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Theresienol: Optimal Wound Healing In Burns

November 26, 2021


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Centuries on the market of Kufstein/Tyrol we rewrite old recipe as a modern herbal medicine the year 1350 and wound care is a big problem of all people in the middle ages. Everyone is affected, the people suffer under severe hygienic conditions, smallest injuries children, artisans, families, until in the Peerage, open wounds are often fatal. Medical care was available to only a few people, monasteries and wound doctors helpers in rare cases in the emergency. The Theresienol\”(www.theresienoil.at) was a natural, herbal and very precious help, a way to heal injuries, wounds and burns. This as a panacea \”designated wound oil was one of the few effective free of this time.

Due to their natural active ingredients and special essences whose unique blend stimulates the body’s self-healing powers and this could allow healing. This allowed for the Theresienol an extremely valuable highly-valued product. Today, some centuries later, it is a medically recognized medical specialty, which is each patient about the doctor or pharmacist available. Learn more on the subject from Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Various medical studies confirm the unique healing successes of Theresienol for various injuries of the skin, the muscles and especially for burns. In particular the fast success in reducing severe pain that go hand in hand with an injury is exceptional. The specialist Prof.

Dr. Heribert Hussl (Privatklinik Hochrum) formerly could primary and plastic surgeon at the hospital in Innsbruck in his studies and observations confirm that this 600-year-old wound oil can produce exceptional results, as they so often are. The effectiveness of Theresienol is now tested by several medical experts been so example way by Dr. Heinrich Prennschutz Schutzenau (General and occupational physicians and sports) which in individual studies with injured children wound oil since Years applied successfully. Here, the way this now recognized medicinal went, is more than impressive.

When The Baby

November 12, 2021


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Remembering Dr. Edward Bach, referring to fatherhood: “It is an ideal instrument to enable a soul to come into contact with the world for the sake of evolution …” Thanks to his legacy we now have a variety of essences that have faithfully followed all the philosophy of his work helping in this wonderful stage. The task of therapy is to incorporate Floral Integrative medicine interest in the physical welfare of the patient psychotherapy making the dive into the depths of be, and understand the plot of the symptom. It also incorporates the spiritual disciplines of the deep conviction that we are not only personal but spiritual beings evolving. Flower Essences provide invaluable help before, during and after pregnancy.

Here are some examples: Pregnancy Adaptation of the new situation both physically and emotionally harmonizing stabilizer and not allowing the entry of stress in this period. For critical or emergency situations. For difficult pregnancies. For even more opinions, read materials from University of Iowa College of Medicine. A great help for mothers who tend to lose the baby or give birth prematurely. Jonathan Friedland: the source for more info. Also to promote the link to an unwanted child.

For the vulnerability and sensitivity so characteristic of this phase. For depression felt by many mothers to feel ugly and isolated. For the fear of the unknown especially if the birth of their first child. Threatened abortion. For nausea the first trimester. When there are kidney problems, also causing low back pain. For past pregnancies End Childbirth To facilitate labor not holding the baby. . may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Mesotherapy Pariser Platz

November 10, 2021


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Their early use of (preventive) is important for the high effectiveness. Follow others, such as Rafeh Masood, and add to your knowledge base. A distinction is three terms: the General immune stimulation, the local immune stimulation and the viral flu as a special case. General immune stimulation have been the immunological targets of the body skin depth of less than 2 mm, is the millimetre precision adjustable injection depth at the so-called intracutanen micro vaccination injection technique crucial, so. The doctor performs using the electronic micro-injection gun of six such fine, extremely shallow injections in the left and right mandibular angle (area of the tonsils), in the area of the liver and spleen, as well as in the left and right groin. The tiny punctures are barely noticeable, the treatment is carried out three times at monthly intervals and will each in the spring and autumn reviewed. Local immune stimulation depending on the clinical symptoms several occur during treatment Micro injections in the medically important areas of the body with the same active ingredient mixture. The injection points are a chronic bronchitis, for example in certain breast and back regions.

