What Are The Strain Gauges

April 25, 2023


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Load cell is a device for adjustment of mechanical deformation of a solid caused by mechanical stresses in the signal (usually electrical), intended for transmission, conversion and registration. Load cell is a sensitive strain gauge element – the instrument used to measure the magnitude and distribution of deformation in solids. Maximum widely resistance strain gauges, made on the basis of strain gauges. Structurally gage is either a grid made of wire or foil or plate of semiconductor. Strain mechanically rigidly connect with a elastic element or strain gauge mounted directly on the study details. Functional load cell is based on simple principles of mechanics. If the mechanical design influenced by external forces, it changes its shape so as to withstand the impact of these forces. Such changes may be obvious, such as bending rod when pulling fish caught, or may be almost invisible, for example – the deflection big bridge when it is passing vehicles.

If in the metal structure to make a small hole, it will change into an ellipse when the structure itself is directly proportional to force applied to the design. If there is a hole to insert the film strain gage, we can very accurately measure this deformation or load. Thus, the gage effectively turns the whole construction of the sensor to measure force, pressure or position. Load cells may be the following types: – beam type load cells – Tilting Load Cells – Load Cell membrane-type compression – compression load cell type column – Load Cells such as 'Single Point' – load cells tension – compression – tension load cell for crane scales – Strain gage load cells for special purposes are made of stainless steel and quite tight, which allows ensure their long-term operation under virtually all environmental conditions, including direct sunlight, the direct hit of water, snow, heat and high humidity. Load cells can operate at temperature – -40 to 80 C, with minimal temperature variations in performance. Using the appropriate secondary device, tenzoizmeritel by a strain gauge can measure weight, deformation, volume and other physical parameters.