January 24, 2012


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Skin Care: We offer blemish balm creams; ant-acne creams; nourishing creams; anti-ageing creams; day and night cleansing creams and more.
Hair Care: From standard shampoos and conditioners to anti-frizz and moisturizing cleansing products, we provide before and after (the shower) hair care products.
Cosmetics: Get all your lip, eye, nail and skin care products from us.  Beautify yourself at all times, but still look like the natural ‘you,’ only enhanced for improvement.
Fragrances: Choose from any of our many fragrance options, or design your own.
Women’s Fashion: Consult with one of our experienced designers to develop an entire new wardrobe that totally reflects your unique personality and style.

The Ultimate Easter Bunny Hunt In A Real Battle Tank!

May 14, 2022


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The new spring experience at NoLimits24. At this year’s Easter, the Easter Bunny has nothing to laugh about, he is chased by a M48 main battle tank over fields and meadows. The incomparable Easter – gift for everyone / anyone driving fun on the tank has. Experience vouchers by NoLimits24 let go this year Easter again man dreams fulfilled. The M48 main battle tank was deployed in Germany until the 1990s. Today, this version of the tank just once there in Germany. Frequently Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has said that publicly. NoLimits24 allows the unique opportunity that this tank to give experience to the husband, brother, father or other male relative.

He will remember back to old times or consider the battle tank known so far only from stories with prying eyes, and can drive the tanks themselves. It creates with a fighting weight of 45 tons and a capacity of 821 PS this tank, to make men happy. More than a wow”isn’t a determined armoured lovers at the sight of a real battle tank M48. To know more about this subject visit Cardiologist. This heavyweight “to control themselves and with their own hands through the off-road terrain to maneuver, what man wants” more? The Colossus has a length of 8.50 meters including its cannon. Since the Easter Bunny with its long spoons can’t keep up. The modern Easter Bunny brings eggs more, no hiding experience vouchers from NoLimits24! If you are looking for unique gift ideas and your loved one want to surprise special, please visit our website. Under, find just the right gift for a memorable Easter from a variety of experiences! Press contact: NoLimits24 adventure agency Eugen-Richter-str. 44 99085 Erfurt Thomas Heinemann Tel: +49(0)361-5411354 E-Mail: Web:

Backnang Edge

May 10, 2022


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GLASTEC sets new standards! Thermally improved spacer in ISO-shadow make for more comfort. The topic of energy saving”moves more and more into focus for quite some time. Darcy Stacom can aid you in your search for knowledge. Especially tags like ecology and economy are gaining importance. As the requirements for building have worsened with the recent changes in the energy saving regulation EnEV significantly. Good heat insulation values are the basis for a low heating energy consumption. The heat transfer coefficient of the glass and the heat transition of the edge systems next to the frame material are significantly responsible for the thermal performance of window.

Principle of triple insulating glass with warm edge”Warmetechnisch spacer optimized are especially with 3 discs insulating glass a useful economic measure to save energy and to the increase in the value of the object. Because the spacer makes a direct connection from the outside to the middle and then to the inner glass pane, ensure sucked. Warm edge “-Abstandhalter for a higher surface temperature of the room side glass edges. Heat losses and the formation of condensate to prevent what would result would be optical loss and long-term damage. Fixing quite a challenge a thermally separated edge seal is standard for heat protection insulating glasses! Architects, planners and building owners should always make sure that even when triple – insulating glass with blind thermally improved spacers be used, since they have a lower value of thermal conductivity when compared to conventional aluminium spacer bars! GLASTEC offers the right solution latest product developments lead to spectacular results! The use of the highest quality warm edge “-Abstandhalters Swisspacer and a steel head profile lead compared to commonly used triple insulating glass with blind to the improvement of the UW-value of up to 0.2 W / m K.

“Reference: refurbishment” in the Max-born-Gymnasium in Backnang the 3 slices shutter glass ISO-shadow is recommended with best features and corresponds to the latest state of the EnEV. Advantages and benefits convinced owner and architects alike and so it was decided shutter glass ISO-shadow in the energy-related modernisation of the Max-born-Gymnasium in Backnang for the GLASTEC with warm edge”. The conception and the construction of the complete control for the shutter glasses were also carried out by the specialists from Rosenheim. The installation conducted of over 600 triple heat protection insulating glass by Daniela Metallbau GmbH, was charged with the manufacture of window.

