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Acute Tolerance Effect

March 11, 2021


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The abuse concept is understood like not exceeding the doses that our body can metabolizar, and, on the other, a component that it has to do with the circumstances of the consumption. It is the consumption that has negative consequences for the health of the people and who also it can negatively affect others. Examples: to drink and to exceed the blood level of alcohol limits if later it is had to lead, to emborrachar themselves, to mix alcohol with certain medecines, etc Not always are easy to establish the limits between use and abuse. It is the consumption that does not repel negatively in the health of the person who uses the drug nor harms to the people of around. Examples: to drink a glass of digging in a celebration after to have had dinner (responsible consumption), to take a medicine sent by the doctor (healthful consumption).. If you have read about Spontaneous Intercranial Hypotension already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

It is consumption that becomes of a substance when there is adaptation to his effects. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from TBI blood test. In the habit they exist desire to consume but the dose stays and obtaining and consuming this substance do not suppose an urgent exigency (caffein, teobromina ). It is the state of adaptation of the organism to the drug. This means that to secure the same effect produced by the drug is necessary to be increasing the dose. Example: A person who proves the alcohol for the first time can get dizzy with a glass, however, a customary person to drink needs several glasses to get dizzy. Some consumers declare that the alcohol does not produce any effect in them, due to this phenomenon, in the same way the people who abuse the alcohol and those surround who them they can not occur it tells that this abusive behavior is a problem. We can establish the following classification based on the effect of the own substance: – Acute Tolerance: The intense effect of the drug falls since the consumption of this is being repeated in a brief space of time.

The Mystery Of The Schizophrenia

November 4, 2020


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In order to begin, I want to remember some news that strongly hit the public opinion in the city of Madrid, where alive and because not to say it, also it hit the information in the rest of Spain, although in fact, the misterior of the schizophrenia, is a problem that we can consider world-wide. One is that we can consider an example of certain we say, theoretical insufficiencies, about the mental problems. It is the history of a woman and another story, of a man, that appeared in press and television with few days of difference. And lla, was a young woman, seemed well, that behind schedule it entered the casualty department of the Hospital where it worked and with a knife it attacked, mortally, without mediating word, to another medical one that it was occupying the job, that she had occupied until days ago, arriving even to attack other patients, users who were close. The other case, a man, guard of the forces of the order, went to its command and shot two mortal shots, to the turn official.

It, was diagnosed of Schizophrenia, but anybody the wise person in her hospital. , She was of loss by mental upheavals of conduct and, but she allowed herself him to conserve his official weapon. One is a mental disease, the Schizophrenia, that represents a problem, of first magnitude anywhere in the world, supposedly civilized and, that has an incidence, comparativily greater, than the Alzheimer, the diabetes or the multiple sclerosis. Apparently, one of each one hundred inhabitants of the planet earth, she suffers his effects. Under most conditions cancer research would agree. Official science, indicates for those cases, medication of by life or at least, periods very prolonged of time, since it does not arrange than we can call, curative treatments, they are only had physical or chemical vests of force. The international organisms of the health, speak of a phantom of variable group of symptoms and they are not decided to classify it like mental disease in as much, maintain the controversy open if the mental upheaval it brings about cerebral changes or if the cerebral changes bring about mental diseases.