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Kharkiv Tuberculosis

May 21, 2021


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Anyone who closely follows the latest developments in the world, should have noticed that TB – a disease of all time, continues to march on the planet. And the treatment of tuberculosis is not the last place in the ministries buzhetah Health. But what is happening in Ukraine? In the Kharkiv region, and there are four tuberculosis clinics. Of course, despite this number, places for all patients is not enough. Only on treatment by the state to the region to treat tuberculosis and to identify it if you have symptoms of tuberculosis spent 20 million UAH.

This is true for statistics. A leading source for info: Parkinson’s . And now – attention! Kharkiv obdgosadministratsiya closes three TB dispensary. Why? What happened? Is the Ukraine suffering from sharply reduced the number of this terrible disease – tuberculosis? Of course it is not. Mortality in patients with tuberculosis surpasses all limits. You put on the head with a mask pink glass and say: 'All is well, TB is curable, and we're winning tuberculosis'. But visit the only remaining area of TB dispensary opened a terrible picture: on the one bed has two and scary.

Understand that TB is not somewhere out there, it's here, close by. Behind the wall of their neighbors or fellow traveler in a minibus and treatment of TB-heavy process. Especially today, when Expensive medicines whose quality leaves much to be desired. Just today, when a loud slogans government saves on the treatment of tuberculosis and robs patients, it is time to remember that nature provides what is called salvation. The fact that at the last moment comes to help former TB patients, because today they are living a normal life, without handkerchiefs, cover your mouth when you cough. Without those thoughts that keep sober to understand, and what will happen next. Salvation is, the national treatment TB is not saved one life, saves the day. And believe me, will save people time when modern medicine will throw up your hands and put a cross on the card the patient. Life is beautiful – and it is creating for us! May God bless you Health!


May 18, 2021


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It does not particularly pay attention to the formulation and therapeutic properties of the pastes. On the one hand this is understandable, because any well-known brand guarantees a certain level of quality, confirmed by clinical studies. But on the other hand we are overpaying for fame, though not so much as a fan of brand image. The people who really care about their health and are interested in the composition of the advertised pastes, there are many questions to producers. It is unlikely that many of We have heard that the main modern cleaning agent is silicon dioxide (our mothers and grandmothers brushed their teeth at the chalk-based pastes). Silicon dioxide is less than erases the tooth enamel, has controlled abrasive and Unlike the chalk does not interact with treatment additives and fluorine (the principal means of preventing tooth decay).

However, not all known and untwisted pastes are based on silicon dioxide, because the chalk – much cheaper components. In a number of famous pastas, as the abrasive used chalk, while the expense of advertising unwind these pastes are really original. Some of paste on the basis of the Cretaceous have a reputation for modern therapeutic toothpastes, the same can be said about the many pastas made in Bulgaria and most of the Indians. Buying these pastes do not understand the peculiarities of the composition, can harm tooth enamel, if you have it fine … In fairness, I note that you can destroy the enamel and the paste at the present abrasive – just having sensitive teeth, start using a whitening toothpaste or clean healthy teeth whitening toothpaste for 2-3 consecutive months …

Steam Inhalation

April 21, 2021


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Most difficult to perform inhalation children of the first two years of life. The most acceptable way, as do inhaled is probably this – to sit with the baby in the well protoplennoy sauna or steam bath. For the same purpose can be use the bathroom. Ancient way – inhaling steam over a pan of boiled potatoes under a blanket is good that he has no burning effect. Pairs stand out for long enough and do not have to heat water or add boiling water. It is not something Sleep disturbances would like to discuss.

Instead of potatoes you can use special drugs charges, intended to alleviate the throat and exit easier expectoration. As well helping with the inhalation of mineral salts or mineral water brought to a boil. There are variations of this method is suitable in our conditions: the child seated next to a pan in which the boiling water or cooking the potatoes and cover with an open umbrella. Continue to learn more with: larotrectinib. Inhalation lasts 20 minutes. You can use another method of inhalation.

