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Caceres Red Cross

February 12, 2023


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The explosion took place early in this Saturday evening. The injured have been transferred to hospitals. (As opposed to Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.). The factory is engaged in the dismantling and disposal of cluster bombs on behalf of the Ministry of Dnsa. The causes, for the moment, are unknown. A man has died and four have been injured in an explosion that took place early this Saturday afternoon at the factory of weapons of El Gordo (Caceres), reported the center of urgencies and emergencies 112-Extremadura.

The event has taken place past 13: 00 hours in the weapons manufacturing Extremenas S.A factory. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Energy Capital Partners and gain more knowledge.. The explosion occurred in the crematorium oven in which bombs are destroyed and caused a fire that is already controlled. Thus the delegation of Government sources have confirmed this in Extremadura and Red Cross, who have explained that the blast caused a fire in the pastures around the factory, which has already been stifled. In the work of extinguishing the fire involving a helicopter and a retainer of the forest services, as well as three trucks of the Provincial service of struggle against fire (SEPEI) Caceres Red Cross sources reported that the deceased worker, D.G.B, she was between 25 and 30 years, while the which is more serious, F.J.G.G, around 20 years and he has been transferred to the Hospital of Getafe burnedAfter being previously treated in the Hospital field Aranuelo of Navalmoral de la Mata. This last Center have been moved also all three minor injuries, a young man of 22 years, D.R.T, with burns to the hands; a 41-year-old man, J.M.I.T; and a woman of 35, whose initials are A.G.R, these last two affected by the blast. At the scene of the accident have also moved a helicopter and a retainer of forest services, as well as three trucks of the provincial fire-fighting service. This armament factory is currently mainly dedicated the disassembly and elimination of cluster bombs on behalf of the Ministry of Dnsa. Source of the news: one dead and four injured in an explosion at a factory of weapons in Caceres

State Secretary

December 27, 2022


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Its first meeting has been the holder of foreign, Trinidad Jimenez, to talk about the economy, the situation in Libya and Afghanistan and the Spain-U.S. relations. Gain insight and clarity with Dean Ornish M.D. On the agenda of Clinton, meetings with Zapatero, the King and Rajoy. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Government, has undertaken this Saturday before the Secretary of State American, Hillary Clinton, to continue to promote structural reforms that will enable to consolidate the recovery, and has highlighted the importance of fiscal consolidation processes. Zapatero, who met at the Palacio de La Moncloa with the Secretary of State American, on the occasion of his official visit to Madrid, has informed Clinton of the efforts that the EU is doing to ensure the euro’s stability and improve their economic governance, according to the Government on its website. In this way, Zapatero It responds to the words of Clinton, that he has encouraged this Saturday the Spanish Government to complete the economic reform package that has underway to restructure finances and strengthen the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.

Clinton has shown understanding with that is difficult measures they take time and patience and it is important to achieve it until the end. In addition, Clinton has assured that Spain can count on friendship proyects in Europe of the Government and the people of the USA. It is the second fastest growing EE UU inverter. In addition, the Secretary of State stressed that American support for the Spanish economy is very strong. The Secretary of State has made these statements at a working breakfast with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez in the Viana Palace at 0900 hours on Saturday, in which both reviewed matters of mutual interest and international news, as the situation in Afghanistan and Libya.

Pilgrims Make Night

December 15, 2022


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The arrival of participants in WYD to the aerodrome has been incessant this Saturday, where the tents for the night have multiplied with the passing of the hours. Heat, first, and the rain and wind, then, have staged acts on Saturday. Seven injured after the whirlwind of water and strong wind of this Saturday night, which has also forced to cancel much of the discourse of Benedicto XVI. This Sunday, the closing Eucharist puts an end to the WYD, bouncing to the Pope after a four day visit to Madrid. Traffic along the main streets of Madrid has been restored. Pope Benedicto XVI resigned Saturday to read the speech scheduled for the eve of the world youth day with hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in the aerodrome of Cuatro Vientos, on the outskirts of Madrid, due to the strong storm, accompanied by a great Gale which you downloaded in the middle of the ceremony and that has wounded seven people.

