The Committee

May 12, 2021


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Place of departure as subsidized industry you It requires to be excellent in its transparency. Some renewable energy companies will be the germs of energy utilities, new agents of a sector reinvigorated by their participation and defence of a new role, others will be simply a financial investment with a return agreed, for the first its major asset is the defense of transparency. In our case the autonomous communities, regions, have its prominence at the energetic level, acknowledges its role in articles 82 and 83 of the law of sustainable economy and therefore its role will be defended in the energy Covenant, still with a treatment of minority. Where a position is more consistent with our situation, is in the Committee of regions of the EU, when it expressly asks: is necessary to encourage the development of energy specific plans at the regional level, properly coordinated and integrated in national and community frameworks. The Committee of regions, the opinion that it would be useful to encourage local and regional authorities to become active shareholders of the managing companies of transport and distribution networks, which are genuine points of confluence of the energy market. The sum of the parts we have to provide everything regardless of how each of them were obtained, one obvious thing not be left to chance, it is simply unreasonable, has agreed and made transparent the guarantor of transparency must be the regulator, CNE, begins to take timid steps in that sense, of their integration in the common body of the EU and with its reinforcement of independence which postulates the law Sustainable economy, the circumstances to get to be the defender and guarantor of the necessary transparency quotas that is conducive to the necessary input and participation of new actors in the energy sector. And transparency is the flag in the achievement and development of an energy pact.