On the nose zakipevshego kettle put on a tube, folded from a sheet of paper, and child care draws in pairs. Duration of procedure 10 – 15 minutes. In Maker can throw 1 tbsp. spoonful of chamomile or sage. The effect of inhalation in this case will only intensify. You can also add essential oil of tea tree or eucalyptus in the dissolved salt. I inhaled to alleviate the throat, as a method treatment of various respiratory diseases, has several advantages over other methods. Medicinal substances contained in preparations, essential oils can act directly on airway mucosa, without affecting other organs, as this method of treatment room. Spread over a couple of drug particles are rapidly absorbed in the lining of the respiratory tract than similar products by the action of drugs, but hence, faster acting. Take care of your health and be happy!

Geranium Oil

March 18, 2021


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The geranium oil has a so wonderful fragrance. Also it is an incredible natural treatment for a variety of affections, including pains in the nerves. The geranium oil smells of wonder and it helps you to treat many ailments that affect so much to adults as to the children. It can help with the muscular pains and of the nerves, reduce the anxiety and alleviate stress, aid to treat the swellings and the inflammation and calm your nerves. A Wonderful Homemade Natural Treatment the geranium oil also can help to treat burns, wounded and ulcers in the skin. The mothers whom they are nursing can use this oil to calm their irritated skin. She helps also you if you have one of the many diseases of the skin that affect to the people including eczema, culebrilla, solar burns, dyes, acne of liendres, and even herpes. If you have children, the geranium oil can end liendres quickly who can infect them of other children in the school.

Benefits for the Health of the Oil of Geranium the benefits for health that brings the use of geranium oil is countless. Studies have become that have tried that the geranium oil helps to alleviate the pain. A study done in 30 adult subjects that suffered of neuralgia due to herpes, occurred a treatment that could be one of several geranium oil degrees varying from 100% of geranium oil to 10% of oil of geranium mixed with mineral oil to mineral oil only or one small dose them of capsacina cream. It was requested to them that they classified his pain in a scale that went from the 0 to the 100, in intervals, after receiving the treatment that they had assigned. The results showed that the subjects that had some amount of oil of geranium in their treatments showed lower levels of pain and the lightening of the pain was proportional to the amount of oil of present geranium in the treatment. The group with treatments of 100% oil of geranium had the greater lightening of the pain and the lightening was in reduction as the percentage of geranium oil fell. Studies like this have found that the oil of mint and the oil of liquorice also are good treatments for the pains neuralgia. It has been verified that the geranium oil reduces the pains the nerves and has a so pleasant scent that you will enjoy to use it. All would have to maintain a little oil of geranium in house to deal with all type common annoyances, as well as pains nerves.


March 17, 2021


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Any serious physical illness is stress on the human psyche, to which he responds in different ways, depending on the character traits and habitual ways of reaction to stress, developed over a lifetime. Attitude patient's own disease is different and can be reduced to three positions: 1. Dexa scan addresses the importance of the matter here. Excessively – the high significance of the disease and related issues 2. Underestimated the significance of the disease and related problems 3. For assistance, try visiting Methylation Profiling. Adequate response to the disease manifests itself first version of fear, anxiety and fear for their future health, a heightened self-observation, exaggeration effects of the disease.

Patient carefully fixed on physical sensations and symptoms, establish a sparing regime, strictly following the drug intake and severely limits physical activity. These patients often become self-centered, demanding attention and close physician only to themselves, jealous of "competing for attention" to patients and relatives. For this group of reactions is characterized by emotional disorders such as depression and hypochondria pessimistic perceptions of the disease and its consequences, as well as anxiety and phobic disorders. In other words, a person tries to say: "I'm afraid I'm afraid all the attention – me and my disease!" How can such a patient or to suggest that you belong to this group respond? If the patient keeps coming back to thoughts of illness, bad sleep, constantly anxious for the test results and its future, check back tests in different centers, making them more likely than recommended by doctors. For example, measures the pressure or pulse rate every hour or two, more often it is necessary for the doctor.