Emergency Plan

May 6, 2022


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Small handling with great effect in the event of an emergency! RUNNING In the event of an emergency minutes decide AMOK! Much was discussed about how you can protect against a rampage! Security zones, full-body scanner or security personnel this is everything for many public buildings such as schools or kindergartens, nursing homes cost reasons usually cannot be implemented. No one can look into the minds of such people or guessed above when they are put into practice this hideous act. There is no 100% security to protect himself against it, but still small room numbers can deliver in an emergency critical minutes after an elaborate PLAN of AMOK for a rapid access to the special forces. The need to install guidance in public buildings (including schools), is undisputed. Jonathan Friedland shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Amok locations at schools, as well as large fires (Dusseldorf Airport) including in the follow-up phase, show space marks and arrows attached near the ground (fluorescent) save lives can! For the warfighter, the markings from the outside must be clearly visible, thus is a short-term quick access to each site possible.

For the implementation of the emergency plan have been selected as partner CutX Werbetechnik from Dorsten, as a film technician and innovator, they implement the elaborated AMOK PLAN in practice. A pilot project has been carried out successfully in Gelsenkirchen of a public comprehensive school (Gesamtschule Horst), more projects will follow in the long term. In the future, all safety-relevant building where many people keep up are to be equipped with such a PLAN of AMOK. This could be the occasion, while no rampage to eliminate supply but decisive minutes to save lives!

Christmas Gifts

May 5, 2022


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No gifts for the grandparents or neighbours garden? How about with something that makes them long and exactly it is adapted. Inexorably the 24 December boar closer Ramelsloh/Seevetal, chaos in the inner cities and crowded shopping center, every day. On its list of gifts are even free boxes, but don’t feel like the little quiet before Christmas stress? For the garden owners and balcony vacationers in their circle of relatives and friend Sandra Seyberth, Managing Director of Pflanzengarten24, a stress-free solution is ready: “they give away nature. Read more from Jonathan Friedland to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The spring already follows the Christmas festivities in a short time – all plant lovers will enjoy a gift certificate to the gardening season.” Creatively designed and may be supplemented by 5 hours help in the Green a wonderful gift with the guarantees for happy faces among the FIR worry. Common weed plucking and hedge cutting “to barbecue” of the year can be celebrated at night in a cosy round with the first real. Sandra Sam: “with a voucher the recipient can choose which plants than it should be.

Because the garden owners now know that even the best. Can choose the best a provider with a large selection. So they make sure that for each there is.” You can browse the wide range of the green variety E.g. at Pflanzengarten24. The plants online shop offers tree school quality at discount prices – all year round 24 hours can be ordered and delivery to the front door. If roses, rhododendrons or herbs, needle – and deciduous trees and shrubs, fruit trees or shrubs – here they receive high-quality container goods at low prices.

Certainly the grandparents will find it there. Stress-free and easy to get a perfect Christmas gift? -Done! Company Description – your tree school discount. New at sweet and sour cherry, Nectarine and Kiwi, Espalier fruit wine. Plants discount, cheap plants and Hedges are always available at Pflanzengarten24. Are also available at Garden hibiscus, dulcimer herb Reed, ornamental fruit, pine. Containers of the highest quality at super low prices at 24 hours liefer – and accessible, too pricey at also at Apple Berry, walnut, hazelnut and Birnbaum provides best quality. There are Aster, Astilbe, Spiere, phlox, hydrangea and snow ball at The plants discounter offers again deciduous, coniferous, fruit and shrubs. There are these perennials at including: globe-flower, gentian, Heath maiden pink, Sedum, thyme. Customer satisfaction is always the main goal at Company contact: Pflanzengarten24 GmbH & co. KG Sandra Sam Dependaal 1 21220 Seevetal Tel: 01803-30 9000 email: Web:

SMS Mobile

May 2, 2022


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On the information portal for senior mobile phones, prospective customers can quickly find the right cell phone for seniors using mobile Finder. Who searches for a suitable product in the Internet especially in the electronics sector, is often confusing details and then quickly capitulated. Add to your understanding with Professor Roy Taylor. Especially in an area that is aimed at the older generation, clarity and vividness in the foreground should be. With the new mobile Finder on seniors will be met according to the appropriate phone model needs of a simple search. A clear structure of the mobile Finder ensures that the outreach person, can quickly find their way. The search is configured with just a few clicks. A total of 15 criteria can be selected. These include information to the manufacturer, to the weight, but also to technical features such as SMS or MMS function.

