Therepeutic Substances

May 7, 2020


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Furthermore, alcohol does not have such high property , ie penetration, leakage through the fabric. In this terms of kerosene is much better, and hence it will spread further and deeper in the body therapeutic substances dissolved in it. Consequently, these substances can penetrate much farther through the body with blood. In addition, drugs kerosene are more stable, robust, less oxidized, and therefore can be stored for much longer. Given the many advantages that have drugs on kerosene, as well as multiple excess of medicinal properties of black nut, instead of walnut tincture is best done on a black walnut. Filed under: Cancer Research. Todiklark. So it was suggested to produce black walnut extract on kerosene. This new drug is proposed to call todiklark.

In this case, our practice shows that todiklark several times stronger and better than todikamp. Make it at the aircraft 'summer' kerosene with clean through special biofilters activated. It is advisable to apply together with Todiklarkom (taking into account the experience H. Clark, and others) powder of herbs tarragon, clove, tansy (tripharmacon). They can be applied before or after , washed down with water. indications. Todikamp it is used with radiculitis, chronic (decades) infiltration, which could dissolve in the buttocks, although the wraps were placed on the lower back. Often disappear in passing many related illnesses, including colds, gastritis, stomach ulcers, prostatitis, arthritis, arthritis, pyelonephritis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, ischemia, schizophrenia, certain types of infertility, hygroma joints and cancer, including brain, uterus, breast, etc. When rubbing medicine into the scalp with a light massage stops hair loss.