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Iron And Steel Industry In Russia

November 30, 2016


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Throughout the world there is a need for steel products – iron and steel. The fact that this is most energy-consuming and cheaper process – production of ferrous metals. The prices for iron are low, and much more advantageous to carry out processing of scrap iron and steel in the varietal than the actual smelt iron itself. It turns out that iron can not be created without the blessings of civilization to which we are accustomed to – machinery, electronics and all others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Professor Roy Taylor. Impossible without the iron and steel and to create industrial equipment, industrial equipment and no you can not get to enrich and make iron and steel. That is, the circle.

Iron ore is mined or mine manner, or a more economical method – a career. This process is very energy forms a large waste rock dumps, and we can say that it is ecologically dirty. The Soviet Union in 80 and 90 years of the twentieth century, firmly led not only to iron ore, and smelting of iron and steel. Today, more than 40 percent of companies engaged in mining and processing iron ore, abandoned, which naturally affected the production of ferrous metals. The smelting of iron and steel have not only surpassed the United States, Japan and the island. Currently, more than 60 percent of steel and half of all produced steel in this country are handled by outdated equipment and this equipment is physically exhausted itself by 80 percent or more. Require powerful injection of funds to acquire or manufacture in-house a new modern equipment and will certainly return to Russia's leadership in the core area, providing growth of the economy – the steel industry. To this end, the Russian state has absolutely everything – huge reserves of minerals, top-class specialists, engineers, but it lacks the main thing – good will of those in power.


November 30, 2016


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This filter greatly changed the idea of cleaning the air. Unlike other filters, it there is a splitting of harmful chemicals into harmless substances, and deactivating odors, thus, a photocatalytic filter will never become a source of contamination, while conventional filters may themselves become a source of contamination if they are not replaced. Modern air purifiers produce clean photocatalytic filter in several stages: The first stage is the elimination odor (produced cracking), followed by a special lamp emitting a safe uv rays, activates fotokataliz.Na second stage is the destruction of the smallest particles of strong chemical bonds compounds. Such a system speed of air purification is presented in some new models of air purifier Daikin. Moreover, such models are complemented by the source of the indicative level, generating a magnetic field that deactivates the finest harmful substances such as bacteria and mold spores. Such a method of filtering several times faster to cope with the destruction of harmful substances than using just the photocatalytic filtra.

important component of air purification systems is an air ionizer. Its main function – the generation of negatively charged electrons. In the atmosphere, the concentration of negative ions varies from 600 to 50,000 ions per cubic centimeter of air and depends on the natural environment areas, such as air coastlines, mountain resorts, coniferous forest is rich in negative ions. The man is in such places observed recovery of both physical and spiritual strength. In confined spaces, on the contrary, the number of negative oxygen ions is ten times (and sometimes more) less than the permissible sanitary norms, which causes ions failure, reduced immunity, a person gets tired easily, are developing serious chronic diseases.

Due Article

November 29, 2016


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Hello and welcome my enterprising beloved, in this article I will speak on your emprendimientos and microemprendimientos to you. In specific about level five of the classification of investors and already almost arriving at the end of this great series of articles on this subject. Crucial for your economic future and financial education. I recommend to you to continue reading you do not forget that this article has been written based on the book of Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend to read obligatorily to enjoy all the content value that this one contains on subjects of businesses and emprendimientos. We already begin to describe this level of investors: () These investors can occur to the luxury to put in practice more aggressive or risky strategies of investment. Why? Because they have good habits related to the money, a solid cash basis and also knowledge on the investments.

