January 24, 2012


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Skin Care: We offer blemish balm creams; ant-acne creams; nourishing creams; anti-ageing creams; day and night cleansing creams and more.
Hair Care: From standard shampoos and conditioners to anti-frizz and moisturizing cleansing products, we provide before and after (the shower) hair care products.
Cosmetics: Get all your lip, eye, nail and skin care products from us.  Beautify yourself at all times, but still look like the natural ‘you,’ only enhanced for improvement.
Fragrances: Choose from any of our many fragrance options, or design your own.
Women’s Fashion: Consult with one of our experienced designers to develop an entire new wardrobe that totally reflects your unique personality and style.

Artificial Intelligence

April 13, 2024


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War is a serious game where one commits his reputation, his troops and his homeland. Cancer research understood the implications. Napoleon Bonaparte It is incredible that human inventiveness is dynamic, to the extent that fiction becomes real when it is proposed. In this case creativity has resulted in the creation of robots ready to take action against a war, That on the one hand so no guarantee of human mortality, mortality that is and will always questioned, because it represents the fighting to end the lives of people who seem simply to be born to die on a battlefield, many times beyond their interests. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz is the source. Review what is known as eliax. com / index. php? a on this reality that some data can not be ignoradoscomo-alone in Iraq, the U.S.

is actively using robots 5.300 air, land and 12,000 robots, which in my opinion is one figure that few imagined insurance. – According to a senior U.S. military representative, the goal is tens of thousands of robots in the battlefield simultaneously. – There are already military robotics programs in 44 countries. – By 2015, over 50% of actors in a war the U.S.

will be robots. – Currently there are at least 4 projects the U.S. Pentagon looking to build fully autonomous robots with Artificial Intelligence for military work. – It is now possible for a citizen with technical knowledge to build a flying robot for less than $ 1,000, which should put us to think that this technology represents the hands of terrorists.


April 8, 2024


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For each entry in the steam room can be divided into three, no better than four stages. First – let's call it can be attributed to the preparatory, but For example, in the shooting ground – the shot was fired gives result. It turns out 'that the aim is also a preparatory stage. Appointment – skin preparation. The next stage – steaming. Designating its quite clear from the above. We have prepared the skin, get approval and start heating of body tissues. In the steaming cycle path and move brooms like the previous one. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.

The third stage – a poultice. Without exaggeration we can say that it is – a truly draconian method. A few strokes of brooms down steam is pumped to the desired location and then warmed and refreshed brooms are put on the spot and pressed. Reception provides a very deep and intense heating of the tissue. Very strong effect receiving calls for recommend restrictions on its use. The final stage – grinding. This soothing technique. Brooms, like a washcloth, not pressing, gently rubbing the entire body.

Not even grind, but rather wipe. In grinding double load. Soft, gentle massage relieves tension power proparok and poultices, and skin pass all the nutrients, precipitated by heating at the surface of leaves broom. Napara, slowly, beginning to the end. Incidentally, the basic rule of baths and saunas – is not to hurry. No time, shorten the duration and number of visits, but never in a hurry. The rush to the bath completely kills its positive effect. The ending consists of two intersecting processes – bathing and final sweating. First, clean up, without affecting the head, not even wetting it. In my opinion, the soap in the bath should only eat at the conclusion of the procedure. Soap breaks the natural acid reaction of the skin, which has a protective antimicrobial value. Pomyvshis, rolls a glass of the usual drink, but I would recommend a beer and relax for a while. After a rest, go bask in the steam room. Briefly, five minutes. Here come all that you have not evaporated. After that, wash your head and gently wash off the sweat. If you did everything as it is written, and no hurry, I assure you that dressing up and going out of the bath, you absolutely will not sweat.


April 8, 2024


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Why let go often so difficult is – and how you can do it but why it’s just so hard? Letting go? Why is it difficult to us to let go of the former partner? Why carry around we still have this old trouble with us, who sometimes eats for months, years to us? Why hold we on things and people, of whom we know that they are not good for us? Because it belongs to the most difficult things in life to let something go. If we want to let go of people or things, have we to let go so that whenever a piece of ourselves. Recently Daryl Katz sought to clarify these questions. Even if it sounds funny: sometimes this anger feels even also familiar, or? As you know at least on which side you stand. You know who one is… Therefore, it can fall hard, loslzulassen people and things of the past. But if we do not separate from the negative experiences of the past, then that also has an impact on our today’s lives.

