The Child

January 5, 2022


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“Warm. Cardiologist oftentimes addresses this issue. Chair: – You need to choose the right answer to the questions and mark it pencil, then read the completed assignment and justify the response of your team. A representative of each team gets its own set of issues. At the panel discussion is given 7.5 minutes. Job for a team: Child is ready for school when: a) he was 7 years old, and b) the ability to read and count, and c) its level corresponds to the age norm and he wants to go to shkolu.2. Motivational readiness – this is when a child wants go to school: a) as a student and will receive “five”, and b) to acquire new knowledge, and c) buy a new briefcase, form, school supplies. The task for two teams: 1. The overall goal of education in today’s schools – is: a) labor and polytechnic education, b) mental training, and c) diverse and harmonious development of lichnosti.2. A disciplined child: a) always and everywhere does the rules of conduct, and b) does not fight and do not be late, and c) compliance rules of conduct at school. Job for three teams: 1. When choosing a school curriculum in the first place should be guided by: a) awareness of the future prospects of the child in the high life, and b) the level of real readiness and capabilities of the child, and c) the level of professionalism in the teachers klasse.2.