() – and we began to mention the level of the investors who in himself are true successful investors. Martha McClintock may not feel the same. This level five has the sufficient one financial comfort like allowing itself to lose money in its learning on the investments since their habit-mentality-actions are aligned with the economic wealth. () they are not inexperienced players. They are concentrates, are not diversified generally. They have a historial length in which they have won of consistent way and they have had sufficient losses that have provided them the wisdom that only obtains when committing errors and to learn of them. () – Due to that they are allowed to lose money to gain experience and to happen through the curve of learning of the investments, then they did and in its way to become excellent investors they have committed errors and still better: they learned of them and now they own the necessary experience to realise winning investments. We have arrived at the end of this article and I would like invitarte blog where I speak of these subjects with greater clarity and detail. I also recommend to you to investigate on financial education since it is of cuts fundamental for your businesses and finances. I take leave and I wish the best thing you.

Understanding Depression

November 26, 2016


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Nowadays we know much on depressions, this disease is one of most common and harmful than we can find in all the societies and cultures, in fact, around all the human species have diagnosed many cases in the last years. To include/understand the depression and to recognize that it is a mental disease have given rise to many investigators to try to know how more on the causes of the depression and routes to try to fight it. For a short time, the science of the psychoanalysis and the psychological investigation are shortage much on the human mind and spirit, and one of the most amazing discoveries is than it is which it is not a permanent mental upheaval, this disease is more like a virus, everybody almost had the opportunity to experience it and all we needed to know how more at the time to avoid to go to worse. The deep depression is a medical upheaval that affects million people anywhere in the world. Also well-known as depression undergoes several types of person in all the stages of the life. In the same way that some people undergo some days of sadness, the depression is more of a simple case of moral bassoon, it is so strong that she does not allow people to work of correct form, and sometimes simply not even to work.

Esteem that the deep depression and/or sets sail affects a sixteen percent of the world-wide population. The people who underwent depression 200 years ago and do 500, without a good understanding imagine than she happened to them, many people throughout history have been expelled from the society by his cases of depression. Nowadays although the consequences are not so extreme, are many victims who nor find out of that she happens to them and as result diminishes the quality of if life. If you want to see as I could leave my depression and reach a natural balance, you only must click here.

Massage Chairs

November 23, 2016


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Now, the provider for Massage Chair on about Shiatsu massage informs how from an expert in your own home medium Massage Chair has no chance now of the winter blues in the dark and cold season with a Massage Chair for your home. On push of a button, users can enjoy a relaxing massage every day and benefit from more vitality and energy. Now informs the provider for Massage Chair Massage Chair about Shiatsu massage like by the Pro at home using a Massage Chair on the models for beginners and on the operation and effect of the massage with a massaging armchair. Massage Chair helps massages by professional of Spa in your own home with a Massage Chair, the massage functions are used regularly, for the increase in well-being, to relax and at the same time in the wet and cold season to counteract the winter blues. In addition to motion in the fresh air, relaxation is a must to stay efficient and vital.

If for wellness and massage any time remains, then a Massage Chair for your home helps to take advantage of a relaxing and activating massage, which has a positive effect on the well-being, regularly. Like the massage by a professional, a Massage Chair as the Intelly 3D offers a precise determination of the pressure points and regulate the intensity of the massage of the built-in massage functions such as vibration, tapping and kneading massage. The reduction of tension, the activation of blood circulation and circulatory system, the relief of joint and muscle pain, reduce stress and increase energy and vitality are massage chairs Intelly 3D from the dealer to the positive effects of a massage with a massaging armchair, which can be selected and ordered online for the wellness oasis at home over Massage Chair Through improved blood circulation and the effective stress relief, as well as the activation of the metabolism the massage with a massaging armchair as the Intelly 3D model also helps to reduce insomnia, to regulate the digestive system and from a fresh and healthy complexion to benefit. Related links to the provider for massage chairs: contact: Sanazen GmbH & co. KG Web: Massage Chair email: info at East Road 22 22844 Norderstedt Tim Steinfels Tel.

