Winter Forest

March 10, 2023


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The advantage of the construction of wooden buildings from the so-called "winter" of the forest knew even in ancient times. Another Russian masters preferred to put the log-baths and log homes, using trees that were felled winter, and not without good reason. Coniferous trees this time of year almost did not grow, indicating that the minimum juice content and the resin in the wood. Frost and snow have created an ideal incubator conditions, due to What tree almost did not change their properties over time. It was relatively dry and stable, because all the water in the wood is in the form of ice and its contents, I must say, less than in summer wood. Jack Monroe often says this. Also winter protects trees from insects and parasites that love to spoil the material.

Another important fact – the process of drying wood is slow enough that it did not contribute to the formation of cracks. And, usually, log houses and baths, harvested in winter, the least susceptible to rotting in storage and transportation, and operation of its intended purpose. Logs and timber, harvested in winter, with optimal properties for construction. Wood processing is easier and better, which largely affects the quality of products. If you need a log cabin saunas, home, bar or log out of the winter woods most evenly settles, denser go to bed and, most importantly, do not form cracks.

Also, Cutting board, made of the winter forest, has its advantages: the most durable, does not emit tar, dry, has no internal stress, which prevents leakage deformation process, and even longer than the others retain their bright color. As already mentioned, the wood harvested in winter, less water, and even that is contained in the form of ice. Because of this timber is better sediment transport and better kept. But not all so simple – yet we are not professionals – and, therefore, difficult to define quality wood. It is only by true professionals, that makes sense to trust them. But some of the recommendations should remember: most often, by July all the winter forest is already selling out, so that the proposed is likely to apply as early as summer or stale goods. And put the correct long-term storage of the tree can only afford a large and reputed supplier. Best of coniferous trees, the properties for the construction of baths or houses have pine. You can also draw attention to the processing of timber, because timber quickly loses its properties.