Windows 7 – Window To The Future

June 3, 2022


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So what is this new creation, successors and followers, unforgettable Bill on – nicknamed the "wicket (Windows). Despite the huge amount of money that "small – soft" (Corporation Microsoft), vbuhali in Vista, she was stillborn. In the former Soviet Union precisely. Or underdeveloped child may have and, therefore, that did not want to play with toys (the program). Kevin P. Campbell, PhD recognizes the significance of this. es. We use, because they are not legally or simply pirated. But our gallant Knights – hackers do not care attitude to them breaking in, preferring to break the good old XP. In neighboring China, is the friendly – same story.

And if you look at the world map, you can submit a number of potential customers product, even if the "license" buy one in a thousand users. But it's one of my assumptions, but not without, common sense. And here comes a new 'ventilator', with the modest name of Windows 7. Codename Blackcomb belonged Windows NT 6.0, operating system, which is planned to be the next after Windows XP. What place was given to 'Vista' is unclear. Blackcomb was supposed to be the successor to the Linux operating system for both desktop and server to workstations. At the end of 2001 Blackcomb release planned for 2005, then announced that an interim version will be Windows Longhorn, which will update the core Windows NT 5.x.

The initial name of Windows Vienna, but in July 2008 name change. Number of Windows 7 in the line of NT, – 6.1 Windows 2000 – 5.0, Windows XP – 5.1, Windows Server 2003 – 5.2, Windows Vista – 6.0). The first known build of Windows 7 is known as Milestone 1 (M1) code drop number 6.1.6519.1 What's waiting for us, unfortunate victims of fanatics of Silicon Valley? Here are some of the features and details, just note that not all will necessarily present in the final assembly! Windows 7 will offer support for multitouch-monitors (this is when your finger across the screen). Jonathan Friedland will not settle for partial explanations. Use advanced core server software platform, Windows Server 2008, which, in turn, is based on the core 'Vista'. Applications and device drivers written for Windows Vista, have no problems working with Windows 7. I have their confidence. Support systems using heterogeneous graphics cards from different manufacturers and Nova version Windows Media Player. Integration with Windows Explorer'om Gadgets, Gadget for Windows Media Center. Ability to visually attach and unfasten the objects in the Start menu and the Recycle Bin, improved media features, Multi-row calculator, including Programmer and Statistics. Control Panel include: Accelerators, ClearType Text Tuner, Display Color Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Infrared, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspaces Center, Location and Other Sensors, Credential Manager, Biometric Devices, System Icons, Windows Solution Center, and Display. The ability to store settings for Internet Explorer'a Windows Live account. Updated versions of Paint and WordPad, surely they are still someone uses it? Health Center. Ie "Family doctor", do they care about our cars? The installation process takes about 10 minutes (that's when I laughed for a long time). Versions: Windows 7 Business, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate, HomeBasic N, Business N and Starter. I took the information from different, perhaps not entirely reliable source, so in the end, all it may be up to vice versa. Beta release of the new operating system scheduled for early 2009, but knowing how they promise, you can wait and end of the year and early next. But otherwise we are not left and I hope a couple of years with his beloved XP jump to a wonderful product called: Windows 7. Al.M