The storm has caused the downfall of a light pole without reaching any Pilgrim, has affected coating of the scenario and has knocked down several tents, which have caused injuries to seven people in his fall. Three had fractures or possible fractures: a girl, fractures in the bones of the nose; a woman, fracture of patella, and another possible shoulder fracture, while the rest suffered bruises. After this, thousands of pilgrims have been prepared to spend the night in Cuatro Vientos and dismiss this Sunday Benedicto XVI, on the day that puts an end to the WYD. Speech canceled when he had read two paragraphs of speech downloaded about four winds a strong storm which forced to suspend the ceremony for half an hour. The strong Gale even snatched the zucchetto and had to take shelter between several large white umbrella. Despite the water, young people not panicked and continued singing this is the youth of the Pope and other chants.

Chief Executive Officer

December 9, 2022


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/ It is the first adaptation that takes place in the world of the popular 1980s American series starring Ted Danson. Next Resines, involved Alberto San Juan, Rebecca Santaolalla, Lola Mendoza, Chiqui Fernandez and Joan Pera. Antonio Resines returns to television with the Spanish version of Cheers, the first adaptation of the famous American series of the 1980s, Telecinco will debut in the fall and the actor predicts that a great success because we here are bars. Cheers is the name of an Irish style Tavern managed by Niko (Alberto San Juan), a former player of the Cadiz Club de Futbol love you seduction, but that never comes to consummate, explained the actor, so Felix Simon (Antonio Resines), the Spanish Frasier Crane, a behavioral psychiatrist, advised him, as an expert on amorous themes. Rebeca Santaolalla (Alexandra Jimenez), Lola Mendoza (Chiqui Fernandez) and Mister (Joan Pera ) they are the waiters which, alongside Polish chef (Adam Jerierski) and Niko will receive at the tavern to its regular customers: the psychiatrist, an Ordinance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Luis Bermejo), an unemployed person who spends his life at the bar (Pepon Nieto). These actors and many others that appear in some of the 26 chapters that form the first season are under the direction of Manuel Gomez Pereira, who debuts on television working hard but having fun during the shooting and that it has ensured in the presentation of the series, transcends through the screen. The director of films such as Queens and Word of mouth has added that work on television is more immediate and intense, and has praised the work of his actors, who are already accustomed to the pace of the comedy genre that has been defined as a clockwork mechanism.

You resines pointed out that Cheers tavern is not like the of Los Serrano, his big television hit, but predicts a big win this bets of Telecinco, because here we are in bars. Not only for nostalgic however, Gomez Pereira has pointed out that the result of the series will look with a magnifying glass, for being the first adaptation that ago cheers around the world. The scripts of this American sitcom whose broadcast began in 1982 – starring Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson have adapted to connect with current Spanish society, so it is not only directed to satisfy the nostalgic cheers as it aims to surprise new viewers, the script Coordinator, has explained Carlos Martin. Telecinco bet winning horse, said Resines, who has commented has played with the Chief Executive Officer of Mediaset Spain, Paolo Vasile, the payment of a party if the series does not reach 20% of audience laughs.