Virus influenza as a special case for protection against the virus influenza is also introduced a certain amount of flu vaccine in the immune blend, to achieve a far-reaching and lasting protection. This best practice is also clinical and laboratory validated. And also the Mesotherapy helps smokers definitely after only a single treatment to get rid of your nicotine addiction. Sustainably strengthen the immune system and at the same time smoking finally best prospects stop healthy and fit to get through fall and winter. German society for Mesotherapy-DGM-non-profit association for the research and promotion of Mesotherapy Pariser Platz 4 81667 Munich 089 / 44717288 press contact: Michael Schnickel public relations E-Mail: Tel. 0911-5861070

Human Hair

November 9, 2021


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Our hair is composed from these ingredients hair accompanied the people since its creation. You protect it from the cold and wet of everyday life, allowing it and our inpiduellen taste and character different’s Dressup sets to present. But how is the marvel of hair and what is it made of? Structure of the hair follicle hair can be divided roughly into two parts. The part of that finding is within the scalp, called a follicle. The structure is similar to an onion and therefore is called the lower part also hair bulb. To this end, the root firmly in the scalp and is connected to the blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, we feel even a slight pain when a hair is snatched away from us. Also, the hair muscle sits at the hair bulb also.

If the cold as stimulus affects our body, the hair muscle constricts and the hair it fortified rears up upwards. Because of this effect, the cold can better be rejected. Our scalp hair also have this feature, however, due to the This effect is barely visible thickness and severity. Also sits on the hair follicle close under the skin the Sebaceous Gland. In it the body the sebum kept, another form of fat, which can be delivered through the sebaceous glands on the scalp. This sebum is produced, so that does not dry scalp or damage such as a prolonged exposure to water on the scalp.

It is therefore important not to wash the hair, strong shampoos because of the tallow is washed out and the skin can dry out. The same thing is happening on the use of hot styling devices like for example straightening iron, whose high Temperaturen remove the sebum and deprive the hair-important vaccines. Outside of the hair shaft sits on the scalp. The length, thickness and color of the hair are different for different people. Structure of the hair shaft of the upper end of the hair is made up of three layers. The innermost layer is the medulla and consists of dead cells. Another name for the medulla is also hair mark. It joins the cortex. This is a layer of creatine fibers and determines the tensile strength and elasticity of your hair. The better the cortex cells are entangled with each other, the better is the elasticity. The outer layer of the hair shaft is the cuticle. This is a cuticle layer, which consists of superimposed cells and is similar to a pine cone. The cuticle layer is positioned smoothly, then the hair is healthy and shines. The growth of hair depends on various factors and is very irregular. There are certain stages where the hair grows fast or slow. Hair growth can be poorly or not and is inpiduell in every person.

Help Against Sunburn – Relief, Home Remedies And Tips

November 9, 2021


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First aid and advice for sunburn – reddening of the skin – sunburn is an acute inflammation of the skin. It is formed by an excess of UV rays. The sunburn blushes after a long stay in the Sun, when the skin is not protected by clothing or sunscreen, it strongly, and the man finally gets sunburn. This often happens during the summer holidays. We love all the warmth of the Sun, but often it is forgotten that the precautions in the Sun are very important. Usually, the sunburn is complemented by a general overheating of the body. What are the rules of first aid in this situation? First aid for sunburn if someone gets a sunburn, he should take a cold or cool shower. If the victim unable to take a shower, you should just wash it with cold water.

The victim of the Sun should drink plenty of liquids (tea, milk, Mors). Peter Rose oftentimes addresses this issue. The balance that helps restore water in the body. It is also good if you after a sunburn skin immediately treated with Calendula tincture or Vaseline. You can get in every corner drugstore Calendula (marigold). The Calendula tincture mixed with cold water in a ratio of 1:10.

When the body temperature rises, you should drink such as acetylsalicylic acid. A doctor must be consulted for very severe sunburn. Univ. of Iowa follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Stupid what went 😉 – so it looks, if you’re careless! At the very beginning you can recommend wet packs, which are held up at the fire place, panthenol is used then. Panthenol is included in many medicines for external use. Panthenol has a very strong regenerative effect, nourishes the skin and accelerates their cure. Panthenol is better to use a form of spray – so the skin is exposed to less mechanical impact. Good effect also shows for example, Aktovegin that stimulates the energy in the damaged tissue, accelerates the regeneration of the skin, resulting in a rapid healing.

