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Emotional Suffering

April 29, 2017


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The patient may come to understand how they relate their thoughts wrong with the emotional suffering in your specific case. Through some questions without conducting trials or sermons, the therapist explores the obvious and evident "symptoms" in order to assess the patient's ability to detect, identify, differentiate and properly record their emotions, thoughts and situations, to the implicit and unconscious-schemas and automatic thoughts that must be changed. Through direct modification of dysfunctional beliefs and schemas can achieve change. Constructivist perspective (second line of cognitive therapy) In constructivist theories, unlike the rationalist assumptions, there is no "right" way of seeing reality. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. The human being is not positioned reactively but proactively with regard to knowledge.

Psychological disorders arise when the actual construction of certain situations and does not serve to give meaning to the experience. According to Kelly, the person constructs his experience from personal constructs, which are revised with experience. Keeping them when they are being invalidated is the basis of psychological disorders. Have enough flexibility to generate alternative constructions review and is healthy. Develops Guidano posracionalista postmodern theory and describes four personal meaning organizations (PSO), namely: the organization of depression, the obsessive, phobic, and that of the eating disorders. Posracionalista From this perspective, the change applies from the integration of ego-dystonic or situations experienced by the patient strangely unrelated to a sense of continuity and coherence of the self. Princess Fiona, this is the character that I think you can see more clearly the operation of this perspective. Fiona has fully revised its mental construction based on their experience.

MED Honsellstrasse

April 27, 2017


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With opera singers and top entertainers Tony Marshall lines going on it says on the MS Karlsruhe on Saturday 7th November on the occasion of the opening party of DeRENo health centers GmbH. Over 150 business and cooperation partners, sponsors and friends of the DeRENo, who have actively helped that can successfully run the DeRENo on the market come from all over Europe to the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony is also the popular opera singer and top entertainers Tony Marshall friend and promoter – the DeRENo, announces Detlef Neureuther. DeRENo health centers GmbH has set the goal to build at least 80 health centres in the whole country in the next three years and to operate. Be created within the next 2-3 years ca. 300 skilled jobs, alone at the head office in Karlsruhe about 20 employees by year end. Goal is to establish new and better therapies, that have significant advantages compared to existing and scientifically backed and international studies are verified. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., another great source of information. Many of these therapies are offered on an exclusive basis only in the DeRENo health centers. More offers in the field of aesthetic medicine and medical wellness supplement the offer..

Face Clean Disease

April 27, 2017


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Currently, many people have problems with the skin. Shine, dry skin, blackheads, redness, acne – it’s just some of the problems with the skin of your face. Probably every second finds on his face one of the drawbacks. That certainly can not disappoint you in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror. Check out Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for additional information. Without a doubt, everyone wants to have a perfect skin, and be attractive. Now you’re in the market can find many tools that promise to solve all your problems with your skin forever. But often, the use of these funds does not come the promised effect, and in the worst case situation is getting worse. At Newcastle University you will find additional information. The way we live, what we eat and where spend time with, reflect on our face in the first place and is a litmus test, showing us that something needs to change.

So what is the cause of the problems with the skin on your face and why there are annoying problems? poor diet, stress and nervous stress, external environmental factors, liver disease, bowel disease, gallbladder disease, pancreatic disease, kidney disease, smoking, alcohol. This is a list of the main negative factors affecting the condition of skin. If you have any problems with the above authorities, should consult a doctor, get tested and get treatment. C other factors, you can handle yourself. Recommendations to improve the skin: – more fresh air – get rid of bad habits (alcohol, smoking) – try to eat healthy (do not eat before sleep, reduce your intake of fatty, sweet, starchy foods, fried, hot, eat more fruits and vegetables, take vitamins) – Try not to worry (PCC natural sedatives – Leonurus); These simple event will not only improve your mood and lift spirits, but also save you from skin problems for a few days!

Better Nutrition

April 26, 2017


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It is possible to get the best nutrition with a healthy and balanced diet. Each person has individual nutritional needs, which will vary, especially if you suffer from any condition such as diabetes or high cholesterol, but everyone can benefit from a balanced diet. Experts generally agree that the best nutrition consists of a diet composed of a mixture of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, some dairy products, and lean proteins. You can search online some graphics that provide specific recommendations the benefits offered by each food group, whether they are brain-healthy foods or that offer biestar to any part of the body. To consume foods rich in nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables, it is easy to get the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as fiber and other beneficial nutrients, such as calcium.