Varane Pass Medical Examination

December 7, 2022


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In the afternoon he signed his contract with Real Madrid club. He feels very happy to be able to wear the shirt of Real Madrid. Real Madrid announced Monday the hiring of the Raphael Varane French dnsa, 18 years, coming from the French Lens, who signed for six seasons with Real Madrid club, the club announced. Web page describes meringue to Varane as a future with a bright present dnsa. If you would like to know more then you should visit jonathan keane. Real Madrid stressed in a press release its polyvalence, height and maturity for a player of 18 years that compared in his career with the dnsa Real Madrid Sergio Ramos, who also reached the white entity after its first season in the first Division and has become an l in the template. Varane arrived in the morning at Barajas airport, which assured be happy by their incorporation into the real entity. At 15.00 hours, underwent a recognition doctor on the Madrid clinic of La Moraleja, after which moved to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to sign the contract. The French footballer arrived about 1730 hours to the Real Madrid stadium, where he signed the contract that linked him to Real Madrid for the next six seasons together with the President of the club, Florentino Perez, and other members of the Board of Directors. Raphael Varane, born in Lille and formed in the lower levels of the Lens, played 23 games in his first season in the Ligue 1 French first team, where he made his debut in November 2010. He has been international for France in the sub categories 18 and under-21. Source of the news: Varane passing medical examination and signed by six seasons with Real Madrid.

Health and Twitter

May 19, 2014


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We are confident that they will be sensitive to this petition, they say. The self-regulation of the social network to block comments that promote anorexia is the only way for these publications are deleted. Health has asked makers of Twitter that eliminate user accounts that promote anorexia or bulimia, request that the Ministry has made public from your own account (@sanidadgob) in the microblogging network. The Ministry has completed this application through the telematic crimes from the Civil Guard unit, before the flood of Internet users claiming the denunciation of certain Twitter accounts dedicated to do advocacy of anorexia and bulimia. As the increasing number of complaints registered in the past two weeks, the Ministry decided to make a sweep of the accounts that host these contents, to ask Twitter responsible for a practice of self-regulation, have confirmed sources of health. We are confident that they will be sensitive to this request, I have commented these same sources, as They reported that periodic compilations of conflicting accounts that will appear periodically forwarded to Twitter will be made. The self-regulation of the social network to block comments that promote anorexia is the only way that these publications are deleted, since disposal is not orderable through the courts by not consititute an offence. Source of the news: the Ministry of health calls on Twitter to delete accounts that promote anorexia.

USA Democrats

May 11, 2014


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AGENCIES Barack Obama invited those leaders to engage in dialogue to build a consensus. Both Republicans and Democrats want to avoid the fiscal precipice. Special: All about EE UU elections that gave victory to Obama. The newly re-elected President of USA, Barack Obama, today invited leading Republicans and Democrats in Congress to start negotiations for an agreement reducing the public deficit that prevents the dreaded fiscal precipice next week. In his first appearance at the White House after winning re-election, Obama invited those leaders to engage in dialogue to build consensus and stressed that the priority should be the employment and growth. The President also said that he is open to new ideas to reach an agreement on debt, but reiterated his plan includes combining cuts in spending with tax hikes to the richest. We have to combine spending with revenue cuts and that means ask wealthier Americans to pay a little more in taxes, said Obama during his appearance in the East Room of the White House, which was accompanied by his Vice President, Joe Biden, and not admitted questions.

Obama was declared open to compromise, but also stressed that will not accept any plan for reducing the deficit is not balanced. I’m not married to every detail of my plan, he said before affirming that the elections of last Tuesday, which was re-elected, put revealed that the majority of Americans agree with his approach. Americans want cooperation, consensus and common sense. But above all they want action, said Obama.We are going to extend tax cuts to the middle class now, he asked the President to Congress. Deadline of January at this first hearing Obama made it clear his priority now is to avoid the dreaded fiscal precipice that would enter United States if Republicans and Democrats do not agree measures in Congress to reduce the deficit in the long term before the end of the year. Republicans control the House of representatives, while the Democrats are the majority in the Senate, forcing an understanding between the two parties to take forward the laws.

In the absence of a bipartite agreement, in January came into force automatic cuts in the budget and that would coincide with the end of the tax exemptions of the George w. Bush administration, something that the experts consider that it would be fatal for the first world economy. Shortly before the statements of Obama, the leader of the Republicans in the House, John Boehner, urged him to lead the negotiations for an agreement of debt reduction that would prevent tax increases which, in his view, will slow job creation. See more: Barack Obama invites Congressional leaders to discuss the debt next week