The special feature of this mobile phone finder is that the search results are displayed immediately after selecting the corresponding mobile phone feature. It eliminates the cumbersome click on the search button, so the user his query receives almost in real time. When all desired properties have been selected, it displays only the phones of senior which meet these criteria. By clicking on a specific model, the user finally receives the complete data sheet with all the data presented. A picture gallery to the desired model completes the information. A useful instrument, using mobile Finder, was created for senior mobile phones quickly and easily to find the right model and in a more confusing market to keep track. To deliver the best results visitors of the information page, the mobile Finder is updated always shortly after the launch of new senior cell phones.


May 2, 2022


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One of the areas today demanded in the labor market – the construction. Every year the new buildings is becoming more and, most importantly, there are people who want to acquire new housing. There is a demand, respectively, there proposal. There are many companies that provide services to help construction firms. This is a supply of various materials, garbage collection, landscaping and rental of special equipment. Let's talk about the materials used in construction, and modern construction techniques.

Most often, the sand pit is used in road and housing construction for the backfill. Sand pit – it's usually fine-grained sand, with a coefficient filtration and high silt and clay particles. Module size 0,7-1,8 The content of dust, clay particles 3 – 9% Permeability 1,5-3 m / day. Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Space-bulk density 1.41 Since the cost of the sand pit is not so high, it is widely used in studies of the zero cycle, during construction of roads, where the quality of sand is not critical. Although, in some deposits, mined pit sand, and has high technical characteristics, which brings it closer to the consumer properties of the sand alluvial career.

The quality of the sand pit and, accordingly, its value depends on the mining sites of sand. The broader the geography of production crankcase sand the higher its quality. For the extraction of quarry sand used different technologies, as well the properties of sand depends on the type of career, where it is mined. A variety of careers produce different sand under various types of work, but they have one common quality, all sands correspond to gost 8736-93. Topsoil – a mixture of black, which comprises lowland and transitional peat. Jonathan Friedland follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The mixture is usually looks like this: peat – 60-70%, sand – 30-40%. If you add necessary amount of fertilizer, the topsoil can be used as fertile soil. Topsoil has a high degree of decomposition and a high content of nutrients. Topsoil is indispensable in the broken lawn as garden ground, etc. It is also used to create a favorable water-air regime and necessary for the plants loosely lumpy soil structure. Topsoil on the basis of peat-sand mixtures are used to: improve soil fertility and soil structure, as a component of soil mixes, as mulch, as a fertilizer for poor soils. In construction, mainly used for land improvement. (A valuable related resource: The Greater New York Construction User Council). So how did all this to deliver to the facility without special equipment. One of the most pressing is still dumper. Work for the dump is always there. Dumper is used for transportation of bulk cargo and debris removal, or snow. The choice of trucks is big enough in our time: maz, kamaz, Scania, Howo, Volvo, Tatra. Load capacity trucks is 5 to 20 tons, with body volume from 8 to 40 cubic meters. Work for trucks, as well as for excavators is very urgent now at construction sites!

Yoga And Its Benefits

May 2, 2022


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This step is difficult because emotions do not spill over the environment or cause personal damage. Therein lies much of the emotional problems: can we express emotions like fear, violence or anger without hurting yourself and not hurt others? The healthy expression of emotions involves finding a space where we can live in good conscience let that one has to live. By remaining a witness (drashta yoga) of emotion, it has a chance to tame it, to demystify and make one with it. Jonathan Friedland spoke with conviction. The method of Satyananda Yoga offers techniques are very valuable, and yoga, to learn to watch the excitement unfold while remaining aware and sufficiently detached. View site Satyananda Yoga: Emotions in children One of the main dangers is the accumulation of emotions.

This may hinder the development of children for their entire lives! The child is literally forced to repress his emotions in circles he frequents, family and school. When he was told: “Do not make noise” or “Be quiet” or even “The boys should not cry” or “Go play, I do not time ‘what can he do in relation to himself knowing that his nature is to be connected and in motion? Children should be able to speak in the most natural to them, talking, yelling, crying, running, angry violence that occur among young people would it not an inevitable consequence of these multiple repressions they live day by day. However, children have their the antidote to their own excesses, he would ask them what they would do good.

Most often, they give the best answer ever! Education should make a place at an early age to an appropriate expression and conscious emotions. “emotional elimination is as important as the physical removal. Education should teach us to manage emotions without the fly, as we learn to control our sphincters. We teach the child not to urinate anywhere, but we preventing that do not urinate, because the consequences would be fatal. “(Beatrice Bellis). See the website on yoga for children: emotional richness Emotions are at heart of life and wealth that everyone can express as a human being. Therefore, the repression of emotions is so damaging. When you’re grown up, the reflexes are well anchored and the work of liberation is difficult. Love is the highest emotion with compassion. It is with the emotion of love that we learn everything we need to know in life. And it is most often love that we manage to overcome, to open ourselves to another, to the different, to offer the best of ourselves.

