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February 19, 2021


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You do not lose the optimism because now you live at a different time. For your fortune and mine, the Internet exists. This thing that we called Web or the network, is the most powerful tool in the communications that the man has never invented. Infrmate on the statistics, investigates a little on the amount of users of the network in all the languages, including the Spanish. Recently I saw. the statistics by languages and the Spanish, in some sites this considered the third language but used in the Web, after English and the Chinese. If it does not betray the memory to me, we already are but of 300 million of Spanish-speaking that we teemed the network on a daily basis. See more detailed opinions by reading what Spontaneous Intercranial Hypotension offers on the topic..

To which I go is to hacerte a very warm invitation. If you have not even done it, mtete in the network of complete time. It is not so difficult. There are a few basic rules not to leave rob your money and but the valuable thing to you for you, your time. ** Consguete a mentor. A person who inspires confidence to you. She does not matter that she lives in the other side of the world.

The important thing is that you can comunicarte with that person on a daily basis. It creates a good relation. Of friendship if it is possible. You are going it to need so that helps you to walk by cyberspace. There are thieves and timadores by all sides. ic.. ** Adquiere the information on the basic elements. Creation of pages Web, creation of blogs, creation of lists of prospectuses, creation of traffic, product promotion and sale affiliates, etc. ** Dedica the greater time than you from the beginning can to this your new discipline and dale the respect and the priority that deserves. It is your new business. It is your vehicle with the one that you are going to manage to live with dignity and very decently the last years on your life, without depending on your children or on a use, that had anyway not helped you much. Thus he is that if you do not obtain that employment, algrate and mtete to the Internet. It wishes to have but information? Author goes to this site for but information on this subject: Victor Martinez original Author and source of the article


October 25, 2020


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(NUH) is no better moment than the one of today to make healthful changes in its life that include exercises and a balanced diet. If you try to reduce of weight, remembers that still she can enjoy many its favorite meals replacing the sugar and the fat in its prescriptions of kitchen alternative losses in calories. Judith Rodriguez, a dietetic one titled and director of the Program of Nutrition for the Health (Health Nutrition Program) in the University of North Florida, recommends these simple techniques to as much reduce the content of the sugar as of the fat in its prescriptions of kitchen: or It uses a small amount of fruit juice concentrate instead of sugar or honey. or It uses sauces of fruits or purees instead of sugar or honey. For example, it fills up the Gypsy Arm with a jelly of fruits lowers in calories and cbralo with some substitute of the sugar, as the dulcificante Equal, instead of meringue or honey.

or It uses substitutes of the sugar, like being Equal, to sweeten drinks such as lemonade or the drinks of tamarind. or It skips vegetables in meat broth or of chicken instead of oil. or It prepares the soups and stews early, soon refrigrelos during a few hours and skims the fat that is accumulated in the surface before reheating. or It replaces a whole egg with two clear ones of egg or resorts to puree of fruits instead of oils for the meals to the furnace. Rodriguez also offers this simple prescription of kitchen that you can prepare at any time like a type of healthful feast: PUDDING OF CREAMY RICE Contains a 62 percent less than the prescription of traditional kitchen. (8 portions) 2 water cups 1 cup of turned rice 3 skimmed milk cups 24 packages of Equal, or 71/4 teaspoons of Equal for Prescriptions of Kitchen or 1 cup of Equal to 1/4 Spoonful fills salt teaspoon 1 1/2 egg cup of you pass 2 teaspoons of 1/2 vanilla teaspoon of worn out cinnamon Boils the water in a great and heavy pot.

Revuelva the rice. It reduces the temperature and pngalo to boil covered to soft untimed fire until the rice is and the water is absorbed, of 20 to 25 minutes. Year milk to the rice. Calintelo to the boiling point to fire upper middle, revolviendo frequently. It reduces to the temperature and cocnelo covered to untimed fire, until the mixture is begun to thicken, of 15 to 20 minutes, revolviendo frequently. (Milk will not be absorbed and the pudding will thicken when it cools off). Retrelo of the fire and revulvalo with the Equal and the salt. Dressing gown the egg in a small bowl; revuelva more or less a cup of the mixture of the rice with the egg. Revuelva the mixture of the egg with the mixture of the rice within a pot. Revuelva you happen, hemstitches and cinnamon. It cooks to mean-slow fire of 1 to 2 minutes, revolviendo constantly. One uses warms up or cold. Nutritious information by each portion: 183 calories, 7 gr. of proteins, 36 gr. of carbohydrates, 1 gr. of fat, 29 mgs of cholesterol, 142 sodium mgs. Replacements in the ingredients of meals: 1 milk, fruit, 1 bread.

Healthful Advice

November 15, 2016


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The Natural Cycles: Cycle 1: Elimination . .de 04 to 12 of the noon approx (or from 06 to 14 hs.): In this cycle the organism eliminates toxins, purifies itself (if you respect the cycles, sensible diet and schedules). In order to help the body, to consume mainly fresh fruit in this cycle he is vital. Cycle 2: Appropriation . .de 12 to 20 hs approx (or from 14 to 22 hs) After the noon, begins the cycle of greater food ingestion. Cycle 3: Assimilation . Learn more on the subject from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. .de 20 to 04 hs approx (or from 22 to 06 hs) Once taken the food (fruits, breakfast, lunch, have tea, have dinner), we let to the body extract, absorb and use the nutritious substances that contains. It is recommended to have dinner prox.

3 hs before sleeping, and the ideal would be to go away to rest before the midnight. In this case, according to these schedules, after the 20 hs (or 22 hs) you would not have to eat nothing else, so that the cycle works. Some Healthful Advice: To ahead take to a sensible feeding, in amount, quality and variety, choosing greater amount of fruits vegetables and cereals. To chew the food calmly (advice of wise people of the Far East: he advises himself to chew each mouthful slowly 50 times) not to watch television when eating, to enjoy the food consciously, to share that moment with other people. To eat well, several times to the day (5 times: fresh fruit, breakfast, lunch, have tea and have dinner, respecting the natural cycles and incorporating a sensible feeding. To take water, and to consume foods with stop water content, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Conectarte with those things that please to you, that you need and that makes you feel well! To walk, to make exercise gradually of minor to major and, to take more contact with the green spaces, the free air, the sun For more information, visits our Web site, there you can obtain many advice and unload E-Book of Diets FREE Balanced To lower of Weight, and mantenerte in form, with its daily menus Beam click here: Original author and source of the article