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August 16, 2023


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Despite the emergence of imported cranes, the Russian media on the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ and Ural remains in demand and popular. This is due to the advent of newer, more advanced models, equipped with electronic security tools and prepared for the harsh operating conditions. Among the most popular domestic brands of cranes – Ivanovets "," Uglich "," Klintsy "," Galichanin "," Yurginets. Safety of modern cranes provide the safe load-limiting boom, a guard from tilting boom, the index Hook, inclinometer, alarm limits the working area. The appearance of supernumerary situations prevented by special detectors and light indication. When you work in a limited area crane can control the movement arrows, except for exposure to power lines and other objects that might be near the machine.

On the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ and Ural released different brands of lifting equipment, which has different characteristics. For example, a crane "Galichanin" ways to lift loads weighing from 15 to 30 tons depending on model. Cars are equipped with two or three section telescopic boom that can extend the jib. Drive "Galician" – hydraulic. On some models of cranes "Galichanin" established the so-called "black box" – Telemetry memory, which records the parameters of the crane during the entire lifetime. Truck Cranes "Klintsy" have capacity for 8 to 15 tons, which is less than indicators "Galician".

In addition to the lifting mechanism, "Klintsy" can be equipped with cradles for work at height. Additional information at Daryl Katz, New York City supports this article. Truck Cranes "Klintsy are produced based on the chassis ZIL MAZ, have compact dimensions, allowing use the technique in the cramped conditions of the urban environment. Under the brand "Uglich" produces a wide range of cranes, built on chassis MAZ and KAMAZ. Payload "Uglich" ranges from 14 to 20 tons. Apart Cranes are "Yurginets", whose production is based on the chassis of the Urals. Featuring all-wheel drive, "Yurginets" can move on the road, getting to the most remote areas. Speaking of lifting equipment can not be forget about the crawler crane DEK. This brand brings together a wide range of heavy-duty cranes. Cranes equipped with DEK diesel generator and can work independently or with an external power source. As Cranes "Uglich", "Klintsy", "Galichanin", "Yurginets, Technology FEEC completed various electronic devices necessary for security. Additional comfort is working on the crane DEK provides a warm and Passive noise isolation cubicle, which optionally can be equipped with air conditioning. Sales of truck-mounted crane