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February 8, 2023


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His critical stance towards the Communist Party led to his departure from Spain in September 1937. Participated in the Second Writers' Congress organized by the International Alliance of Antifascist Intellectuals, which met in Valencia, in July 1937, Jose Bergamin, Corpus Barga, Antonio Machado, Pablo Neruda, Fernando de los Rios, Ramon J. Sender, Vicente Huidobro, Carlos Pellicer, Octavio Paz, Elena Garro, Nicolas Guillen, Ilya Ehrenburg, Bertolt Brecht, Anna Seghers, Heinrich Mann, Andre Malraux, Louis Aragon, Alejo Carpentier, Cesar Vallejo, Rafael Dieste, Rafael Alberti, John dos Passos , Julien Benda, Stephen Spender, Tristan Tzara, Emilio Prados, Maria Teresa Leon, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Juan Gil-Albert, Henry Peter, Lorenzo Varela, Miguel Hernandez, Ramon Gaya, Pascual Pla y Beltran, Juan Marinello, Ludwig Reen, Andre Chamson, Malcolm Cowley, Feedor Kelyin, etc. He was the author of three broad leaflets with letters from Spain to his wife, who were very successful in Holland, where in one month left ten editions, with a total of thirty thousand copies. Bringing these letters, later published a book of Spaanje tragedy (The Spanish Tragedy) (1938), which was also published that year in France with the title, Lettres d'Espagne. To broaden your perception, visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. He studied Sinology at Leiden and Hamburg, graduating in 1957.

He traveled to Indonesia and several Asian countries that did not stop writing. Last is considered one of the best writers of his generation Dutchmen, and without doubt the best essayist. Besides the works mentioned, we should remember from his many books: Puerto Luz (1926), The flight of the rebels (1933), A flirtation with the devil (1936), Children of the Midnight Sun (1940) Fingers on the left (1947), In the seventh heaven (1949), Bali for investment (1956), Waves of the Yellow River (1962), Children of Judas (1962) China, the land of eternal revolution (1965), The second dawn of Japan (1966), My friend Andre Gide (1966) and Fireworks behind the Great Wall of China (1970). And, as this great intellectual, a great friend of Spain: "The truth is that the Spanish people, and especially Madrid, has been used to living in heroism, as there are other people who are increasingly accustomed to living in disgrace. " Francisco Arias Solis did not have the freedom to not have their thirst. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:

Euro Dollar Currency

February 7, 2023


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Market analysis Currency Euro Dollar The euro fluctuated within a narrow range without making significant technical movements. Thus the European currency did not meet the objectives proposed in the 1.5144. for-the-Treatment-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman. The euro however, was under pressure and that is why the area of the 1.5072 support level present a significant short-term for today, but we are inclined towards the 1.4972 target of the day. And if it breaks that area could test the 1.4937 level of the second where the 61.8% Fibonacci level. However, short-term resistance level is at the 1.5143 area, and only if it breaks that could test the 1.5200 area. Support: 1.5072: trend line. 1.4972 : 50% Fibonacci level. Other leaders such as Heart Specialist offer similar insights. 1.4937: 61.8% Fibonacci level.

Resistance: 1.5143 Maximum of 25 November. 1.5200: Resistance of 2008. 1.5260: Resistance of 2008. Pound per pound broke the resistance level of 1.6608 and reached 1.6673 in the proposed target. The remarkable thing the last 24 hours was the breakdown of the downward trendline 4 hour chart. This significantly improves the technical perspectives. Keep in mind that if it breaks the 1.6726 area may be reaching the 1.6795 and then 1.6844 resistance level which involves a key in the medium term.