Each meal should include some portions of vegetables, as well as some portions of whole grains, such as brown rice, by example. He is often recommended that vegetables are much of the food, while the meat should be a smaller portion at each meal. With low content of saturated fat meats are commonly recommended by nutritionists, since they provide the best nutrition protein without forcing the body to process saturated fat, which can lead to heart disease. For its part, chicken and fish are two great sources of protein that are low in saturated fat. Preventive Medicine Research Institute may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For those who choose not to eat meat, however, the eggs can be very nutritious and an important source of protein, as well as soy and legumes are sources of proteins of vegetable origin. To get the best nutrition, should also avoid foods processed to the extent possible, which generally includes articles packed and packaged like potato chips and cookies, hot dogs or sodas and soft drinks. Recommended is chopping fruits, whole grain or vegetable sticks biscuits, for example.

Fried foods are also very rich in saturated fats, and should generally be avoided. In general, the best nutrition comes from a diet based on fresh food, the most that can be. A varied diet is a good way to get the best nutrition. A multivitamin supplement can be taken if their nutritional needs are not met through the diet. Multivitamins can be taken every day, and can help replace any deficiency of nutrients. This is especially important for the types of vegetarians or vegans whose diets are very limited. Supplements extras such as vitamin C or calcium can also be intended for specific needs, for example, women need calcium supplements during his lifetime to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. Sources of foods such as yogurt, milk, and cheese are also good sources of calcium.


April 25, 2017


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After wandering through endless expanses of the Internet is not a single day, and quite a few cones stuffed with the filling of the site is really quality content, I realized that I can not do without normal human would not obscheniya.Kakim been advanced that our society still remains public, although the communication and going through more and more ‘machine’. But it’s something and playing an important role in attracting visitors to your resource that will be with great interest read the article written by an ordinary human language, rather than through various programs (such as sinonimayzery, etc.). When writing text for online resources should be considered a feature – usually read articles computer monitor is much more complicated than the same article, printed on paper. That’s why most people avoid reading too much text, or simply did not finish them completely. Therefore, quality content should consist of relatively small volume, but readable and interesting tekstov.I especially this text should correspond to the topics of your site, simply stated what the visitor read an article about the circus clowns, if your site is about promotion and optimization. Get all the facts and insights with Dean Ornish M.D, another great source of information. It will look something unfair to your visitors. Usually, web masters do their own writing articles, but now appeared on the Internet very large number of resources that offer to write or rewrite articles on a given subject for the money.

Typically, the cost of such articles ranging from 0.05 to 0.5 $, and not every webmaster can afford to spend $ 10-20 a month to advancement of each of the resource. Therefore, in my opinion is better to write articles for the site itself. As the saying goes’ slow, sure – but with taste. ” I hope that summarized his thoughts and to read this brief article was not very hard for your eyes. Sincerely, Roman.BR Studia.

Markus Wolfahrt

April 25, 2017


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Also here outweighs the suspenseful Rock sound through skillful use of electrifying guitar riffs. In terms of content, the title is an honest confession of love in the here and now for the future. In the title song of freedom”, Wolfahrt reveals his credo of the freedom. But his ideal of freedom is connected with the idea to be a part of this world. The song is a beautiful ballad that leads us always back home with all the love of freedom. Another highlight of the phonogram is the song”now for this moment.

“This loose, Groovy folk rock song outshines a softer and catchy chorus, which is lyrically stating, carpe diem” (“Latin pick the day”) or with live every day as if it were the last “can be described. Far from materialistic ideas Wolfahrt is life itself in the foreground and thinks that modern, innovative and toward the future. To experience a moment of immortality”is the goal for which we live. “The song now for this moment” gives us some certainty that life is far more than expensive cars or buy shoes. It is the special moment, the magnificent experience that gives us divine breath.

