Universal Declaration

May 30, 2023


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Young: Study, work or embarks but decides. Indignant should feel young people according to Stephane Hessel. Swarmed by offers, The University of Chicago is currently assessing future choices. This French of 93 years has managed with a few pages (attached link for download at the end of the article) book wake up to 1.2 million of young French people. Hessel, anti-Nazi fighter and co-author of the Universal Declaration of human rights, encourages youth to rebel against the policy and the system. In France the mobilization has been pretty immediate. It will be by the fact that they have always defended their rights with the French Revolution or that numerous or sometimes noisy and violent, groups have managed to revolutionize the country areas, how the riots around Paris.

Without doubt, whatever, the young French begin to assess not only their present as such but the future that holds for them and obviously don’t like what they see. And in Spain? Well, here the situation may be quite more complicated that in France, more than anything for young people but of course the solution is quite more irresponsible. Few voices are made note against the social cuts, the delay in retirement age, new labor contracts, unemployment, the bankers, the liberal capitalist system. As indicates the article outrage or death published in the newspaper on March 27: at the same time which is called a manifestation against the Government for the measures mentioned above, Granada sweepers, cleaned the enclosure in which 25,000 young people had gathered to celebrate a macrobotellon, started spontaneously by the University in the middle of the last decade. In this manifestation if many cries were heard but none were clear political slogans, there was agitation, there were no banners.

Only agglomeration, music at full blast and debris on the ground. Much, but much talk of the future of young university students. Tagged on many occasions as Mayoria, conformists and happy-go-lucky unable to see that his future is not that he is black, is that not It exists if they do not change.