However, the level of short term support at 1.6677 is, and if it breaks the 1.6677 area may be testing the 1.6600 and 1.6537. Support: 1.6677: trend line. 1.6600: Break trend in the 4 hour chart. 1.6537: 50% Fibonacci level. Resistance: 1.6728: Resistance of last week. 1.6795: maximum of 11 November. 1.6844: Maximum of 18 November. Daryl Katz contains valuable tech resources. Dolar Yen Instead of falling 100 pips from the level of resistance of 87.50, the dollar-yen once again managed to move and was close to 88 during this morning. If the pair manages to break the 88.18 area could test the bottom of the channel. This area is a key level of resistance day in 88.18. And if that zone is broken may be testing the 88.58 and then 89.17. The level of support found in 87.29 and if the pair breaks this area will continue a downward correction and could test the 86.72 and then 86.28. Japan's government may not allow the yen appreciated, and we should carefully follow the Japanese event. Support: 87.29: rising trend line. 86.72: Maximum of the previous week. 86.28: Minimum of last week. Resistance: 88.18: 61.8% Fibonacci level. 88.72: Lower Level of the alleged training. 89.17: Top of the alleged training. Change Analysis currency by: Munther involving Marji Disclaimer: The operations of futures, options and Forex carries a significant associated risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Should consider carefully whether your particular situation before you have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to operate in these markets. You can lose all the capital invested, or that their losses exceed the funds originally deposited. The advice, opinions and recommendations are subject to change constantly. Greetings, n.

Managing Director

February 5, 2023


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The first half of 2013 is already over – and gastronovi Office, it was the most successful in its history. Within a very short time, gastronovi Office with its innovative solution for the hospitality industry was able to convince a wide customer base of small and large gastronomies to sophisticated franchise concepts. This is also reflected in the figures for the first six months. POS system the gastronovi Office POS system enjoys increasing popularity. More than 700,000 guests were served already this year with the most innovative cash register system, while the service employees have recorded over 1.5 million orders.

Due to the constant increase of companies who rely on the gastronovi solution, the trend is clearly rising – in the last month alone, the volume could be almost doubled! Table reservation many cuisines have also disposed of their classic paper reservation books and now use the reservations of gastronovi Office. Because the benefits are according to Manfred Julen, the Managing Director of the hotel and Sport Julen AG from Zermatt, given clear: “kitchen, restaurant, bar and reception have up-to-date data and must run not the classic reservation book behind.” In addition the guests also can emit their reservation homepage is online, and for all stations, the reservation is immediately evident.” Also special wishes of our guests can be collected quickly and easily at the reservation resulting in an extremely high customer loyalty. Already 40,000 people on the reservation by gastronovi Office have reserved in 2013 – the rate of online reservations completely made by the guest is remarkable 20 percent! Reservation through gastronovi Office already accepted in some tents of Oktoberfest. A folk festival organizer uses now also gastronovi Office to manage the reservations of over 6,000 guests. Recipe costing over 42,000 recipes are currently managed and calculated – in a normal Cookbook that would be so difficult. Become the part many satisfied gastronovi Office users!

Suits For The Rim

February 4, 2023


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To the appropriate tires come with online tips so luxurious and powerful a car is: without the right tire, there is no right pleasure. Eventually, the force on the road must get. In addition, modern tires meet a lot of other functions. Unevenness in the road surface can be compensated by their suspension properties. Above all, the appropriate tires contribute significantly to the safety of a vehicle.

You always meet the right choice in the jungle of different models, the Internet portal has developed a new tire Advisor Long gone are the days where the rim was a simple rubber hose. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dean Ornish M.D offers on the topic.. Today, tires are real high-tech products. Due to the constant development of the vehicles, they also must meet ever-increasing demand. According to Daryl Katz, who has experience with these questions. But not every tire fits for each car. The basic requirements can be read in the vehicle registration papers.

But the choices are still exhausted. In addition, the new Chief Advisor, also explains what it is to be considered, for example, when chrome and alloy wheels. Beginners first described the classical structure of a radial. In further articles to load index, emergency running properties and co. information then simply and clearly the guide describes the conventional tire types and their properties. Also, it provides useful hints for prices and competitive providers. For the purchase of a new set of tyres can mean a sensitive high investment. Even to individual manufacturers and tractor and truck tires, there are helpful tips. In this way, the Online Advisor is a free and versatile shopper. More information: mature/Advisor/lexicon 1001 contact: Tilo Sommer public relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Democratic Agreement

