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Figure Borelli

March 28, 2018


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Figure Borelli studies influenced the eighteenth-century physicians who believed in the movement as the immediate expression of life. Among them, Federicus Hoffmann was who did most to restore the importance of exercise in hygiene in the handling and in daily life. During this time began to be the first serious physiological studies on therapeutic exercise. Nicolas Andry in 1723 wrote a thesisentitled “Is moderate exercise the best way to stay healthy “. Clement Joseph Tissot (1750-1826) published a book called medicinale Gymnastique et chirugicale, much like today’s, which breaks with the classical doctrine to recommend surgical patients mobility and employee mentions massage so regulated under different conditions, emphasizing knowledge of anatomy to prescribe therapeutic exercise and analyzes the movements of manual activities and crafts.Physics provides important steps in this century, there were fresh knowledge of acoustics, heat molding and electrical phenomena. During the last quarter century multiplied studies on the nature of electricity, the Leyden jar allowed to keep the electricity for later use Benjamin Franklin stated the principle of conservation of electricity and the nature of lightning showed John Walsh identity of the electrical current from the torpedo fish and the Leyden jar, and Cavendish and Coulomb established measures between electric currents. The most relevant studies were undoubtedly those of Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta who discovered several tests that electricity can cause muscle contraction. Naturalistic ideas influenced many Enlightenment philosophers of the time physicians who recognized the healthful benefits of outdoor life and of moderate exercise, as well as water curative actions.Hydrotherapy, one of the important aspects of the Hippocratic therapeutics, in the eighteenth century enjoyed a great boom in Europe in its different forms. In this sense, some doctors like Jonh Floyer, Vincent Perez and von Hildebrandt dedicated their efforts to highlight the therapeutic possibilities of water. In Germany Hanh Sigmund (1696-1773) and his son Johan S. Hanh was against classical to manage water febrile patients, both taken as cold outside. Hufeland Christoph (1762-1836), German physician Hippocrates not stressed the importance of marine and heliotherapy bath for tuberculosis patients. In Spain, Pedro Gomez Bedoya published Universal History of the mineral springs of Spain in the listed properties of 214 springs. At the end of this century return to interest in the therapeutic properties of sunlight, through the efforts of men like Jean-Baptiste Faure, Leretre, Leconte and Richard Russell.Studies were carried out on treatment because of the weather, considering both general and air components and wind. Air was studied physical properties and their relationship to the onset or persistence of certain diseases and their role in the evolution of surgical wounds.

Superior Associations

March 16, 2018


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The participants had carried through the research in the academy school of the ASCES (Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino) during the month of March of 2010. Procedures of analysis The collection of data was lead in four days alternating. In the first day a test for the determination of the maximum load in 1RM in the superior member was carried through. In as the day (48 hours after the first evaluation), procedure for the inferior member was carried through the same. In the third day (72 hours after as the day) individuals had been submitted to the tests of 10 repetitions, 75% of the load of 1RM for exercises for superior members and in the room day for inferior members for the gauging of the DP (SHOVELS x FC), of SHOVELS and PAD. When arriving at the place of the test, the individuals were seated in a chair where they had remained per five minutes in rest, and thus had been surveyed the values of the corporal mass, stature, (SHOVELS), (PAD) (FC). After the antropomtricos and hemodinmicos procedures, the participants had been guided on the procedures of the test in the exercises agachamento, leg-press 45, crucifixo and peck-deck. The individual located in the first device, that was chosen of random form, and executed 10 repetitions, with a load equivalent 30% of 1RM, as heating form.

After five minutes had been carried through 10 repetitions 75% of the load of 1RM. The values of (FC) (SHOVELS) had been surveyed (PAD) simultaneously, immediately before the beginning of the movement and between penultimate and the last repetition with the individual in the proper device. This procedure was taken leading in account that the biggest values of the answers of (SHOVELS), (PAD) (FC), happens probably during the two last repetitions of a series. For the measure of the Par, it considered as sistlico value, the first phase of the sound of Korotkoff and as diastlico value the fourth phase.

Dangerous Diet Pills

March 6, 2018


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The pills to become thin can be bad for you. Asegrese of which you know what you are going to buy and to choose the diet safer pills available. The incorrect loss of weight pills can be dangerous – It wisely chooses To lower of weight can be a thing difficult to do, but that does not mean that you must resort to extreme measures. It is not necessary to invest in a homemade system of massive gymnastics or to make some type of extreme diet to lose weight. That mainly it does not have to leave and to pay thousands of dollars by a plastic surgery to obtain his weight wishes when it. These methods are extreme, unnecessary and it even can be detrimental for his health generally. If you want to lose weight of healthful form, the obvious option is through the diet and a more active style of life.

Unfortunately, this method of loss of proven weight and simply is not an option for all. To lower of weight this way is slow and requires much effort. For some people, the exercise is not simply an option – that they are too much outside form really to do nothing. In a situation like that, diet pills can be a good option to consider before going to more extreme and expensive methods. Much people have a very negative opinion of tablets to lose weight, even if you have never used.

Many of these negative ideas come from a few incidents related to the weight pills of the loss that happened in the decade of 2000. A pair of remarkable athletes underwent serious medical problems that were tie to take tablets to become thin. One of the players of Great Leagues in fact died because of this. The good news is that the ingredient that took to the unfortunate incidents, efedra, has been prohibited. To a large extent, the companies that make pills of diet have returned more conscious on the safe product manufacture, but still loss of weight are tablets dangerous that way. It always must have well-taken care of of any pill of the diet that tries to hide its ingredients, because those are most prone to have dangerous ingredients. Other things that it must observe if it is wanted to avoid dangerous tablets to lose weight affirms that the completely realistic sound. Some tablets to thin the demand things such as to be able to hardly provide results in days two or three. The loss of weight (fat burners), does not matter how it is watched, is a quite slow process and simply there is no way to lose as much weight that quickly and that is safe. So taken care of and so it buys! best fat burners