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November 23, 2022


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Initial and development of the work the work was developed with the intention to search knowledge theoretical, with sight to extend and to consolidate the concepts in the area of Training and Development of people in the reorganization of the RH, used boardings of authors as Gustavo Boog (1995) Idalberto Chiavenato (2006 and 2010), Jean Pierre Marras (2002), amongst others as form to characterize the elaboration of the work. It is observed real difficulty of if managing people, after all of accounts each human being possesss a characteristic leaves that it more flexible or the decision taking does not stop. It can be inferred then that how much bigger our perception, better will be the vision to reach the longed for objectives. Thus the people whom they search for significant improvements in its lives can count on the way of the self-knowledge, which will be able to favor the development of the creative potential favoring the reach of its success. The newspapers mentioned NCI not as a source, but as a related topic. The proposal of the work was carried through in an institution of the private sector, that it possesss some years of experience in the area of the education, one of the conveniadas greaters of the Getulio Foundation Vargas, are of the axle River – So Paulo, responsible for the formation of hundreds of executives in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Clear Mounts and Valadares Governor. In the development of this work it was possible to identify the problematizao that is to define as the program of Training and Development will be able to stimulate the collaborators to work in team, motivated and made use to improve its performances in the standardization of the tasks. To line up all the way team that the organizacionais and personal objectives are reached. To characterize and to enable the collaborators so that they obtain to reach better resulted, better quality of life and greater organizacional competitiveness..


April 25, 2017



Objective: The importance of the Internet in the process of learning of the people the world passes for constant transformations in all the levels: tecnlogico, educative, social, economic and politician. To each new generation the forms are changed to relate and to live in society, we are in 2010 we live a generation that has more information of what the last generations. This generation was marked with the revolution that the global net of known information more as Internet came to change the form to communicate and to accede information. Until the end of the century the Internet will be in all the spaces of the life of the people, assuming leisure place, of deals and services, of education, inquiry, communication, amusement, information. The Internet brought new forms of if communicating, allowing the interaco with other people of the most varied cultures, making possible the allotment of opines, criticizes and social suggestions through the email, forums and nets. We can today be communicated with pesssoas in any place of the world for msn, social nets, email, the telephone for the Internet skype, orkut, the people use these ferrmanetas to divulge its businesses, to postar announcements and articles. Still today great part of the population of the world does not know and others do not give to importance the Internet, limiting to deal with the changes with sight the reply the necessity of the people to lead its education in learning for proper them without the structure of education institution.

The Internet very contributes with learning developing a pesamento criticizes of the people, the discurso forums is a resource of great value where it is possible to have exchange of opnies, ideas and experiences. The social nets are another tool that helps the people if to know, people of diverse parts of the world can using a keyboard to express its pesamento and ideas. The email I allowed to disponibilizar resources of the apredizagem, with rapidity in the sending and act of receiving of messages. We can conclude that intenet I allowed to the interchange of different vises and realities and helps the people to have answers stops its daily problems.