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Rituals Of Beauty To Your Face

October 24, 2020


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I don’t know if you know that creams, by very good as they are, are not sufficient to ensure the well-being of your face. As in your body, feed, rest and physical exercise are reflected in your face. What good news, don’t you think? We are accustomed to hear stories about creams miracle, the pills that erases wrinkles and drinks which you become beautiful inside. But the truth is that it is much simpler than that: not dependents of a miracle or a lot of money to get out of your skin and improve your appearance in weeks. With a few simple rituals you will get the results that you propose. The key is to combine internal care as relaxation the balanced diet drink enough water carry healthy habits (if I gave farewell to tobacco) and follow a few external habits like hydrate protect trying to tell us your beauty rituals. What beauty rituals help you? What habits will you have to undo? What ritual of? are beauty for your face care going to include in your routines? Original author and source of the article.

The Moment

March 23, 2014


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Here I am, in the middle of my. I feel that things are subject alrrededor of my. I feel that life is as hobbies, sometimes you solve them and other do not, but do not pass anything, continuous world to your alrrededor, and as much as you want you wiggle with it, is impossible. There is something that I don’t know that I can not stop, nor make it wiggle. It does not only, and do not know as. This happens in an incoherent way, because you never clear what is your exact place, however much you menees.

You’re never on the site better, nor worse. These on your site and that is not normally suitable. But it can that if, you just have to stop to enjoy the place where these in that precise momente, and not to think or feel the after, nor the before. But how it will be? I will not do it, and I am already an adult. Or that is the problem?. Children if you live the exact moment of his moment, therefore, does are more ready children than adults?, do or I am only more silly than boys?.Not lose but right now I’m only writing and I’m fine.

Well just things are like this, without which nobody access to wiggle them no more. Now well, also can choose certain moments or other, but time passes, and your choice already not worth for another time, for the exact moment, only for another is not. That’s what confuses me, that there are times that do not choose you, you choose what time and you are already there, after the before, without knowing why, nor as. Life are a lot of moments, do few actually are ours?, and cuantosson only of moments?, is there some way of wagging moments with whimsy?, I think not, but if a day just from our lives, or only ten minutes, we are able to shake us to our own liking, it has to be the host mother. If you find some time that is only your creation, tell me, surely it is a charm at the moment, but when you tell me, already happened, then do not be a single moment, you always contarias as another moment that you spent. This moment is the ciborium, but the truth is that it has me worried, because I never give them hunted, are not as the Grasshopper, or mosquitoes, you bite and then are no longer. The case is that I wish you your best moment at this very moment. Indalecio Regueira. Ourense-28-10-08. Original author and source of the article.