The Muscles

May 10, 2021


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The noise generation by the wind can be low or high depending on the fit and design of the motorcycle helmet and visor. A recent study of 12 famous European helmet brands has revealed that half of the tested helmets at 80 km/h had a sound level of 90 db (A). Only 2 of the tested Helmets had a noise level below 90 dB at 120 km/h (A) no single helmet was 160 km/h 90 db (A), and 9 helmets were above 100 db (A). Conventional earplugs can reduce the noise level up to 30 db (A). Such ear-plugs should not be but also to take effect. Finally, you want to be still in a position to perceive the traffic around you. Their motorbike clothing should flutter above all in proximity of the head not in the airstream. To protect against vibration, there are special motorcycle boots and motorcycle gloves with gel and foam inserts where there is direct contact with the motorcycle.

Stress caused by uncomfortable clothing and seat position motorcycle clothing is designed to protect the driver, without compromising him while driving, because riding a motorcycle is a sporting activity. The clothes must sit so that you feel comfortable and are not restricted in your freedom of movement. The weight, the flexibility of the material, a certain degree of temperature control and last but not least the fit are crucial for your well-being. Protective clothing must not restrict you. Pressure sores on the skin suggest a too tight clothing. In particular, boots and gloves should sit not too tight and may interrupt the blood supply. If you sit in the same position a long time, the muscles are stiff, you tired and the concentration decreases. Periodically, take breaks to stretch your legs!