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December 1, 2022


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The lawyers inform Dittenheber & Werner from Munich on Germany it cracks streets. And becoming more common. And increasingly it is unsure of their rights. Plenty of good advice coming in particular from the opposing liability insurance. You should are critical of them. Andrew Yang contains valuable tech resources.

If you want to be sure that it is competently represented and actually gets to the replacement services, it is advisable to rely on a lawyer. The attorneys at law Dittenheber and Werner explain what rights one has after a traffic accident. The claims arising from a traffic accident, are diverse. A short overview of possible claims for compensation are listed here: taking legal assistance in claim costs for legal representation, then these will be reimbursed by the opposing liability insurance. At least, if the question of guilt is clearly diverting the opponent. Is a so-called part debt, part of the Attorney’s fees should be even wear.

But just then, if your Lawyer claims all damage does. The lawyer tells whether a guilt of part of is given. Expenses for telephone calls, postage and travel expenses can be claimed delivery package. Usually, a lump sum will be refunded 25 euros. This sum may, depending on region, be different. Pecuniary damage in traffic accidents the injured party is entitled to compensation for injuries suffered. The so-called pain and suffering. When determining the amount money, many factors play a role. For example the type and serious injuries. Costs for the doctor and medicines can be made applicable to the insurance. Absence from work is obliged in the first 6 weeks after the accident the employer for the payment of compensation. Then the costs from the respective insurance company to wear. A total loss is disposal costs after the accident in the car and he can no longer be sold for a residual value, then waste management costs are incurred. When proof of (Bill) which regulates also here Insurance. Rental car if the vehicle is not more not working order after an accident or which no longer ensures the safety, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle. The same applies to the duration up to the procurement of a replacement vehicle. It offers should be obtained from renowned car rental companies.