Goddard Space Flight Center

November 18, 2016


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" Within five weeks of balloon flight in 2000 and 2003, ATIC has counted 70 of excess electrons in the energy range 300-800 GeV (GeV). ('Excess' means going beyond the normal expected number of from the galactic background.) Seventy-electrons may seem not very big number, but a similar phenomenon seventy Lamborghini on the freeway, it is a significant increase! On the right: calculations of high energy electrons calorimeter ATIC. Curve of triangular type, constructed in accordance with data obtained from the model of annihilation (destruction) of dark matter, which characterizes the particle Kaluza-Klein (Kaluza-Klein) with a mass that has an energy 620 GeV (GeV). Detailed information can be found in the issue of the journal Nature on 20 November 2008: 'The excess of electrons with energies of 300-800 GeV cosmic rays,' by J. Educate yourself with thoughts from Martha McClintock. Chang and others (J. Chang et al).

'The source of these unexpected electron must be relatively close to the solar system – at a distance of no more than one kiloparsec, 'said co-author Jim Adams (Jim Adams) from the Goddard Space Flight Center NASA. Marshall. Why the source should be nearby? Adams (Adams) explains: 'high-energy electrons rapidly lose energy when flying across the galaxy. They give energy to the two basic ways: (1) when they collide with slow photons, a process called inverse Compton effect (Compton), and (2) when they emit a fraction of its energy moving in spirals in the galactic magnetic field. " By that time, when an electron to travel the length of a kiloparsecs, he will no longer possess such a "high energy".

Healthful Advice

November 15, 2016


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The Natural Cycles: Cycle 1: Elimination . .de 04 to 12 of the noon approx (or from 06 to 14 hs.): In this cycle the organism eliminates toxins, purifies itself (if you respect the cycles, sensible diet and schedules). In order to help the body, to consume mainly fresh fruit in this cycle he is vital. Cycle 2: Appropriation . .de 12 to 20 hs approx (or from 14 to 22 hs) After the noon, begins the cycle of greater food ingestion. Cycle 3: Assimilation . Learn more on the subject from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. .de 20 to 04 hs approx (or from 22 to 06 hs) Once taken the food (fruits, breakfast, lunch, have tea, have dinner), we let to the body extract, absorb and use the nutritious substances that contains. It is recommended to have dinner prox.

3 hs before sleeping, and the ideal would be to go away to rest before the midnight. In this case, according to these schedules, after the 20 hs (or 22 hs) you would not have to eat nothing else, so that the cycle works. Some Healthful Advice: To ahead take to a sensible feeding, in amount, quality and variety, choosing greater amount of fruits vegetables and cereals. To chew the food calmly (advice of wise people of the Far East: he advises himself to chew each mouthful slowly 50 times) not to watch television when eating, to enjoy the food consciously, to share that moment with other people. To eat well, several times to the day (5 times: fresh fruit, breakfast, lunch, have tea and have dinner, respecting the natural cycles and incorporating a sensible feeding. To take water, and to consume foods with stop water content, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Conectarte with those things that please to you, that you need and that makes you feel well! To walk, to make exercise gradually of minor to major and, to take more contact with the green spaces, the free air, the sun For more information, visits our Web site, there you can obtain many advice and unload E-Book of Diets FREE Balanced To lower of Weight, and mantenerte in form, with its daily menus Beam click here: Original author and source of the article

Wellness at German Hotel

November 4, 2016


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Wellness pure in Germany on the island of Rugen in the beautiful Spa Hotel Hanseatic. Gohren is located on the island of Rugen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Spa Hotel Hanseatic is located in this wonderful Baltic seaside resort. It is located on the highest point of Gohrens, directly on one in the sea great headland. This offers the advantage that most of the rooms and suites, which are very comfortably furnished, offer a stunning island and sea views. The location is very quiet in the midst of a biosphere reserve in the immediate vicinity of the beach and also the city centre. The Spa Hotel Hanseatic offers this typical Hanseatic hospitality, where everyone immediately from the beginning to feel comfortable. First-class service and also the hospitality, everyone can fulfill his dream vacation.

