When The Baby

November 12, 2021


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Remembering Dr. Edward Bach, referring to fatherhood: “It is an ideal instrument to enable a soul to come into contact with the world for the sake of evolution …” Thanks to his legacy we now have a variety of essences that have faithfully followed all the philosophy of his work helping in this wonderful stage. The task of therapy is to incorporate Floral Integrative medicine interest in the physical welfare of the patient psychotherapy making the dive into the depths of be, and understand the plot of the symptom. It also incorporates the spiritual disciplines of the deep conviction that we are not only personal but spiritual beings evolving. Flower Essences provide invaluable help before, during and after pregnancy.

Here are some examples: Pregnancy Adaptation of the new situation both physically and emotionally harmonizing stabilizer and not allowing the entry of stress in this period. For critical or emergency situations. For difficult pregnancies. For even more opinions, read materials from University of Iowa College of Medicine. A great help for mothers who tend to lose the baby or give birth prematurely. Jonathan Friedland: the source for more info. Also to promote the link to an unwanted child.

For the vulnerability and sensitivity so characteristic of this phase. For depression felt by many mothers to feel ugly and isolated. For the fear of the unknown especially if the birth of their first child. Threatened abortion. For nausea the first trimester. When there are kidney problems, also causing low back pain. For past pregnancies End Childbirth To facilitate labor not holding the baby. . may find it difficult to be quoted properly.