The Thyroid

March 9, 2021


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Nobel Prize winner Albert S. George, a physician, who discovered in 1928, vitamin C, said: "We were students when it is known that iodine is a universal medicine. No one knew what he was doing and how, but what he's doing a good job – we knew it. There was such saying, if you do not know what, how and where it hurts – prescribe iodine. " Scientifically proven to directly participate in the creation of iodine the thyroid gland thyroid hormones, which are indispensable for the normal functioning of the human race, indeed any other living organism.

Recent discoveries made by American and British scientists argue that this is not the only role of this element in human life! Scientists assert – iodine is vital in all parts of our body, every cell, not in its compounds, such as KJ or NJ, but in a pure elemental state (J-127). Presence, as they call peripheral iodine in the cell is required, as it is natural regulator and catalyst for all metabolic processes and the main protector of all foreign viruses and bacteria. Clinical experience in humans is definitely necessary, always retained the amount of iodine in body dose of 200 mg, which is 10 times the conventional dose of global health community. For example, an American professor George D. FLEG showed that cause of stomach cancer is not so much a presence in it bacterium Helicobacter pylori, and how many cells of the stomach in the absence of the same elemental iodine.

Treatment Of Vitiligo

December 13, 2020


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Treatment of vitiligo with the use of medicinal plant preparations were carried out common and external. Patients were encouraged to include in the diet foods containing photodynamic substances, such as buckwheat, parsley leaves, parsnips, sorrel, celery, quinoa, spinach, nettles, figs. It is known that photodynamic substances increase susceptibility to UV rays, so in some cases additionally recommended the following drugs. Parsnip as a decoction (2-3 tablespoons chopped leaves or 2 teaspoons crushed roots, or 0.5 teaspoons of crushed fruit in 2 cups of boiling water) – 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day chilled. Maggie Crotty may also support this cause. Of parsnip for the treatment of vitiligo develop drug beroksana. Stinging nettle leaves in the form of infusion (10.0: 200,0-15,0: 200.0) – 1 tablespoon or 25-30 drops of liquid extract 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Topical liquid extract, tincture of the leaves or sap is rubbed into the pockets of depigmentation. Psoraleya kostyankovaya from which isolated domestic product psoralen.

Psoralen treat girls to be careful, as it accelerates puberty, the development of sexual characteristics. E. N. Cherniak (1964) indicates satisfactory treatment of vitiligo juice of the leaves and green figs of the ordinary outward and inward; Tadzhibaev TT (1972) notes the positive effect of alcoholic solution of fig juice stems externally. Leaves figs and psoralen kostankovoy obtained psoberan domestic product, which is used in the treatment of vitiligo. Inside vitiligo prescribed herbal containing copper: a succession of herb as a tincture, arnica mountain in the form of infusion of flowers (10,0:200,0) 1 tablespoon 3 times daily or tincture 30-40 drops before meals 2-3 times a day with milk or water.

The German Approach To The Treatment Of Diabetes

December 2, 2020


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A few years ago, patients who doctors diagnosed diabetes believed that full recovery is fantastic. Today, however, an opportunity not only to relieve the disease, allowing patients to live more comfortable lives, but also cure the disease. But, first things first. Diabetes – a disease of the endocrine system of the body, which appears due to lack of hormone, insulin, or the breach of its interaction with cells. The result of this is to increase the level of glucose in the blood, which in turn leads to metabolic disorders, and in some cases to a rather tragic consequences. It is important to diagnose the disease earlier, which would help avoid severe complications and relief to the patient. To date, diabetes affects about 7-8% of the adult population and this figure inexorably rising. The most effective treatment of this disease provide a clinic in Germany.