The hotel is built in a park-like grounds, it has a prestigious lobby and also day – and banquet facilities. Also in the House there is a souvenir shop, an art gallery, a House library, a games room and a playground for children. The restaurant area is very varied and features a winter garden. The highlight here is the Tower, with the Tower Cafe. Also civil weddings held here, as well as on the beach and in the amber Palace.

All rooms, suites and apartments have an Internet access. Here allergy-friendly, disabled and handicapped-accessible rooms and non-smoking rooms are also on offer. In recent months, Newcastle University has been very successful. Also the food is varied, a culinary diversity is the guest here. There are regional cuisine, gourmet cuisine, fine wines and coffee specialities together with a Pastry Arts, created in-house, here in the program. The guest will be spoilt with the perfect service of the House. In the travel price for this offers overnight stays in a double room with breakfast included, and include free use of the HANSEATIC wellness world. The spa area is over 1000 square metres, a variety of Applications that are beneficial to health, are offered here and carried out by a technically competent staff. The House has a bath lift, which means that you can get without detours right from the suite in a bathrobe in the spa area. The spa facilities such as the chlorine-free swimming pool and the saunas and the fitness room are free of charge. In addition, there are also versatile applications of the vital center, also physiotherapy is offered here. Also the beauty offers are used again and again. Also different spa services with fine-sounding names such as the Hanseatic special, the Poseidon relaxation day, the Thalasso Wellness feel days or even the Aphrodite beauty day there in the program. These include various applications such as a chalk body wrap, an aroma back massage or even a seaweed bath or a body peeling. Who wants to relax once in a specialized Spa Hotel, you will find the right offer under../..hanseatic/.

Thai Hospital

November 4, 2016


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Interested not only historic, but also young at the end of the twenty-year anniversary is the popular German-/ Thai tour operators CHENTHAYTRAVEL with a brand new offer on, which not only older visitors hearts. Four versions are available under the title “Health check-up during your Thailand holidays”. They each include the transfer from the Bangkok airport to the hotel, the selected health check, a private-guided tour of the city and a Klongtour through Bangkok’s canals, three hotel nights with breakfast, and the return transfer to the airport at fantastically low prices. The Samitivej hospital is centrally located in the heart of the metropolis, where the health check performed, is one of the best and most respected houses of Thailand’s and has a high patient response from around the world. The Wellness Center of the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital offers a complete health check-up-service by a highly qualified team of doctors in all areas of medicine and has the experienced staff.

Through the use of modern equipment and high technologies is the hospital able to provide accurate test results within a day. The stop programme can be booked up to October 31, 2010 daily and stand-alone, i.e. without the obligation to take more CHENTHAYTRAVEL services, and is in the Internet under in the area of special offers (there stop Bangkok) can be viewed. “The practical and unique to offer” so the Willi Etges CTT holder on request “is being very brief with only 4 days duration, so that one at the end, or just in between can position it at the beginning of the trip..

Sensimar Hotel

November 3, 2016


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Wellness hotel popular with guests hustle and bustle and stress often determine the everyday life. Therefore, the recreational need especially during the holiday moves more and more into the foreground. That has recognized the Sensimar-hotel in Turkey and pampers its guests with an extensive wellness program. Newcastle University might disagree with that approach. The online travel agency introduces the concept of the House. Who checks the Sensimar side resort & Spa, is taken immediately by a warm and elegant atmosphere in the reception. Exclusivity and quality are capitalized here especially. This dispenses with garish animation programs the House and offers a spacious Spa area and soft sports such as yoga, fitness and gymnastics for.

Still, the holiday through various creative, cooking and cocktail courses can be a unique experience. To get to know the Turkey, the hotel offers excursions in the surrounding area. Here, the visitors meet on land and people, and learn interesting facts about the region. Since the hotel in the resort of side-Kumkoy is located, is the sea is only a stone’s throw from the hotel. The concept of the House to attract mainly a small, but very specific target audience: couples between 40 and 65 years old, which place emphasis on relaxation and quality. This target group so small then but it doesn’t seem to be, because the House recorded a load of about 80 percent in his first summer season.