It affects our mental – and physical health. Even if it is still so difficult: some We need to let things go easily. So that we can go further in life. So space is free for new and better things. Because as long the old negative things and people take still the place in our lives, is also not a place for new and better things there is no place for people who are a lot better for us. So what can you do to let go of people and things from your past? 1 let the feelings we adhere to much, because we do not marry us, to live the emotions associated with it. So many people not to just let your grief they hide behind a mask. But so you can never really say goodbye: because there is always something in them is still pending.

Victory Is Mine

April 5, 2024


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Tell the truth is often engaging for many people, maybe for the majority. At this point in one's life, I certainly have to say but the truth is not synonymous with real commitment and generous with the life itself, and especially one with God. So, let me make a brief attempt by the denial of the fallacy, or rather known as "truth." In the broadest sense of the word. And of course, from a unique perspective and personal. Educate yourself with thoughts from COVID-19. A few days ago I had the opportunity to read a slide refers to the age of any of us, but under the guidance of "doing", taking into account the experience gained through the years and the wisdom with which attitudes should be handled someone like you or me.

If we act according to reason alone, we are cutting off part of our being, and I think that's very unfair. If we work only with the heart, we may be tempted not to tread on ground, as it would be popular. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. or emailing the administrator. But if both components are closely linked, there is no possibility of wrong, but rather will fly on the right track. And who does not want to rely on what you want? That this preamble, let me offer some considerations. First, and forgive me to try in first person, by the way, and not put me in another position and might not have the possibility to disturb anyone. The years I was allowed to go to learn many things in life, such that you can feel so much mourn, as cheerful and as happy as painful and sad. .

Security Council Work

April 2, 2024


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Today, almost everybody can turn on your computer, visit the websites, check email and create documents in Microsoft Word. However, since the use of a computer is very simple, then those who do not have specific knowledge in the field Computer security is very difficult to understand why they need to worry about staying safe on the computer. In this article I would like to give basic tips on staying safe on the computer. Update your anti-virus Anti- is an excellent protection against most threats to your computer. Learn more at this site: Dean Ornish M.D. Today there is a huge selection of various antivirus software, which automatically every day will scan your computer for viruses. However, the problem is that anti-virus software are not long-lasting protection, because every day there are more and more new types of viruses. And if you do not regularly update your anti-virus, most likely you will hook some new contagion in Internet, about which he knows nothing your antivirus. Block your PC computer is a part of your personal space.

Any person should not be able to view your personal information. Take for habit lock your computer every time you get up from the computer, even if you just decided to go to the toilet. Check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta for additional information. Break your computer, you can take a few minutes, but the password will take you a couple of seconds and you'll be able to return to his work at the computer. Do not click on suspicious links, Be careful when you receive a letter asking you to select your personal information, even if you think that the senders letters are reliable companies. Attackers often send links that are similar in appearance to the addresses of these companies, however, differ in one or two letters. Thus, they redirect you to a fake websites to get your username and password. Install Update for Windows very often produces various Microsoft updates and patches for Windows, which fix security vulnerabilities found by Windows. So do not ignore installation of these updates, because otherwise your computer may become vulnerable to various network attacks. Set a strong password more complex the password, you come up with, the harder it will get access to your system. Therefore, Invent a password consisting of numbers, special characters and letters in upper and lower case.

Family Education Family Education

March 28, 2024


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The family is the central focus of society and not remain ignorant to the profound changes and changes in values and norms that are occurring in recent times. But you need to adapt and be able to assimilate and adapt to these structural changes if it wants to plunge into instability disorient him on its most important functions. Go to Professor Roy Taylor for more information. With the help of family educators is to contact the families of the means to help them perceive the unstoppable process of change which are sinking and the gradual modification of its work and functions. Daryl Katz is full of insight into the issues. The family educator intervenes comprehensively, through the daily relationship, favoring that families themselves are the protagonists of their changes and improvements, thus getting the ability to own responsibility and action to enable them to progress according to their own transformation. The family educator's contribution will be as objective and efficient as possible, working on the difficulties that now passes the family institution from the knowledge of methods and resources to do so. Family education is addressed to all members of the family system and the interrelationship of this with the social system, school and community.

