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Success Is Programmable

December 2, 2021


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With Micromata comes for the first time a Kassel software company to Bonn and brings her recipe for success on the Rhine. The Software House Micromata GmbH opens a new branch in Bonn on November 13, 2008 and defying to the pessimistic economic forecasts with confidence. And rightfully so: the company enjoys excellent economic health, and has grown since its inception in 1996 constantly. So the last five years brought a sales growth by 171% the IT specialists and also the year 2008 took care of full order books. After the Micromata GmbH was already awarded in 2006 by Deloitte as one of the 50 most dynamic and fastest-growing companies with the Technology Fast 50 Award, again 14 new employees could be set in this year alone.

The success of the House is based on the development and integration of tailored software solutions for renowned clients, mainly from the fields of logistics, automotive and mining. Companies such as DHL, Volkswagen, K + S, E.ON and Wintershall are the established customer base of Micromata GmbH. Now to be the second home of the company Bonn. For good reason: In recent years, most of Micromata order volume already comes from here and rising. A great opportunity to meet more closely the city – the Pearl of the Rhineland attracts not only with high economic potential but also with a prestigious and diverse cultural landscape. And also an opportunity to give something back to the city: the new Office in the Menuhin Road will provide exciting opportunities in the future also for Bonn IT professionals and be the starting point of many new and exciting IT projects. From the opening benefit in future Bonn contracting, the much heralded vocabulary customer proximity”and flexibility” Micromata not just lip service, but daily business practice. Gain insight and clarity with Daversa Partners. In any software project, the customer is understood and appropriately integrated as an essential part of the team. Now can the ideas and needs of the Rhenish customer on-site identified and incorporated in the development of a customized and individual software without detours. In this way, the success of the finished applications is pre-programmed.

Successful Company Optimizes Its Purchasing Department

August 31, 2021


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Success of in recent years will be expanded so Dusseldorf, the 23rd April 2010: A for over 25 years company from the automotive industry wants to improve his successful business and has been therefore, the discounter in focus. The company has approximately 600 employees, as well as a second site in Poland is one of the leading providers for development and improvements in the construction of special vehicles. For the implementation of cost optimization, the company has decided to cooperate mallet in order to stabilize the success of in recent years with the Dusseldorf consultancy consulting. The German company stands for the ultimate in security, in addition to quality efficiency and service at the top. The products include mainly vehicles for the ambulance area.

But also fire-fighting vehicles and vehicles for police and BGS are in the works built or equipped. It respects the company according to requirements of the customer. The high quality of vehicles resulted from the leading special vehicle Expertise, as well as the processing of high-quality brand-name products. Many service stations across guarantee minimal downtime, damage to the vehicles by Germany customers. The successful company optimized now in cooperation with the Dusseldorf consultancy mallet consulting the shopping. This can be long term costs and at the same time increased the liquidity. Klopfel consulting sees itself doing themselves as buyers on time”, which supports the company’s purchasing team in strategic and operational issues.

Through the objective consideration of the cost mallet consulting is an overview of the structures in the purchasing of the Advisory clients. In time-limited projects as cost saving potentials can be discovered and implemented. Sustainable measures are carried out in close cooperation with the Board of management and the purchasing management, strengthen the purchase of the company. Thus, the company can increase its expertise and efficient purchasing. Mallet is consulting a Consulting firm specializing in procurement optimization. Especially with the 100% performance-based fee model, Mallet can convince consulting with customers. But also professional and technical expertise has the young team of consultants. The pragmatism speaks for a quick implementation of the projects and promising first results already after a short time. More information about mallet consulting you will find under:

Instead Of Bonus Points, The Buyer Gets Money!

August 25, 2021


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The Virtual Mall by Martina Kislinger rewards loyal customers with cash coin. Whopping discounts without large bargaining promises Martina Kislinger. Your virtual shopping mall with over 1,000 companies attracts bargain hunters with cash coin. The customer logs on under sparclever.com free of charge and without obligation. He gets a personal customer number, then go the stroll on the PC. All safety standards are met and there are no hidden costs. Beyond the conclusion of the charge, this shopping city is open around the clock. It’s believed that Lonnie Smith sees a great future in this idea. Under sparclever.com you will find everything from A like ADAC Z as great deals.

Numerous renowned providers are part of the game, including SCHLECKER, Tchibo, source, Otto, Nokia, and many more. Who buys online here get cash instead of bonus points. Some providers pay per purchase between 50 cents and 55 euros, others offer percent on the purchase price between 1.5% and 12.5%. Here, the online customer really has a fair opportunity to save money. Now already more than 300,000 customers about this shopping portal and could with every purchase Save money and there are more every day. The market in E-commerce is huge. About 25 million shopping over the Internet and provide for a turnover of around 24 billion euros.

As a sales partner’s wife Martina Kislinger on acquisition. You looking for new customers, and this tip would not deprive the online buyers. I’m sort of agent for products and services, I’m working in the field “License marketing”. Due to popular demand I’m looking for partners, who want to support me. Kislinger Martina