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June 30, 2014


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" Then, if the disease reappears, something that in many cases can happen, the professional will have to do its work free, without receiving peso" , the professional explains. The same happens with the conduit treatments. " Generally they walk well, but they are not accompanied by a bolt prothesis and it crowns, it is possible that to the six months the piece is left and been necessary to make the extraction. In that case, they will debit to him to the odontologist which received by that conducto" , it needed Rapaport. Worse it is the case of the decays. The companies recognize that a piece already was repaired although the treatment has become only in a face of the tooth. " If something very common appears another injury in another face of the same piece -, according to the specialists the prepayment not it reconocer" , Ziegler says, while he indicates with a ball-point pen the five visible surfaces of a tooth that can be affected by decay. " The verbal contracts written and that make the companies force the professionals of their lists to that they realise devastating odontolgy, whereas the prevention is descartada" , it says to Horacio Martinez, dentist and director of the Odontological Universal magazine.

" How the cpitas that receive are low – they do not arrive at two pesos per month by affiliate, the clinics discourage the attention of beneficiarios" , Martinez relates. The benefit for the industralists is double: " They spend less money of the quota fixes that they receive and they have more gain by the false teeth to colocar" , it maintains Martinez. " Some clinics – it adds award to its dentists with the 50 percent of the value you implant of them that the toothless patients by ellos.&quot must become; " The contracts that do with the odontologists are regulated by no norm, only by the laws of the supply and demanda" , complaint Ziegler.


June 22, 2014


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Clinical ALPHA TALASSEMIA Picture and I diagnosis Carrying Laboratoriais assintomtico: when an alpha chain is only reduced. Case does not have symptoms in this. Talassmico trace when two chains alpha are reduced. It does not have symptoms in this case but the hemograma presents a microctica anemia. Illness of Hemoglobina H: when three chains alpha are reduced. In this in case that, the patients present hemoltica, esplenomegalia anemia, esquelticas alterations had eritropoiese increased Hidropsia Fetal: when four chains alpha are reduced. Cause premature childbirth, hepatomegalia extreme and fetal death.

It is an incompatible type with the life. Clinical TALASSEMIA BETA Picture and I diagnosis Laboratorais Characterized for the deficiency in the production of chains beta. It is classified in two types: minor (or talassmico trace beta) and major (or anemia of Cooley). Talassmico trace beta: they are patient heterozigotos. Generally they are assintomticos. They can simply be with absence of chains beta (talassemia minor zero) or a reduction in the production of chains beta (talassemia minor +) Anemia de Cooley: they are patient homozigotos. With severe anemia. Clinical TALASSEMIA DELTA Picture and I diagnosis Laboratoriais About 3% of the hemoglobina of the adult it is made of chains alpha and delta.

As well as with talassemia beta, it can occur mutations that affect the ability of this gene to produce chains Treatment the treatment ' ' standard' ' of the carrying patients of bigger talassemia it basically consists of regular transfusions of blood to each 3 or 4 weeks, associates to the use of the quelantes of iron (medications that on account remove the excess of accumulated iron of the blood transfusions). ANEMIA FALCIFORME falciforme Anemia hereditary illness (it passes of the parents for the children) characterized by the alteration of red globules of the blood, becoming them similar to a scythe, from there the falciforme name. This condition is more common in individuals of the black race.

Nervous System Warnings

June 2, 2014


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The function of alarm in the nervous system produces an increase in activity of various bodily functions as an increase in blood pressure, intensification of cellular metabolism, increase of glucose in the blood, increased blood clotting and even an increase in mental activity. Similarly the blood goes to older, mainly to the legs muscles, to have enough energy to escape if necessary. The heart begins to work at a speed well above the usual, quickly taking hormones like adrenaline throughout the body and muscles. The immune system stops, as well as all non-essential body functions, to prepare for whatever comes: the flight or fight. All these reactions are extremely useful for survival.

The body knows exactly what should be done to the perception of a threat to maximize the possibilities of life. All our senses are intensified before the perception of danger. We opened more eyes, and pupils are dilated to gather as much information as possible. Actually it is a big advantage that everything This happens automatically, and that we are not us who have to activate the alarm and cause all these reactions. Our work simply concentrates on analyzing the situation to take the best decision depending on the threat.

However, in some people, this alarm is activated without any apparent reason. When this happens, given what is known as a panic attack. When the alarm is activated to specific stimuli, given what is known as a phobia. In many cases, first a panic attack occurs, and it evolves to become a phobia. For example, a person who has a panic attack while you are in your car driving, may develop a phobia to handle, since he feared to suffer a panic attack while again makes it. Indeed, the simple fact of getting into the car, fired in the person a whole series of reactions of fear, they are characteristic of phobias. D024341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal Northland.