Therefore we must take into account that families with working Educator often live in suburbs, in most marginal and diverse family and social problems and become chronic. Hence, the Family Education from an education to be comprehensive, consistent with the existing diversity and to make all his wishes to prevent the stigmatization of certain sectors or lower social classes economically, culturally and socially. Through family education that the institution seeks to advance, not only looking for their survival, but happiness, plurality, coherence, solidarity, the elimination of poverty and social marginalization or integration of its members. ANIMATION, EDUCATIONAL AND LEISURE SERVICES Training Distance Educators.

Sports Cars With Electric Drive

March 23, 2024


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Nissan demonstrates environmentally friendly electric cars are sometimes reputed to be more pragmatically designed. In some cases, the design of the function is a child and therefore some vehicles with electric drive give a nondescript image. That there is another way, proves the Japanese automaker Nissan. The vehicle Portal introduces the new model of Esflow. The Japanese manufacturer will present in March at the Geneva Motor Show Nissan Esflow. With the Esflow, Nissan demonstrated that electric cars can be quite also externally attractive. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sara Issaoun. The new model is based on the technique of the Nissan leaf, which is already produced in series.

The unusual design of the sports car aims to provide in particular environmental performance in addition to Dynamics. The color scheme is therefore not at all randomly chosen: Blue stands in the car industry for purity. So icy shades for use, which are intended to underline in particular the cleanliness of the electric drive come with the Esflow. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz. By blue colored carbon fiber inserts are sporty elements such as the wheels, the Side skirts, rear bumper, and the roof spoiler underlines. To improve the aerodynamics small cameras were installed as a replacement for the mirrors in the A-pillars. The Esflow is equipped with two electric motors driving the rear wheels. The battery has a capacity of 24 kilowatt hours.

Worldview: Book Treasures For Christmas

March 22, 2024


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New releases in November 2011: “God to please – the most beautiful monasteries, churches and cathedrals in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland” & “The Vatican Bible” God to please – the most beautiful monasteries, churches and cathedrals in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland – magnificent religious art in the opulent image band at Weltbild whether Romanesque Gothic, strict distance or Baroque splendour – monasteries, churches and cathedrals are fascinating works of art. The magnificent illustrated book now appears “God to please” with the most beautiful examples of religious architecture in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland as a special at Weltbild. Click here: the source for more info. The book is illustrated with over 600 large-format color photographs. The houses of worship in the book of the spirituality of the people put God to favor and the people to the joy. At the same time reflect the aesthetic preferences of their construction, indicate the craft and technical progress, and this testifies a profound symbolism.

Since time immemorial, church buildings are emblematic of the heavenly Jerusalem. From the, the opulent illustrated book “God to please” over 200 outstanding Church and monastery buildings with their individual, regional and historic-artistic characteristics profusion presents the beautiful houses of worship. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is the source for more interesting facts. Informative texts accompany more than 600 color photographs – from the panorama to the detailed view. The band with a linen look with gold embossed cover is fitted. God to the most beautiful monasteries, churches and cathedrals in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland fell worldview book publishing, new release Nov. 2011 384 pages, 23 x 30 cm, bound, hardcover, continuous colour illustrations ISBN 978-3-8289-5731-2 world image Best.Nr. 53 29 785 14,99 Euro (D), available at 3/16988686-1/buch/gott-zu-gefallen.html and in all world stores the Vatican-Bible – expensive collectors Bible at Weltbild – illustrated with the most famous works from the Vatican museums the Vatican museums in Rome, inspire and overwhelm visitors to the eternal city from time immemorial.

Carlsen: The Birth Of A New Genius ?

