The Vehicle

June 25, 2021


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The European manufacturers thought that it was the rightest idea to make his elevators. The electrical elevators or elevating of screw, are made up of a fixed structure, divided in two functions first it fulfills of guide so that at any moment the movements you are correct, and the second in charge one in exerting the movement of ascent or reduction by means of an electrical motor of great power and consumption that drives in turn form an endless screw normally installed in a unique column, and that is simultaneously and by means of a distribution composed by two pinions in his part inferior and a chain, it obtains that the synchronous movement in the second column is repeated. This technique takes implemented during many years in all the European elevators, offering a positive aspect and different negative aspects. Positive: The positive part of this, is the security, normally, is very difficult that anywhere of the route, the movable parts can fail bringing about a fall of the vehicle thanks to the fact that this guidance by both columns and simultaneously located on their endless screw in any point of all the route. me improvement. The possibilities that a day fails and divides a screw endless are very low, being majors others like a breakage in the parts that support the weight of the vehicle. Negative: – Great consumptions of current: All the movement of ascent and reduction, takes place by means of movements divided by screws, pinions and chains.

This causes that it requires of great tips of as much coreign in ascent or reduction. This he is one of the reasons of because these elevators they commercialized with three-phase motors 380v/400v and even so they did not obtain develop concerted efforts. When these were tried to trasformar to single-phase motors 220v, they did not work in all his assignments, mainly if the vehicle were something heavy, and the ascent of the race paused anywhere, soon did not have force for you resume a new ascent, forcing to descend the vehicle until the ground and being begun a new ascent.