February 2, 2023


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The BOE has published the text approved by the Basque Parliament in 2008 in favor of a popular consultation, known like ' Ibarretxe&#039 plan;. Not it must to an error but to the strict fulfillment of the law. The Basque Country was the unique community that did not send to the Government reporter of the State the approved norms and this situation is being solved. Daryl Katz shines more light on the discussion. The Government reporter of Estado (BOE) has published east weekend the text approved by the Basque Parliament in favor of a popular consultation, known like ' Ibarretxe&#039 plan; , three years after its approval in the Camera of Vitoria. In the text two questions are included: " Are You in agreement in supporting a process of end engaged in a dialog of the violence, if previously manifest ETA of unequivocal form your will to put aim to the same in one go and for always? and " You in agreement are in which the Basque parties, without exclusions, initiate a negotiation process to reach a Democratic Agreement on the exercise of the right to decide of the Basque Town, and that this Agreement is put under rrndum before that year 2010 finalizes? " Sources of the Ministry of the Presidency have explained that its publication, the past Saturday, not must to an error but to the strict fulfillment of the law.

Thus, there are addition that the publication obeys to the necessity that it is at the time certainty in the BOE of the text approved by the Basque Parliament, like happens to those of the other regional Cameras. The same sources have argued that the Basque Country was the unique community that did not send to the BOE the approved norms and that this situation is being solved from the arrival to the Lehendakaritza de Patxi Lopez, with its gradual publication and the logical delay. By this same reason, the Government reporter of the State also includes other nine laws approved by the Basque Parliament in 2008, among them the one of victims of the terrorism, social rights, police or the one of education. Source of the news: The BOE publishes the call of a rrndum on a possible negotiation with ETA.

Kitchen Business

February 1, 2023


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If you want to create a business that is associated with arts and crafts, perhaps you already have a product that you would like to throw into the market, or to create a product line is not for you much difficulty. Initially, you may need some time for arrangement of working space, since it is difficult to predict in advance how much you'll need a place to create a product, develop business and lead documentation. For example, I initially was very convenient to work in the kitchen. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daryl Katz. The kitchen was my kingdom. I was easy to prepare and create a familiar environment. I worked on the covers desktops, and on the kitchen table. However, when the business began to expand and overflowed the dining room first and then the other rooms, working in the kitchen was awkward and uncomfortable.

The order was not there, and I lost at this time and money. Therefore, I completely dismissed the guest bedroom and started to organize an orderly, convenient for the business area. Built-in wardrobe instead of a computer, printer and paper. Sliding closet door is easily removed. Of a piece of wood with a mill turned tabletop, I covered it photographic paper and placed on two index cards locker.

In size tabletop just fit in the cupboard. Lamp on the pegs, fixed for the top shelf, well lit desk and took up precious space. On the top shelf as I was to keep the paper files, accounting books and records. On the computer desk was plenty of room for telephone and address directories, and along with pens, pencils, rulers, staplers, tape and scissors.

Sony Gold

January 30, 2023


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'We have already mentioned that a number of leading fans' top ten' on channel 'Russia' Sony Gold replenishes with each ether. Recently, Sony has occurred in the life of a very funny event. Read more here: Energy Capital Partners. "Somewhere around two weeks ago on my phone an unknown number have come with the compliments of sms to my address and an invitation to dinner '- says Sonia. Yesterday, when the presenter came out of the door, she found his car near the Lexus, which was lying on a bumper bundle of white roses. 'At a time when I passed the machine on my phone again, it's sms, stating that the car is my gift. By the way, I love white roses, it means that the person who gave it all he knew about my preferences. To be honest, I felt a little ill at ease '- says Sonia. It turns out that a secret admirer of Sonia decided to make a generous a present, thinking that the tv presenter then agree to go with him to dinner. 'I, Of course, it is nice that men like me, and they are willing to do me such gifts, but all the same I'm not used to obtain them from unfamiliar people and get used to not going to "- explains Sonia. So, despite its generosity, the newly-born 'Pseudo-fan' was no dinner with the star, but with a new car Lexus, of course, if this is his comfort '

Description PR

January 30, 2023


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Joomag – a document network for all cases after her breakthrough in the United States, are becoming more popular documents networks in Germany. As SlideShare, Scribd or Issuu include important research sources on the Internet. Here companies can convey a comprehensive picture of their target groups, by publishing company news and industry information in PDF documents. The selected file appears as article on the network and ready to browse for users. In the following we introduce Joomag and explain why the document network for corporate communications is ideal. Virtual press box to sign up as a company permanently on the market to establish as Joomag, is a regular and above all sustainable communication with target groups. So, companies can use Joomag to present their content in a virtual press box. Because the documents network company can provide free their content for all Internet users.

