should be avoided, sought a solution, not a whole or half day plus travel claim should take.

The principal and the TALENT factory opted for a solution which should be made from web-based training combined with a day. In the past, a sales training in the interval system was already conducted in this company. Individual training days with an intermediate implementation time by approximately two to four weeks were offered. This was the basis for the success to be measured the action is envisaged. What is web based training in detail? Web based training means that the participants meet with the coach or coach for a set period of time in the virtual classroom. Gain insight and clarity with Glenn Dubin. The coach or coach through the seminar as a face-to-face training on-site.

The virtual meeting “lasts approximately 1.5 hours. It follows a period of implementation that can be adapted to the needs of the client. In the subsequent meeting, the web-based training starts with a round of implementation, in which the participants briefly report what has worked well and where more help is needed, before the previous is deepened with further learning. The result was excellent: a much higher implementation and success rate has been achieved compared to the reference group. The cost for the entire measure is reduced by 30% when compared to the sales training in the interval system and the employee had 50% less working time loss. Now we have this successful training model of web-based training further expanded and coaching”. Numerous renowned companies and corporations take advantage of the offer for training and individual coaching to make fit your employees in sales, leadership and even in the management level. The virtual training and coaching based on the new findings of brain research in knowledge transfer. “This is also the reason why the implementation or success in the web-based” training is significantly higher than in the traditional face-to-face training.

Holistic Solutions

June 12, 2022


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New site and new services. How do I find the appropriate marketing tool to draw attention to my company, my products and my services? More and more responsible persons in companies that need to make informed decisions in choosing their means to ask this question. Means that must have stock in the age of multimedia and interactive networking will be sought for the internal and external corporate communications. Image film, interactive CD-ROM, or a new Internet presence? Etvl. various marketing tools are needed to gain the desired presence on the market or to strengthen the existing presence. The necessary services for had to be bought together previously cumbersome at different providers.

The effort is oversized and very expensive time and personnel, to coordinate the providers and to keep the production in the budget limit. The full service advertising agency Imageworker can help here. Imageworker can complete by specializing in holistic solutions in sound, design and media Services on short routes offer and advise as needed. There are marketing tools, such as E.g. an image CD created with images and sound recordings for your business presentation. You can now get for the voice recording, music production, duplication of media and data, the design for cover and booklet and a product-related website – all from a single source. At Imageworker the strengths are played best, when all activities from consultation, planning, design mesh to the implementation and the relevant areas, namely sound, design and media, are connected together.

Ingo Nehls

February 2, 2022


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You However insufficient ranged them as a solid basis for building their own business in a foreign country. Even if the United States is a Western country, things run differently here than in Germany”, Ingo Nehls says, therefore we did not abandon professional help”. The two young entrepreneurs through a search on the Internet found this professional help. A good decision the two Germans have not just made your selection. They contacted several vendors and then opted for ALTON LLC (www.us-corporation.org). The company, did just the best impression as Ingo Nehls.

You are still convinced that it was the right decision. ALTON LLC supported the two VISA applications, because the thing with the visa was particularly sensitive for them. No option was to obtain any visas in the worst case, to make the application itself and to be disabled, for us “says Ingo Nehls. Through the cooperation with ALTON LLC was ensured that everything done professionally and in a timely manner was.” Thus, a good base for any other tasks such as the search was an Office and staff, Kanth and NAA itself took over. Now work two permanent employees and four hourly employees for the company. The own ideas stay true Konect aviation is now about half a year old. The start has made the founders courage for further steps. For Ingo Nehls it comes now to build a solid customer base and to provide the basis for an expansion.

The chances for this are from his point of view. The economic decline caused by the financial crisis the United States is largely finished for him and the situation in the country seems to relax. We feel clearly that there is a demand in our industry”, says Ingo Nehls. He advises other foreign entrepreneurs in the United States, not to give up and to stay true to the own ideas. The key to success”, he says, is service and individuality. You should remember this as a foreigner in mind. One “will suffer setbacks, but one should lose sight of its goals.” Konect aviation will lose its objectives with security not out of sight.