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In Case

December 16, 2016


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7 .- In the case 9, where it says "ta'angare," the second "a" should be "A" (nose), ie "Ta 'Ngara. This error is systematic and that in all cases the word was written in the same way. Anyone can deduce that is because at that nasal "a" is followed by "ng." The "k" becomes "ng" when the syllable or word that is added is nasal (ake love becomes ng e – ak becomes master aru aru ng) 8 .- Almost every word Guaranised by ruthlessly violate the MEC against the phonetic structure of the Guarani, as the Guarani language is a direct syllables, ie syllables are formed from single vowel or consonant plus vowel (or – ga / / / ka – va – ju) . The syllables and words of the Guarani only end in a vowel, consonant and never less than double consonant in the words Guaranised by MEC (ks you – to / / / ka l – ku-la). 9 .- The words Guaranised by MEC also undermine the phonetic structure of the Guarani when they enter foreign phonemes as the "f" (of high).

Precisely because the absence of the "f" in Guarani phonetics, it is common to hear people replacing the phoneme "s". So instead of "f ideo" is said "s ideological, or instead of" pro f reasure "read" pro s reasure. " 10. In Case 14 slipped the following error. The Cleveland Clinic contributes greatly to this topic. In Guarani (which has the letter "c") was written the word ora c ion with the letter "c".

Goddard Space Flight Center

November 18, 2016


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" Within five weeks of balloon flight in 2000 and 2003, ATIC has counted 70 of excess electrons in the energy range 300-800 GeV (GeV). ('Excess' means going beyond the normal expected number of from the galactic background.) Seventy-electrons may seem not very big number, but a similar phenomenon seventy Lamborghini on the freeway, it is a significant increase! On the right: calculations of high energy electrons calorimeter ATIC. Curve of triangular type, constructed in accordance with data obtained from the model of annihilation (destruction) of dark matter, which characterizes the particle Kaluza-Klein (Kaluza-Klein) with a mass that has an energy 620 GeV (GeV). Detailed information can be found in the issue of the journal Nature on 20 November 2008: 'The excess of electrons with energies of 300-800 GeV cosmic rays,' by J. Educate yourself with thoughts from Martha McClintock. Chang and others (J. Chang et al).

'The source of these unexpected electron must be relatively close to the solar system – at a distance of no more than one kiloparsec, 'said co-author Jim Adams (Jim Adams) from the Goddard Space Flight Center NASA. Marshall. Why the source should be nearby? Adams (Adams) explains: 'high-energy electrons rapidly lose energy when flying across the galaxy. They give energy to the two basic ways: (1) when they collide with slow photons, a process called inverse Compton effect (Compton), and (2) when they emit a fraction of its energy moving in spirals in the galactic magnetic field. " By that time, when an electron to travel the length of a kiloparsecs, he will no longer possess such a "high energy".

GPS Interaction

June 25, 2014


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Gravitational waves are not detected. There is some interaction, which is called gravity. Who does not prove that this interaction is not a consequence of known forces, such as electrical. Accordingly, all experiments, confirming, for example, gravipotentsial (Hafele-Keating experiment, GPS, etc.) can actually confirm the result of electrical forces. After all, who does not singled out the gravitational force is not determined that it is gravity and has not demonstrated that it was, it tackles the clock, and not some other force.

Try to create a model of mass without the gravitational field. This may not be inconsistent with other models, such as general relativity, but does not contradict other generally accepted theory. Try to determine what is required and that it will. 1) Use only well-known science of force – for example, that the electric force. 2) You want to force interaction by about 40 orders of magnitude smaller than the force of the electric aiming always at the attraction. 3) To obtain a force is necessary to differentiate the momentum over time.

Momentum depends on the speed of movement. That is, when differentiation of the pulse in time will inevitably arrive at the rate of differentiation over time. If all the speed in one inertial reference system (ISO), then all additions to the speed of the input linear. And the differential is linear combination of the derivative of the velocity and additives. If the rates for some reasons in different (ISO), the supplements to the rates included in the formula of addition of velocities.

BELIEVE Celebrity

January 24, 2012


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Indeed, in these films she plays the 'troubled teens', which Avoid the house, smokes and makes a lot of Why could not afford the out-of people in this age group more than 10-15 years ago … it was all different, all were obedient, apologetic, helped of course … also did something bad, I have no doubt that right now there are a lot .. such …. maybe I just pulled away from the topic …. but I still want to say that all movies that are so associated with her famous, I'm sure of it! I'll be back to the topic of celebrity …. … So tell them about this actress I wanted to meet her, see, even if only to touch …

but as soon as you come to understand the reality that it's just … unreal … it … well, though not very famous, but she an actress who has a whole 'car' of the idols and fans I like it … the actress Hollywood, who has lived in Canada for a hundred thousand kellometrah from me! And then I began to understand and think: 'In order to communicate with a celebrity, you have to be a celebrity! " But in order to become a famous actor or even start up any day racer …. need a lot of effort … a lot ..

do not just sit to write lessons or dancing for fun …. and try myself in any profession even if it is to become a footballer or manager …. I have a lot of it thought and as I read on one site :'… put your goals, believe it and if the goals will change, then your efforts may lead to nothing …. well, and hope springs eternal! " And he set a goal to become famous … and began to try myself … well, everywhere not just everywhere … and everywhere in there where I could more or 'trying' to be able to. I'm now running motocross in principle, I goes well I drive fast even have been level riders, but on the other side I love to make movies … but in principle speak to them …. now make a movie about World War II veterans, take interviews, historical footage set .. I hope to become famous after all 'celebrity comes by accident ….' Suddenly see a director or actor or a famous racer and so everything will start to form …. just have to be a Purposeful and BELIEVE! I did not write his real name because many people can simply deem it just 'garbage', but you can still overcome some celebrities ….