So can your company Publish current online press releases with information about your industry and information about their products and services on Joomag. So audiences and media representatives can check here in detail about the company and the special offers. Documents networks journalists that facilitate research work and directly reach target groups, Internet users can on the digital documents that define company on Joomag, easy access from anywhere. A virtual press box is a further publication in the Internet, and offers an additional point of contact for information about the company. So, organizations achieve even journalists who have not found their website, with the company news. To provide an optimal opportunity to monetize the content media representatives. Achieve their target groups, but also on Joomag directly. Because they search the Internet for answers to their questions and push on the contents, offer the company on Joomag in their virtual press box.

Joomag is so not only for the Press work a useful tool, but also a powerful marketing tool on the Internet. Many documents networks use for optimum range and visibility in addition to Joomag there are many further documents networks providing similar benefits for corporate communications. Each virtual press box creates a new publication and a further point of contact on the Internet. The more points of contact companies for your customers create, the higher the chance that customers find your products and services. Therefore, companies should publish regularly updated content widely on many networks. So, they directly reach their audiences. Adjusting the content on many networks time-consuming of all thing. So, there is a service that does this work for companies. PR-gateway ( to publish your company news by clicking on all the major documents networks. Company Description PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. PR-gateway ( is an online service, with the Company news and social media news centrally managed and click parallel to several free press portals, news services and social media delivered. Capturing multiple accounts for the individual portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and agencies to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet in less time.

Organic Program

January 27, 2023


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Ideas and perspectives on what constitutes a natural product may vary. It is the bread natural? Is fruit natural? What about soap? Or nail polish? What criteria can an interested consumer use to distinguish between a natural or synthetic? The answer is not as clear as some would have us believe. The world around us is made of atoms, molecules, compounds and chemicals. We manipulate the natural world around us so that new substances can serve our needs in ways not even imagined fifty years ago. This article clarifies what is natural and what is synthetic, followed by a discussion of how we should view synthetic products and their implications for our daily use of cosmetics and personal care products. What is natural? Nature is composed of physical, chemical and biological principles and laws governing the known and unknown world and universe.

The term "natural" is used to describe a substance or condition that is: – In harmony with nature – Belonging or connected to nature – Derived or obtained from nature According to the U.S. National Organic Program (NOP), a naturally occurring substance derived from a vegetable, mineral or animal origin without having undergone a process of synthesis (defined in the next section of the article). The physical and biological processes can still make a natural substance. For example, drying corn kernels can be removed from the cob, then ground to make cornmeal. The maize has undergone a physical change, but is still considered natural. Yeast is an example of a microorganism that can be an agent for biological change in a substance.

Car Rental Franchise

January 27, 2023


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Franchise car rental – BMW opts for car rental only Daimler and BMW now both use the car rental market for themselves. Long a single leg to stand no longer enough also the major car manufacturers, to keep afloat. Now, BMW is a future-oriented way. Many people need at the present time only had one vehicle on time and not the whole year through. Just people who live in Germany in the big cities, are often satisfied with public transport so much that they abandon your car and save yourself thus gasoline, insurance and tax.

Instead, they may use the one or other franchise car rental which exist in every city. BMW now enters into a joint venture. Since early April, the company, which does from BMW and SIXT together means DriveNow. 300 vehicles will be rented in Munich in the future. Later another 500 cars to be rented in Berlin. Just as it had made Daimler.

Here, the partner but welcomes Europecar and the joint company Car2Go. Here there are the smart to rent an extra Edition. These are only some few parallels linking Daimler with BMW and vice versa. Users of both companies can search the cars through Internet portals. Also there are Smartphone applications which should make it easier the driver already, finding a car to be rented. As the car of the two companies are not fixed in one place, but can be hired there, where the last rider has turned it off. This kind of car rental could be forward-looking so that it may soon could be corporate franchise.