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December 19, 2022


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“” By own image image discrepancies practice image “refers to serious errors the image”, the patients from a practice and describes what associate patients, when they think of a practice. In the image is manifested a practice operation assessment, which will be disclosed to third parties. Unlike the satisfaction that can toggle situational, is more durable and harder to change the perception of the practice. Thus the image positioned a practice, differentiates it from other, similar service providers and is an important instrument to patient loyalty and acquisition. Practice analyses repeatedly show that doctors worry about the image of their practice operations so far only little active and neglect a systematic review and development of the relevant dimensions of the image. Rather, this area is accessed through subjective assumptions.

In this context, the questions which elements determine the image of medical practices are and how close to reality this image assessments of practice teams, i.e. how well they are the patient opinion depict. To clarify these questions identified the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS), Dusseldorf, in a preliminary study, first of all, what practice image factors for patients are important. In the main study, an assessment of these dimensions by patient image surveys took place then in 640 doctors (General practitioners, practitioner, medical internist). Parallel, the image itself estimates of the practice team were raised in the investigated practices. In the preliminary study, a total of 33 features in four areas could (atmosphere, organization, personnel and doctor”) identifies, which completely describes the image of a doctor’s Office for patients. The main study showed a range of image problem fields that were not recognized by the practice teams in the majority, especially in terms of organization, but also the practice atmosphere and in the assessment of physician and staff.

Many practice team overestimated the image of their practice, so that there is a significant Own image image discrepancy came. This prevents that identified action needs and areas at all. Thus, the chance remains unused to build a unique positioning and differentiation for the operation of the practice in many surgeries. Comparing physician practices that maintain their image with others who do not, a clear difference is reflected inter alia in recommendation willingness of patients. A summary of the results of the study can be requested free of charge via the E-Mail address. Institute of business analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) Dipl. kfm. Klaus-Dieter Thill of Homberg str. 18 40474 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-451329, fax: 0211-451332 E-Mail: Internet:

Scientific Advisory Board

December 9, 2022


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Dentures spezial.de front on the search term “Dentures” on the website of the Board of Trustees perfect dentures (www.zahnersatz-spezial.de) find the patients around the clock sound and detailed information about dentures and dental health. Current statistics now, how popular is the site of the KpZ among users: half a year ago, the Board of Trustees with a completely revamped website went online. Since then, the patient portal with the search engine giant Google to place 4 of the search results has worked high – and this with the highly competitive search term “Dentures”. Visitors visit the source of information around on the dentures and dentistry average 2000 per month. Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer, Director of the clinic of Prosthodontics of the University of Frankfurt am Main, is the Scientific Director of the KpZ and pleased about the success of the website: “the high traffic on dentures spezial.de show worth the commitment of everyone involved. This is a great motivation!” Master dental technician Wolfgang Kant b, the also active in the Scientific Advisory Board, sees the key of to success in the continuous and tested by experts of the KpZ wealth of information: “through our 20-year treatment of dental topics for patients, we have created a valuable source of information. “What we are particularly pleased: not just online the information offer of the KpZ is front, also the patient brochure” news – denture supplies in comparison “is equally popular in patients, as well as in dental practices and dental laboratories for years.” Guide through the jungle are straight on the subject of dental prostheses many messages, information and offers in circulation.

A comprehensive, reliable and neutral information panel as the KpZ is therefore of particular importance. Without hesitation Cardiologist explained all about the problem. All information of the KpZ content verified by dental professionals and dental technician masters or written. In addition, patients or interested submit your individual inquiry via email or post on the KpZ and received a response from the Scientific Advisory Board. Advice and assistance is also available at the Phone consultation of the experts of the KpZ. The next will take place on the occasion of the dental health day on Tuesday, September 27, 2011, from 5 to 7 pm.