After all, unlike the domestic medical institutions, they have modern equipment and high-tech laboratories. Diabetes Center-known Bavarian clinics in Weiden, led by a member of the German Society for Diabetes, MD Frau Barbara Guyler, provides comprehensive treatment of diabetes and consequences of incorrect treatment or delayed diagnosis of diabetes can be quite disastrous: damage of the cardiovascular system of the body and to gangrene and stroke. Statistics relentless disease: about 48% of diabetics die of cardiovascular complications for. Therefore, high-quality treatment, you just need to fight disease such as diabetes. The material was prepared: EuroMednews.Ru – News and Events Medicine in Europe. Treatment in the best clinics in Germany

Each Treatment

November 28, 2020


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Ultrasound prostate and kidney. Apparently, at this first appointment and ends. At the next admission you have to go through the finger prostate examination. It does not need to fear: an experienced doctor will not cause you pain. This study is very informative – it allows us to refine the diagnosis of prostatitis, the severity of the disease.

Feeling the gland (through the anus), the physician not only clarifies for himself what happened to her, but gets her secret, which is studied in the laboratory. Then, with all tests on the hands, the doctor is an individual plan of treatment, which usually includes: * welcome a carefully chosen them an antibiotic (usually a tablet formulations with the spectrum of effects on a wide range of pathogens) * massage of the prostate, allowing release of the prostate from the stagnant of inflammatory masses, to improve its circulation – in other words, ‘animate’ gland; * physiotherapy, normalizing the activities of the prostate and help her cope with the disease (semiconductor laser thermotherapy in local modern unit dosage local hyperthermia, magnetic, etc.) * the elimination of the causes of prostatitis: the revision of life and diet (at the time of treatment are excluded alcohol, hot and spicy dishes) and treatment of opportunistic diseases, particularly diseases of the urogenital area. How to treat prostatitis treatment of prostatitis requires patience and perseverance, as well as time. The course of treatment takes about one month (from 20 to 30 days) in cases involves such things as: * impotence (it occurs, according to various researchers, in a year or three) * stones in the prostate, prostate adenoma * * prostate cancer. How to avoid a similar misfortune (or, if there really prostatitis, to achieve long-term remission)? On this, there are preventive measures. The most important of them: protected sex (mean use of protective equipment – a condom, liquid ‘Miramistin’, etc.) * for detecting one of the sexual responds to cold by inflammation. Fans of baths and saunas should think prezhdechem dive into a cold pool or a refreshing snow.

* Each erection should, if possible, end with sexual intercourse. * Move more * not carried away by spirits, as well as a sharp and salty, * do not be afraid once again consult with your doctor (give it a priceless opportunity to detect early prostate) * treatment of prostatitis, as any other complex chronic diseases, should be comprehensive. Leave the hope of cure ‘for a couple of weeks, “even the strongest, the most fashionable drug. Self prostatitis – lunacy!

Gynecological Treatment

October 14, 2020


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In all other cases, we need to look for another solution, use all the features of traditional, not traditional, folk medicine, so we recommend that you use the knowledge used by Chinese doctors and healers in the treatment of female diseases. The course of treatment offered to your attention, was used for treatment of female gynecological sphere of varying severity and different etiologies for seven years. As a result of treatment, many women avoid surgery, not uncommon for women with acquired infertility regaining the joy of motherhood. ife Tai Chi Center would agree. On average disease and mild do not have to say – almost 100% cure. The course of treatment includes the use of two components and lasts, depending on the severity of the disease, from 15 to 45 days. Xiao Fei gaskets represent a conventional feminine pads on the inside prostilkoy herbs.

The composition of the grass collection was designed by Chinese healers for several generations and the effect it aims to "pull" of the disease through blood capillaries located in the labia lips women close to the skin surface. In pack 10 pads. Each recommended to carry two light days. Of course, early days of these recommendations will not be able to sustain, because the "disease" would be "out" of the body in the form of dirt and pads will quickly deer. But one package is enough for 12-15 days of treatment. A full-course – in the treatment of severe diseases – is composed of 30-45 days.

And remember, pads are worn only during the daytime. They are not used and during the critical days. Jie Er Yin Lotion has a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Spectrum of its application is quite wide. In our course it should be used for night irrigation. Since the concentration of the lotion is great, it should be diluted with warm, boiled water in a proportion of 1 to 10 and apply at bedtime after a day of wearing pads Xiao Fay.