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Wolters Kluwer

March 18, 2021


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It tells everything that self-employed tax need to be aware of users in understandable expert contributions. System requirements savings tax 2012 Windows: Pentium PC 1 GHz, CD-ROM drive, Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2, 512 MB RAM, approx. 460 MB of hard disk space, USB installation possible USB 2.0 stick from 512 MB Mac: Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard), at least 1 GB RAM, approx. 450 MB of hard disk space, USB installation: USB 2.0-stick from 512 MB which is tax savings it this year in different variants: Tax savings 2012, PC and Mac version, for all taxpayers EIA: 39,95 euro Tax savings 2012 plus, PC and Mac version, for extensive tax cases EIA: 49.95 euro Tax savings 2012 for self-employed, PC and Mac version of EIA: 89.95 euros STEUEReasy2012, for simple tax cases EIA: 15.95 euros on steuertipps.de steuertipps.de is a trademark of the academic working group and offers consumers tips and assistance around the topic of taxes. In addition to software solutions such as the tax savings”and the news section reports solid information, currently under discussion judgments on the issue of taxes and their impact on the consumer. Gastroenterology has similar goals.

Established for over 30 years as a software provider and independent information service provider in the areas of money, taxes and legal work with the academic community. The Mannheimer Publisher Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the Informationsdienstleisters. The Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH for more information see about Wolters Kluwer Germany a knowledge and information society service provided is right, especially in the areas of economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and acts for more than 25 years on the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Sam Lesser is likely to increase your knowledge. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2011) of 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,000 people and is represented in over 40 countries. More information under: contact press office of the academic working group Dr. Garrity GmbH David Liniany Tel.: 0221-788708-12 E-Mail:

PKV BGH Judgment Provides

February 26, 2021


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Would you benefit from the significant changes in the car market and among the winners with cancellation-safe business? In the car business to cover are all too familiar to other companies i.e. PKV contracts be terminated and a new agreement is concluded with an alternative company. Apart from the fact that this is possible only when completely healthy customers, this brings significant risks of long-term liability to a (short term) high acquisition commissions. Just now, where numerous companies at the end of the year have announced again significant contribution increases, this is equally popular as lived practice. This applies all the more, since the Supreme Court until recently, unattended has made a decision by many market participants, which could have far-reaching consequences for PKV brokers and their customers.

(AZ.: IV ZR 28/12) In detail, this involves the inefficacy of an agreed deductible at a rate change. Here it is clear that a rate change next to pitfalls also lurk great opportunities. The fact that more than 7 million German citizens and therefore potential customers who are covered through a private health insurance can be affected shows that it is not isolated. Sam Lesser Penn has firm opinions on the matter. Most of them concerned determine that her PKV contributions rise exorbitantly and wondering how they should fund such increases in the future. For even more opinions, read materials from malabsorption test. Many car brokers still don’t know however that the 204 special allows SG here to write completely free of cancellation liability car business.

The secret of these opportunities will result also for the customers to partially significantly reduced premiums (with the same services) and to the Elimination of risk premiums. Insurance brokers and consultants have as disclosure appropriate custodian of the customers, but is often the question, whether the change of tariffs as a protector of the customer want to perform and take over therefore the liability or join a specialized team of experts. The online magazine finanzpraxis.com in a series of the whole issue of the PKV is devoted to and looks at the problem of both broker side and client side. Also, there are many free supplemental materials and free webinars are offered. 2013/01/pkv-bgh judgment and unisex make for substantial transformation / insurance broker with heart and mind. In the issue of private health insurance, we are for our customers for over 25 years in use and this at different locations in Germany. At this time, we have seen much, especially when it came, that insurers should meet their promised benefits. The chaff has separated from the wheat. We know what is important and what is important to you. Similar as with a lawyer you should an independent stakeholders have, someone who understands their profession as a vocation and performs with enthusiasm. Our consulting philosophy! We are 100% on your side, because you are our client. You get a comprehensive consultation with us. Detached from any marketing strategies and advertising messages. All offers and products are tested through its paces for you. We sit a competently and consistently for your interests. Independent and company-wide consultation which motto is, existing is received and optimized. You get a meaningful expertise including documentation, we give you behavior tips in dealing with your insurance. You will receive valuable information and ideas that have brought many of our customers have money from us. Finanzpraxis.com Frank Varoquier

Maintenance Shall Have – Who Left?

February 10, 2021


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The maintenance is the most fiercely contested result of a separation. And it stays there during the separation, divorce and even then. What should be done if the need exists and the Unterhaltsverpflichtete can not pay? Going to a lawyer or a lawyer, who is familiar with family law is strongly recommended. Whether as a maintenance creditor or debtor maintenance – to give an overview of this complex matter, here’s a brief summary: maintenance obligations are to meet, based on the need to protect a precedence. In the first place are minors and children up to the age of 21 who are still in school. Second it follow in the third rank spouses who can claim maintenance because of child care or a long marriage, spouses who are dependent on other reasons (unemployment, illness, etc.) on maintenance and in the fourth age children undergoing training (lesson study).Enough money not vulnerable children can be considered primary to finance all calculated maintenance claims.

Generally at least a necessary deductible must here the workers maintenance debtor by currently 950,00, in the case of unemployment 770,00 remain. Who owes maintenance, is obliged to go to work in a reasonable manner. When maintenance obligations towards minors a more stringent purchase is obligatory, if the money is not enough. Here may be that he extends its work up to a maximum of 48 hours per week, reduces cost in a reasonable manner, with lower rates operates the debt, geebenenfalls applied for consumer insolvency proceedings, changes the job in favor of a better paid job, takes even an activity outside of the acquired or the unskilled force unemployment or exerts an additional ancillary activity on 400 euro basis required by the debtor. A real”repairing here does not exist, since the Jurisdiction assumes that the debtor could pay if he would apply.

Not goal income calculated in fictional and considered to be earned”. As the income is in fact to judge, you should leave a lawyer. All this does not help, because can be (verifiably!) not found work and not costs (sometimes car travel costs to work eating substantial sums, while the public transport would be far cheaper, pendulum would costs by relocating), a real repairing exists, in this case, the concerned maintenance debtors should urgently present maintenance titles such as court orders, judgments or child protective services documents checked on above, to avoid maintenance residues. Because above subordinated maintenance creditors are less vulnerable as minors and students and are often obliged, at least partially, to contribute to their maintenance, you are Requirements for a purchase of the debtor are not quite as strict, but meets the maintenance debtor against them compulsory acquisition. Not a well-paid activity may be abandoned in favour of self-employment or worse paid activities, efforts to employment must be proved for unemployment! And also here are not always as a priority and probably at lower rates to pay off debts, insofar as this is reasonable given the vulnerability of the maintenance debtor. To determine is that not everyone is poor”maintenance debtor could not pay in fact, however, there are enough cases where a maintenance debtor is a high maintenance title urgently correct down should be. The variations are endless and each case is separately and individually to assess why this post can give only a few notes, a comprehensive legal advice is can not be replaced this. Should not take up the funding for a consultation or representation can help lawyers and your local District Court. Lawyer Wiebke Meyer-Arndt, Bonn