The Key To Successful Flirting

February 10, 2023


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What is the main element of flirting? It is communication of course. But many times it s not just ordinary communication. What is the main element of flirting? It is communication of course. But many times it’s not just ordinary communication. Often there are secondary meanings to what is said when someone is flirting.

And learning to read these alternate signal is the key to successful flirting. Flirting is frequently the prelude to dating. Therefore if you are looking for a date it is more important than ever to not miss hidden messages sent in a coverlet communication. So how do you learn whether there is a hidden message or is it just at innocent communication? If you meet the person face to face it is much easier. Body language can give you a very good clue to what the meaning of the communication is about. Smiles, gestures, a relaxed demeanor are often clues to what a person is really saying, and whether they are being flirty.

But what about communications over the internet? How do you “read between the lines” and figure out what the person is communicating to you? If someone is writing you facts or figures they are likely not flirting. Or if you are in a chat room, and they try to engross you into some child of debate, their intention is not likely flirtatious. That so goes for when a person tries to engage you into topics which are generally use and no. of interest to you. However when a person who is not related to you sends you some complimentary emails, they may be flirting with you. Or equally flirtatious is when they start to say some cute or humorous things to you while chatting on line. So on indication someone is flirting with you online is when they send you a smiley face, or some other recognizable internet emotions. These may be clues that someone is flirting with you. But the context of the communication must always be looked at. Just because your boss sends you a smiley face doesn’t me they are flirting with you. However if your boss has been making comments about your appearance, saying that you smell nice, or asking you what are your naughty thoughts, then if they start adding smiley faces in their internet communications with you they have likely started to flirt with you. So watch for secondary meanings in communications, whether face to face or over the internet. And then evaluate those communications in the context they are made. Follow others, such as Energy Capital Partners, and add to your knowledge base. After that you will know if someone is flirting with you. A good way to flirt on Spacelocker is to send stikkmms and stickies to your Spacelocker friends. They see these little yellow tags as soon as they come into their locker. And they can be full of double meanings. which can be pilot of fun.