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Fifteen Quot

October 23, 2013


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When the 'Swordfish' hung new torpedoes (with fuse) and 19:15 everything was ready, torpedo immediately started with the Arc Royale '. In 20:47 'Swordfish' flocked to the latest attack. 'Bismarck' discovered barrage. Two torpedoes hit the board a German ship: the first blows in the midship frame. But defense withstood the hit.

The second torpedo exploded in the aft battleship. It was she who decided the fate of the 'Bismarck' and his crew The explosion damaged a second torpedo steering gear, steering, and both stuck in the position to the left 12 degrees. Describing the circle, the battleship began to move in a northwesterly direction at a speed of 7 knots. At this point he was 400 miles from Brest. Chance to go for 'Bismarck' was not no. When Admiral Lyutens realized that the situation is hopeless, with the 'Bismarck' headquarters flies radio loudly: 'attacked by torpedo bombers from the aircraft carrier! Torpedo hit aft.

vehicle lost control! We will fight to the last shell. Long live Fuhrer! " Fifteen minutes later, at a distance of nine miles to the 'Bismarck' approached British cruiser Sheffield. " The Germans opened fire, but none of the nine rounds has not reached the goal. Although Hit the 'Sheffield' was not, was damaged by splinters of his radar and wounded 12 sailors. Blanketed the smokescreen, the English cruiser stepped aside. Before leaving, he gave the coordinates of the 'Bismarck' upcoming fifth flotilla of destroyers. At 22:38 destroyers 'Kossak', 'Porun', '', 'Zulu' and 'Maori' from the 4th Flotilla found German ship.


October 21, 2013


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St. Petersburg is rightly considered a tourist center in Russia. It is here that a huge number of attractions. Palaces and museums, great architecture and parks, beautiful waterfront and cozy streets. Today, travel agencies offer a variety of city tours of St. Petersburg, this classic sightseeing tours, and water rides on the rivers and canals of the city, and excursions to the most interesting museums, and tours city at night. St.

Petersburg is also rich in interesting suburbs. Not for nothing they're called "gold necklace." A well-deserved popular excursion to Pushkin. The main attraction of the city is Catherine Palace, which houses the world-famous Amber Room. The palace, designed by Rastrelli, through many difficult days. During the Great Patriotic War Pushkin was occupied by the Nazis, palace destroyed, and the Amber Room stolen. Restoration of the palace lasted many years, and the 300 th anniversary of St. Petersburg has been completely restored Amber Room.

Today, the palace appears to show tourists around brilliance. After visiting the palace you can walk along the Catherine Park. There are many buildings that are monuments of architecture: the cold bath, Agate House, Cameron Gallery, the Hermitage, the Grotto, Upper and Lower vynny. Mareyskaya and Chesmenskaya columns, Cahul obelisk, fountain 'yeast with a broken jug', white-marble sculpture adorn the park. Excursion to Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin, so called early and often referred to this day) included in almost all rounds. This city is required to visit. He is known by the fact that here is the Lyceum, where he studied the great Russian poet A. Pushkin.

Realize The Dream Of Losing Weight

October 16, 2013


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Each beginning of year gyms are most requested by people who want to lose weight and stay in shape. Every year there are more people with overweight and wishes of losing large amounts of weight in the gym as if by magic. If you are people who want to lose weight, but you haven’t done a serious analysis of its situation, its shape and the reality of its weight, if still not been to think to what extent is real its goal?, if what you want is within the actual parameters?, is good to think it, be serious in its aimto see to what extent it is possible to achieve it, and how you can do it. These questions just want to put your feet on the ground and clarify with yourself which is what can really achieve, how long can take to achieve it and how you can do it without putting your health at risk and even his own life. The important thing in this goal is achievable goals that can perform them step by step, your goal achievable little by little to make it enduring in time and your body. There are several tips that can take into account to your goal:-exercise daily, if you have little time for this, make several sessions a day for 10-15 minutes each. -Drink water or natural juice without sweet between meals to avoid feeling hungry because of thirst. -Not daily, despite weighing every eight days is enough to become aware of your weight loss.

-Do not leave your goal within a few days, lose weight naturally and healthily is slow, but it has its rewards. For more information about losing weight naturally, visit his web page lose weight naturally. For more articles about losing weight in Spanish visit healthy weight loss diets. Remember that losing weight is only your decision and only you can do it, do not allow that life will only in good wishes, realize his dream and that’s already and now. Original author and source of the article

Light Emitting Diode Lamps

October 16, 2013


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Efficiency "green" lamps significantly higher efficiency "bulbs Ilyich. Do compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) 25% of electricity consumed goes to the production of light, the light-emitting diode, led (light emitting diode – Light Emitting Diode) and oled (organic light emitting diodes), even more – 80%. Compact fluorescent lamps have appeared in the late 1980's. They significantly outperform the "old" lamp as in luminous efficiency, and on service life. If the average lifespan of incandescent bulbs – 1,000 hours, then the cfl this figure reaches 15,000 hours. However, there is a fluorescent lamp and its drawbacks. They did not immediately come to full brightness and are not intended for frequent on-off.

In addition, these lamps contain mercury. And if Europe There is a developed network of reception of spent fluorescent lamps, in Russia, the question remains open for recycling. led lamps have been used in general lighting is not so long ago. For a long time on the market were not are white LEDs, because so far there is no semiconductor material to directly create white light. But scientists have found the solution: a mixture of complementary colors or fluorescent transformation. led lamps more efficient than fluorescent, but their service life can reach up to 100,000 hours. LED-lamps contain no mercury, making them environmentally friendly. However, LEDs are still quite expensive and not have high capacity. But, experts say, the achievement of optimal parameters – just a matter of time. Presumably in three to five years, the cost of led lamps will be reduced significantly.

Stop Smoking

October 1, 2013


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STOP smoking think that I am a person with great force of will, but in relation to tobacco seems I have none. I smoke about two packs of cigarettes a day and I’ve already tried to quit several times. However, addiction is stronger than me, since I have not been able to endure beyond a week. I’ve gone over and over again. Is there any effective way to quit this bad habit? Carmen Lugo Espana dear Carmen: surely know that your problem is quite common and that there is no single, simple, nor much less foolproof solution. The clarification, you discuss some ideas that could perhaps help you.

Firstly, it is important to have clear that the main obstacle when it comes to quitting is the psychological withdrawal, and not the physics. Physical abstinence, in reality, has a very mild intensity in comparison with other addictive substances and for a duration not exceeding the week. Then, does role smoking? This will surely be different for each person, but, in our opinion, there are three issues which, in the majority of cases, are linked to smoking. For this reason, it is essential to discover which of them have more weight for you. The first is that cigarette often facilitates included in sociales situations, gives a sense of belonging or conveys an image that we assume desirable. The second issue is that smoking helps to better tolerate some downtime. It is a quite frequent complaint among those who abandon smoking, that there are many moments in that do not know what to do, spare them a time that makes them uncomfortable. The third mode that is often used cigarette is to calm anxiety. Vale clarify that, Yes, nicotine is not anxiolytic, rather the opposite. Smoking calm anxiety in the same way that any repetitive behavior makes it as eating or cleaning.