The Bars

November 8, 2021


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But since I can assure you. Take a grip Washcloth or even better, a bath brush into the water and massage with moderate pressure in the elimination direction every ten minutes. In the elimination direction means the upper arms are to the armpits and brushed or massaged and the forearms to the finger tips. Same procedure on the legs. Thigh towards the bar and lower leg to my toes and brushing. For more information see Moe Howard. The rib cage is to the shoulders and massaged and brushed and the abdomen and the lower back to the bars there. Forget not your feet (also the soles of the feet) and the hands and fingers.

As a result, not only your skin is freed from the acid mantle, thus also support the acid excretion from your body through the skin in the bath water. Also, the skin is stimulated to lubricate itself. That has forgotten them through many years applying lotion. When you finish your bathroom then you shower and dry the base water on your skin. So do not dry out. This promotes even further the self lubrication for the skin.

If you No base bath can take, should time run by at least a foot of base by at least an hour. To do this, take a bowl with base water (33 C warm) and place into your feet. Every ten minutes massaging the feet and lower legs in the elimination direction, i.e. towards toes please with a bath brush. Our feet as auxiliary kidneys are not free”referred to. Please note: If you have cold feet, you warm them, before you make a foot bath. Go not freezing or cold limbs in the water. Warm up first, such as with a cup of tea and snuggle in a warm blanket. Are then hot and freeze no longer, there is no way a bath. If you have varicose veins, not to warm bath and leave the tray if it is uncomfortable to you.