March 22, 2024


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Magnus Carlsen, considered one of the great promises of chess in recent times has been a typical case of child prodigy and is now the center of attention of the chess community who sees with astonishment the meteoric rise of this new figure world. At the time was the youngest Grandmaster in history at the age of 13 years, 4 months and 27 days, still only managed to beat a child masters the likes of former world champions Anatoly Karpov and Short and well Dolmatov Kramnik among other major figures, also played spectacular battles with the chess legend Garry Kasparov and earns an undisputed position among the elite and experienced chess players in the heart of the fans. From its beginnings in Carlsen began to see a child prodigy: with only five years and no problem reciting the name, size and population of the 430 stocks in Norway. After a failed attempt to instill the interest of the young because of their brother, Magnus found in chess the great passion of his life. His exceptional abilities were not to expect similar results in chess so computer company Microsoft decided it had to support such an exuberant talent and became a sponsor of the little genius.

Since then, its development as a chess player was exponential. The winners of Carlsen is one of the most dense in the history of chess. At only 10 years of career to date has garnered a significant amount of victories that would be good to emphasize: was second in the World 2002 Sub12. In 2004 achieved the International Grandmaster title after winning four brilliant results in just 4 months! When the rule only requires that they be in March. In 2006, finished second in no less than the Linares tournament (something like the equivalent of Wimbledon tennis players) in one of the highest level meetings of all time being ahead of the most experienced among them chess have Veselin Topalov, Vassily Ivanchuck and Peter Leko, among others. In 2007 and 2008 repeated the feat in Linares leaving only behind the world champion Viswanathan Anand. Corus tournament champion in 2008, where he tied on points with Armenian Levon Aronian beating in direct clashes with nothing less than Kramnik and Polgar. In this version of Corus was only subdued by the world champion Vishy Anand and Peter Leko by the Serbian, but not enough to coax them was the Norwegian title.

Winner of the super-match: Carlsen vs Leko in 2008 by a score of 5-3. No doubt the future holds for him the Mozart of chess (and at some point he also dubbed the great Robert Fischer) is full of great expectations by the chess community, which sees a new icon capable Carlsen to overthrow the paradigm of the game “conservative” full of tables in the heated and complicated but not as exciting chess century. At present there are many who believe (believe) that has born a new spirit: the successor Kasparov and why not, a new Fischer. Only time and the results will know them (us) the reason if this new figure will be one of the legends of the rich history of this beautiful sport.

Travel Tips Gathering In Italy

March 20, 2024


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Italy … Probably one of the most romantic countries and on the other hand, it is understandable to most Italians, Russian, such gallant, cheerful, with a mad sense of humor. And Italian films … Sophia Loren, Marcello … Mastroianni … Ah, Italy … In short, the choice-made. In recent months, Douglas Elliman has been very successful.

Resolved, Italy, period. Selected route (let's say you have chosen holiday in Sicily or Sardinia, or Rome) suitcases ready, we have only to remember a couple of little things … such as: In the first place. Take along a Russian-Italian phrase book, or remember a couple of words in English that was taught in school: in most areas do not speak not so much in Russian, but also in English. And sometimes, talking to so the same English that you still do not understand. Connect with other leaders such as Stuart A. Chasan here. Although, of course, if it is a hotel and there is not seldom speak in English, and recently in connection with the growth of Russian tourists in Italy, some hotels even speak in Russian. But in public places it should not count … That is why the granite Eat lest languages:) Second.

If you're taking a hair dryer or other elektrorpribory, remember that the voltage in the hotel – 220 (zotya, you can forget about it- exactly the same as in Russia), but the Russian does not fit the Italian outlets! So before you leave will need to buy adapters. And yet, we recommend to take a little more road utyuzhok, so you do not depend on its presence or absence in the hotel, also sometimes irons in hotels are not given, cause-fire safety. Third. And expensive workers, Russians, remember that the Italians – people accustomed to imposing and day sleep … … this afternoon and came up with Siesta! Do not forget please, about this famous Italian siesta. Life in Italy from 14.00 to 15.30 just freezes: locking everything: shops, doctors (except hospitals) banks, all special schools and so on. Since the majority of private small shops, then the break can 'jump', so if you want to go after dinner, then take a look once again at the entrance sign with schedules or also ask the seller of the store, how much will be taken back. Fourth. And one more thing: all the museums and shops are often closed on Monday is their legitimate day off.