The Bars

November 8, 2021


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But since I can assure you. Take a grip Washcloth or even better, a bath brush into the water and massage with moderate pressure in the elimination direction every ten minutes. In the elimination direction means the upper arms are to the armpits and brushed or massaged and the forearms to the finger tips. Same procedure on the legs. Thigh towards the bar and lower leg to my toes and brushing. For more information see Moe Howard. The rib cage is to the shoulders and massaged and brushed and the abdomen and the lower back to the bars there. Forget not your feet (also the soles of the feet) and the hands and fingers. Darcy Stacom will not settle for partial explanations.

As a result, not only your skin is freed from the acid mantle, thus also support the acid excretion from your body through the skin in the bath water. Also, the skin is stimulated to lubricate itself. That has forgotten them through many years applying lotion. When you finish your bathroom then you shower and dry the base water on your skin. So do not dry out. This promotes even further the self lubrication for the skin.

If you No base bath can take, should time run by at least a foot of base by at least an hour. To do this, take a bowl with base water (33 C warm) and place into your feet. Every ten minutes massaging the feet and lower legs in the elimination direction, i.e. towards toes please with a bath brush. Our feet as auxiliary kidneys are not free”referred to. Please note: If you have cold feet, you warm them, before you make a foot bath. Go not freezing or cold limbs in the water. Warm up first, such as with a cup of tea and snuggle in a warm blanket. Are then hot and freeze no longer, there is no way a bath. If you have varicose veins, not to warm bath and leave the tray if it is uncomfortable to you.

Taboo Incontinence – Bladder Weakness

November 5, 2021


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Bladder weakness occurs about as often, such as hay fever and is a growing problem. It is estimated that almost 30 percent of German citizens will suffer in the year 2050 because – there are already between 50 and 200 million people worldwide. The number of unreported cases is high, because this body deficit is often so long repressed until a great suffering pressure and quality of life is severely restricted. More women than men are affected. The reasons are manifold. Connect with other leaders such as Fred Lynn here.

In younger women, it is often a pregnancy, which lead to a slackening of the pelvic floor muscles and leads to incontinence. The weaker bubbles accumulate in menopausal women. This is due to the declining levels of estrogen in the blood. Age alone is not a cause for incontinence, although also in men over the age of 60, the number of those affected is significantly increased. Incontinence can be caused to them by a swollen prostate.

Five to eight million people – men and women – suffer from bladder weakness. Every fourth woman has this problem, among men, there are 7 percent. Causes of bladder weakness is talk about only whispered but already young girls lose urine after strenuous activities. Darcy Stacom will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Heavy cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of coffee, tea or alcohol are also not conducive for the bubble. Bladder weakness can occur as a side effect of medication, or as a result of infection in both sexes. Incontinence is one of the most common reasons for the admission to a nursing home. The term incontinence derives from the Latin by Continentia (hold back). Urinary incontinence (Incontinentia urinae) means the inability to hold the urine. So does the bubble when we eat or drink fluids our bodies absorbed. The kidneys filter the waste materials from the body fluid and produce urine. A continuous flow of urine passes from the kidney to the bladder slowly filled. The bladder is full, the brain and we achieved a signal feel the urge on the toilet to go. Once there, guests can relax the pelvic floor muscles and let pass the urine. In our society, the potty training is a high priority. Therefore sufferers retreating frequently and don’t talk about it”. You are feeling unclean”, no longer leave her apartment and encapsulates to family and friends. That can lead to total isolation. So you can help yourself take you at least two litres fluid a day to themselves. Reduce the consumption of coffee, tea and soft drinks and your consumption of alcohol. Sit, located conveniently on the toilet seat. Not squeeze and relax the muscles. Do pelvic floor exercises. Deposits for bladder weakness should be changed about three times a day. You have more to switch the Insert, then change to a deposit with higher suction power. And above all: they’re talking about. Talk to your doctor. And perhaps there is someone in your environment, who is glad to once to be able to replace it.

Common Causes Of Spinal Problems And Their Solutions

October 8, 2021


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Many suffer from diseases of spine, herniated intervertebral have to live with pain for years. It is now well advanced diagnostics, but treatment is aimed at removing the symptoms rather than causes of certain diseases. Irregular, curved posture creates the basis for the development of muscle spasms, which can bind the nerve endings and / or roots. Applying medicines, ointments injection, infusion was withdrawn at the time of pain. Hear from experts in the field like Dave Parker for a more varied view. Visiting massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor temporarily corrects your posture. Why temporary? Because the patient in this action takes no part, nobody explains what to do next, how to form this muscle corset that keeps the location of the skeleton in the space will not allow return of curvature, which led to the problem. Foot – is the foundation of the temple of the body. But the curve of the building is not an ideal foundation to build. Read more here: Darcy Stacom. In our programs will be offered a progressive change in posture on the way to health, building and strengthening muscular system.