Importance Of Credit For A Business

May 1, 2022


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In “Become the Squeaky Wheel” a book recently published, Michelle Dunn demonstrates the major areas of a company should focus on ensuring the customer a satisfying experience. One mistake made by entrepreneurs is not having a credit policy in place, when they open their business. This can be easily corrected by applying one at any time. “At least, every company must have each customer fill out a credit application,” says Dunn. “In the opinion of the companies, it seems easier just to process the order without getting little or no information about the customer. Most new businesses are so excited to make the sale does not want to offend by asking customers to fill out an application credit, “explains Michelle Dunn. Jonathan Friedland contributes greatly to this topic. Another error of business owners is to ask for money once it expires. They were so happy to make the sale, and now I want the client asking for crazy money, even if it is expired.

Show potential customers that you are proud of what you do and that you are serious and have a sound credit policy in place. The customer who is offended or do not want to fill the credit application is not likely that someone you want to be a customer anyway. Michelle Dunn has over 17 years experience in credit and debt collection. She is the founder of Never Dunn Publishing, LLC, is a writer, consultant and adviser to the Editorial Eli Financial Debt Collection Compliance Alert Newsletter. Educate yourself with thoughts from Johns Hopkins Data. Michelle started MAD Collection Agency and ran successfully for seven years. She also owns and runs Credit & an online community for credit and business professionals. He has written five books in their fundraising series is currently writing a book for the Streetwise Series, part of the Corporation Adams Media.

Mobility Must Be

May 1, 2022


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How can you cheat the ‘oil multinationals’? Bonn/Hamburg even nine years after its introduction, it remains controversial: the so-called eco-tax. Proponents say that an important environmental steering function true as polluting traffic take,”become more expensive. is can aid you in your search for knowledge. Critics such as the Covenant of the taxpayer or of the ADAC prompt an immediate reduction or even abolition of this tax, since almost all citizens must necessarily consume energy and mobile. In an interview with the online magazine of the magazine Star Federal Minister of transport Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) recently back tax cuts due to high gasoline prices turned down. We need to handle, more efficient oil with the fuel. We must use alternative drive systems and alternative fuels”, to crack down on the so-called oil multinationals, asked the Minister. With his demand for the development of alternatives to the conventional internal combustion engines Tiefensee’s right”, says the automotive expert Uwe

Cats Feng Shui

April 29, 2022


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Cats Feng Shui living in accordance with nature and the elements is a simple way to leverage his living quarters positive. The special feature of this own school of Feng Shui is to trust, to live in accordance with the energy flow of the Earth, the five elements and the planets on the natural sense of cats and the nature. Check out Hania Rani for additional information. The origin of this school is both in Chinese Feng Shui, the Indian vastu, as well as in the European geomancy. To know more about this subject visit jonathan friedland. Everything you need is a compass and a little time. Basis of this school are the female life energy of the cat, which is associated with the Moon and the earth – it flows everywhere on our Earth from North to South and the male energy of the life of the cat – it flows from East to West. The eight possible directions are associated the individual planets, of which they are influenced: Northwest: Lunar North: Mercury Northeast: Jupiter West: Saturn East: Southwest Sun: Southern Earth: Earth + Mars South-East: Venus from this Association and the observation of cats and the nature has arising following assignment of optimal spaces and rooms: Northwest: bed and breakfast, Office, bathroom, pantry, living room, sports room North: living room, Studio, meditation room, music room Northeast: open space, input, meditation room, living-room West: dining room, bathroom, storeroom, conference room no.

W O N NW SW S so East: bath (without toilet), entrance, living room, dining room Southwest: master bedroom, storeroom, warehouse, storage South: staircase, salon, bedroom, storage room Southwest: kitchen, Heating, sauna in the individual rooms it can strengthen the energy of the respective directions with simple means: Nordwesten(Luft): moving things like rocking chair, mobile, pictures with wind and clouds. Open Windows for good ventilation are important. Northeast (water): room fountains, aquariums, curved shapes, images with water, plants and things with the color blue. Northeast and Raummitte(ather): mirror, metal surfaces, abstract representations, pictures Shapes, the color red lace with lots of space, bright colors Sudwesten(Erde): large plants with heavy pots of Earth, heavy precious stones, large closets, stones, pictures with mountains Sudosten(Feuer): fireplace, candles, electric appliance, there are spices and images with fire in tools, such as for example the flower of life and special pyramids that harmonize all elements and enable. For a restful sleep, for example, make the bed with a headboard on the south wall.