On Thursday, December 1, 2011, interested patients can talk from 17 to 19 h the KpZ experts on the topic of “Implants”. For two hours the same telephone numbers experts can be reached: Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer’s team at the telephone number 069 questions dental then / 66 55 86-44. dental issues can callers participating dental technician master among the number 069 / 66 55 86-55 set. Calls are charged at the usual fixed network cost. Claudia Scheib, press office Board of Trustees perfect dentures

Hope For Diabetes Type 2

November 30, 2022


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The author and writer Jutta Schutz today released a new book of diabetics. Berlin – the new book by Jutta Schutz I was once diabetic”is dedicated to the different types of low-carbohydrate diet” called also low-carb. An interesting new release on the diabetes book market! The writer kills the reader with technical terms but competently tells how you can lower blood sugar levels by a nutrition. An absolutely recommended book, if you want to take not only drugs, but would like to become active themselves. This self-help book is short, you can read through in one piece it because Jutta Schutz comes directly to the point, and the new findings are objective and sound together.

The background information about various low-carb diet are sufficient for all readers. The personal experiences of the author (see also their books: suddenly diabetes and the small Guide: carbohydrates, no thanks) in line with the latest scientific findings. Who would like to learn about the connection between diet, cholesterol and diabetes, find good literature in the books of the author. The most important thing that you can read from the books by Jutta Schutz out, is the recognition that diabetes must be no fate, but is bekampfbar. This low-carbohydrate diet form was also used as therapy for treatment of epilepsy and cancer. Actually, there are kohlenhydratarme-diets”a very long time. The nutritionist William Banting (1797-1878) wrote the first book about the low-carb diet.

So at the end of the 19th century under the name of Banting Spa this diet became popular also in Germany. Many new controlled studies provide evidence that this reduced carbohydrate diet is effective and safe. It is also cheap on the fat and glucose metabolism. “As of April 27, 2009 the book I was once diabetic” as e-book publishing house tredition available and in a few weeks as the book in the bookstores. ISBN 978-3-86850-372-2 Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and worked as a Secretary and tour guide. In addition, she studied psychology. She lived in the United States, Morocco and South Africa and today in Bruchsal. Their books could not be more different. By the Advisor up to the novel, the author spares no literary barriers. Miracles need time “deals with the subject of transsexualism” and the intention appears to be that to clarify what mental problems is a young man who believes to be a woman. The book makes it pleasant to entertain despite this problem and the story is too wacky, as one might expect at first glance. A diverse and entertaining romance novel. Suddenly diabetes “is a non-fiction book with a part of the recipe (low-carb dishes) and very easy to read, because it was written by a woman, not kills one with words.” Can you hear the love? “story of a woman who loves the two men and” trying to escape from their everyday lives. No thank you “a little guide, what is this diet and what diseases she can help is carbohydrates. But please carbohydrate-poor “, is the first cookbook by a series of cookbooks. All books as e-book trediton-Verlag or amazon.

Thai Hospital

November 4, 2016


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Interested not only historic, but also young at the end of the twenty-year anniversary is the popular German-/ Thai tour operators CHENTHAYTRAVEL with a brand new offer on, which not only older visitors hearts. Four versions are available under the title “Health check-up during your Thailand holidays”. They each include the transfer from the Bangkok airport to the hotel, the selected health check, a private-guided tour of the city and a Klongtour through Bangkok’s canals, three hotel nights with breakfast, and the return transfer to the airport at fantastically low prices. The Samitivej hospital is centrally located in the heart of the metropolis, where the health check performed, is one of the best and most respected houses of Thailand’s and has a high patient response from around the world. The Wellness Center of the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital offers a complete health check-up-service by a highly qualified team of doctors in all areas of medicine and has the experienced staff.

Through the use of modern equipment and high technologies is the hospital able to provide accurate test results within a day. The stop programme can be booked up to October 31, 2010 daily and stand-alone, i.e. without the obligation to take more CHENTHAYTRAVEL services, and is in the Internet under in the area of special offers (there stop Bangkok) can be viewed. “The practical and unique to offer” so the Willi Etges CTT holder on request “is being very brief with only 4 days duration, so that one at the end, or just in between can position it at the beginning of the trip..