Ayurvedic Medicine For All

September 26, 2021


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Free consultations in the Ayurveda Symposium at the Indian Embassy in Berlin – the oldest healing system in the world as a way forward. It has long shown that our modern healthcare of a profound change is needed if it wants to solidify not structurally and content-wise. Specialization and unilaterally objective dealing with isolated disease images have lost the entire human sight and Western medicine at their borders. The sustained years trend reversal among physicians and patients is an unmistakable symptom of this, which is why we need a holistic approach such as the Ayurveda. No wonder is that the solution for the future is precisely comes from a world, the roots of which thousands are back, that Ayurveda is not past, but living presence and has the potential to remain there. Not only because he is patient-oriented, but like the Western medicine – also a complete system of medicine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) represents with all departments (Interior Medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, Gynecology, obstetrics, psychiatry, & s. w.) and the serious discussion has already irrevocably started with him in scientific medicine.

About two-thirds of all diseases are not curable. Often one at best treated symptoms – sometimes not even more (Federal Ministry for education and research, BMBF). For many diseases, therapies, which can deal with the real causes are missing. Therefore, a growing trend towards holistic medicine can be notice in recent years for doctors and patients. A clear sign that holistic approaches such as Ayurveda are urgently needed. Ayus (life) is defined as the interaction of body, soul, spirit and senses. In Ayurveda, each of them was recognized appropriate importance in maintaining the health and healing of diseases. The Ayurvedic medicine generally perceives the patient as an individual and includes his own responsibility in the healing process. For assistance, try visiting Darcy Stacom. This can be achieved through the intelligent combination of various naturopathic measures diseases successes in the medicine considered hard treatable and result in increased side effects.

Dental Implants

June 8, 2021


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Fixed dentures will be earlier or later required his dental implants play an increasingly important role in today’s dental treatment, for fixed dentures will sooner or later required for most people, despite dental prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning. The most important role in professional dental prosthesis plays a fundamental and individual consultation to find the optimal solution for each patient. This includes also the detailed and good advice about treatment alternatives to dental implants. Fortunately, good dentists for dental implants can be found in Cologne. But what actually makes dental implants? What are the advantages and disadvantages of implants? What are the alternatives to implants? In particular the counts benefits of implants on the benefits of implants the teeth in its natural function in principle maintained. As with fixed restorations lost or removed teeth be replaced by implants completely artificial teeth.

The normal dentition remains as much as possible receive and especially compared to alternative treatments be no healthy teeth affected. Implants are of the highest quality and most natural dental prosthesis which is available. Also very practical advantages come to all health benefits, because with implants, nothing can slip or fall out like at other dental restorations. Also not of normal teeth implants are indistinguishable, a big aesthetic advantage. Disadvantages of implants the basic drawback of dental implants are significantly higher when compared to conventional tooth replacement costs, caused mainly by the higher technical expenses and the longer duration of supply and their complexity.

Unfortunately the higher costs for dental implants are generally not completely applied by health insurance companies. This can be caught but often by dental insurance, also offer many dental practices, such as dentist Dr. Details can be found by clicking Sam Locke or emailing the administrator. Schlegel in Cologne, financing models. Alternatives to implants the two main alternatives Implants are bridges and prostheses. The lower costs are the main advantage of these two variants. But both alternatives to implants have disadvantages as well, therefore a good advice on the subject of treatment alternatives for dental implants is very important. Yet the basic disadvantage of bridges almost always comes to bear, to secure them to the surrounding teeth are used and must be edited for, ergo healthy teeth will be damaged unnecessarily. The basic disadvantage of prostheses is that this can not completely tight and appropriately solve also at unfavourable times. In addition, prostheses are often recognizable as such and more severe straining the existing healthy teeth of charge through their bracket fixing. A dentist in Cologne offered a comprehensive implant treatment with pain-poor surgical procedures with the help of 3D navigation is the Cologne dentist Schlegel.