“Less philosophical and more from life is the song I’m with you”. It’s about true friendship in adversity. A friend of the man is desperate, cheated, these are the moments where only friendship and sincere consolation. With the wise Council listen to your heart”the song wait every day” on. This song sums up the life and has urged repeatedly to the head held high, because every day the Sun will rise”and waiting for another chance. Here, too, Wolfahrt is his profound vision of things and his personal experience to the fore. His songs aim not on fast fun, but directly to the soul, the limitless freedom of the head and the heart. All this is happening in the sound of the pop song, so in the context of a popular soundscape that is fun and like in the hit love song yearning for so much more”with the classic disco Fox-style also quite suitable for the party can be. Markus Wolfahrt with unlimited freedom has”found his musical Center. To deepen your understanding Cardiologist is the source. He makes us participate in his life ideas and emotions. Gives us a good feeling and the knowledge that what goes wrong is cast in concrete, but we are all free, different and better to make it easy.


April 25, 2017



Objective: The importance of the Internet in the process of learning of the people the world passes for constant transformations in all the levels: tecnlogico, educative, social, economic and politician. To each new generation the forms are changed to relate and to live in society, we are in 2010 we live a generation that has more information of what the last generations. This generation was marked with the revolution that the global net of known information more as Internet came to change the form to communicate and to accede information. Until the end of the century the Internet will be in all the spaces of the life of the people, assuming leisure place, of deals and services, of education, inquiry, communication, amusement, information. The Internet brought new forms of if communicating, allowing the interaco with other people of the most varied cultures, making possible the allotment of opines, criticizes and social suggestions through the email, forums and nets. We can today be communicated with pesssoas in any place of the world for msn, social nets, email, the telephone for the Internet skype, orkut, the people use these ferrmanetas to divulge its businesses, to postar announcements and articles. Still today great part of the population of the world does not know and others do not give to importance the Internet, limiting to deal with the changes with sight the reply the necessity of the people to lead its education in learning for proper them without the structure of education institution.

The Internet very contributes with learning developing a pesamento criticizes of the people, the discurso forums is a resource of great value where it is possible to have exchange of opnies, ideas and experiences. The social nets are another tool that helps the people if to know, people of diverse parts of the world can using a keyboard to express its pesamento and ideas. The email I allowed to disponibilizar resources of the apredizagem, with rapidity in the sending and act of receiving of messages. We can conclude that intenet I allowed to the interchange of different vises and realities and helps the people to have answers stops its daily problems.

The Causes

April 25, 2017


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Law of cause and effect. This law says that every effect has a cause, a source and that are the causes that determine the results. Put another way, wealth is an effect; poverty is an effect; health and disease are effects; success and failure are effects; unhappiness, despair, depression, thoughts, are also effects. According to the law of cause and effect, success is somewhat predictable, it is finding someone who is taking the results that we want to for us and learn from him. If we do the same thing he does eventually we will have the same results that he already has. No one is more intelligent than you and no one is more important than you, life has no preferences with anyone, doesn’t care if someone succeeds or fails, this ensures that the opportunity is equal for all. It then find out the causes, what causes the results we want for us and apply them to our lives.

On the other hand, if there is something someone has done someone else can repeat it and if that you want is not yet made, you can be the first. By law of cause and effect if you know the causes and works at this level, its results will change by themselves. Law of manifestation. The law of manifestation says that everything there is product of human creation, has been and is the result of an idea. Ideas create consciousness and the consciousness reality, this process is sufficiently documented. The question here is where do ideas come from? So, information stored in his mind, but not your mind aware if not of the subconscious. This then means that the cause of their ideas and thoughts is your subconscious mind; However, the subconscious mind is not more than the file, the hard disk that stores the information. Information entered to the subconscious mind and the stores in the form of mental files, with which, depending on the recurrence, commonly referred to as belief structures are formed.

Internet Explorer

April 24, 2017


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Many beginning Internet entrepreneurs are starting to create their own project, only focus on the development of the concept (and some not even doing that), the development of the project, they have in mind only one thought as it would unleash flood traffic. Spending as a result of advertising and buying the huge traffic means that do not pay off. The reason is banal and obvious. Member who has come to the site, the more it is not returned, and that’s have to purchase traffic to pour again and again. This is stupid and wasteful, when money runs out, the project will die. The young project is very important to gather near a loyal audience members that will be sent to it again and again. And how to achieve this we will discuss in this article. Today, the Internet developed a set of tools to return the user to the site, but the most effective are a few of them below ..

The first tool, which we will discuss is an email mailing. In my opinion, a very powerful tool, despite the fact that he was pretty old. Use it on your project, do not let the user came to your site forget about it ask him to subscribe to the news of the project, the interesting stuff. Many want it and when you do not get this very upset, do not spoil it by building and call the project a negative. It is not necessary as use an email received at registration for delivery at the project, this step will cause an unambiguous response, and your project will fly to the basket.

To organize the distribution, you can use as their own developed system and take advantage of free and commercial services. They are now plenty will be able to find a suitable one. Let’s move on and move on to discuss the second instrument. Rss-flows are less popular than email-lists, but are the benefits. They basically use the larger projects, so-called content-projects. Small popularity of the instrument due to illiteracy in this matter, I think over time all change. We turn next to the tool. This is a toolbar for web browsers. The creation of such toolbars for browsers are the most famous Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari sometimes brings a significant result, becoming an effective instrument for return users to the project. Their main advantage is that by setting a time, they will stick out in front of the user’s eyes all the time, but that there is a minus. Because of this, users are reluctant to set them to yourself. Useful advice. Before embarking on the development Toolbar learn whether it is necessary for your project and its audience? And in the conclusion of the article a few words that use all these tools without preliminary assessment of the specific project and its characteristics may lead to negative results. Source: earnings on the Internet

World Health Organization

April 10, 2017


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Entrepreneurs should emphasize more on health! It further narrows the circle of the mentally ill and looking at the numbers of burn-out, the downtime will be even bigger: on average 30.4 days a year according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The economic damage is estimated through stress and strain at work in Europe and North America to 88 billion euros. The reasons for the long absences at burn-out are obvious: burn-out syndrome is associated with various physical and mental symptoms, once detected and cured must be heart problems, gastro-intestinal problems like long-lasting state of exhaustion, depression, anxiety, impaired concentration, sleep disorders, etc. The circle of stakeholders, who feel burned out and are sent home with a diagnosis of burn-out, is big and is estimated at 10 percent of all Germans. In principle everyone is at risk, which is itself too challenging, where he currently hasn’t grown in various circumstances. Employees who have a high responsibility for self and others, are particularly affected, in particular managers and executives. Burn-out is no disease that occurs suddenly, from one day to the next, rather it starts insidiously, and it can take up to nine months until it is diagnosed and treated. Most of the time it is so late that the utter exhaustion has occurred and an elaborate and lengthy treatment is imminent.

A qualified staff member fails then, the financial cost of operation is usually very high, and the costs add up quickly: at worst 6-week salary costs, additional expenses for staff replacement and training; This loss of expertise, loss of production, resolving longstanding customer relationships, order delays, order redemptions, etc. can occur. Is taken into account even the behavior of burn-out victims in the company still during the period in which the disease was recognized not yet as such and treated, a burn-out can inflict significant damage a company – when the employee is unfocused and irritated, the error rate high, which makes wide indifference to customers and employees, this burst orders and operating climate suffers. Even for a prosperous company, one such case can then become a problem. Many burn out involved are based on certain traits: ambition, rivalry thoughts, impatience, lack rational sense of time and others, in contrast, are business-related causes such as Unterforderung and overload individual employees, lack of transparency, deprivation of freedom, lack of labour protection, inadequate training, etc. The burn-out boom”requires a rethinking of the entrepreneur. “It is worth to get operational interference fields and structures in a timely manner to the bottom, to motivate the employees and an eye” to throw a such disease in time to intercept. For many companies, prophylactic measures will pay off even under the dash to prevent burn-out in the own operation and to increase the load capacity of the employees.

A proven method to improve the State of health is a treatment with micro-nutrients. A vital substance treatment correctly applied – can improve energy metabolism, improve mood and strengthen the immune system. Basis, is always a specific blood test to find out which vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids are missing the metabolism. The diagnostic centre for mineral analysis and spectroscopy specializes in individual Mikronahrstoffanaysen and their interpretations, and offers the possibility of entrepreneurs for their employees perform a burn-out screening a meaningful investment in the health of the employees, not only to avert a Burnout as possible, but also to significantly increase the performance of.