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Harp About Six Octaves

March 19, 2021


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Johannes Fischer of Finess harps designed six-octave simple pedal harp of harp farmer Johannes Fischer has succeeded: in its Finess harp factory in Frasdorf im Chiemgau he developed the common five-octave simple pedal harp folk harp with six octaves. This advanced range of six full octaves with 43 strings allows a wider repertoire and more ways of playing the harp player. With the extension of the harp, taking into account ergonomic, aesthetic and acoustic aspects of Bayer, Johannes Fischer sets new standards in harp construction. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it is possible to play his musical instruments brilliantly up in high altitudes masterfully and without effort. Fishermen harp from the Chiemgau, which became a brand under Finess harps are classic easy pedal harp, which are known as Tyrolean Folk harps. It succeeded Johannes Fischer, to combine the advantages of different types of harps. Because due to his careful studies he was forgotten virtues of Revive the harp of the last century.

Johannes Fischer builds its Finess harp with highest diligence made from exquisite materials and thus creates the conditions for a stand-alone sound in a mix of fullness, warmth and brilliance. For fifty years harp is played in our family tradition”, explains the harpist and harp builders Johannes Fischer his passion for the musical instrument. The desire was nurtured a unique harp through experiences in the harp and the study of the history of the harp. As a skilled harp Builder Johannes Fischer has sought to develop a simple pedal harp, which differs from other folk harps and represents no copy of other manufacturers of harps. So emerged in the Finess harp manufacture go independent stringed instruments with highest quality and for the first time also harps, the six octaves. According to its name Johan nes fi scher created the dedicated harp manufacturer the brand Finess harp. Barbara Lindner Rotorminds

Hi Ashley

March 18, 2021


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It is very much in planning, it will be classical and crossover concerts. (On the 26.12.09) I play Christmas E.g. the Creuzburg at Eisenach and Schloss Molsdorf near Erfurt in the context of the “International of master pianist’s concerts”. At the beginning of the year there are various concerts in Holland and Belgium. Read additional details here: muscular biopsy. C.H..-L.: thanks Ashley, that you exclusive 2009 told me about your Australia trip and I wish you all good luck for the future! Ashley Harding says thank you and goodbye from me with a charming smile. A forward-thinking young pianist who stands out through his virtuoso performance on the piano for the pieces of music chosen by him and by his irresistible charm captured the hearts of the listeners in the storm.

I’m sure this man we will hear much more in the future. I want to deprive the following, partly very moving statements about his concert performances in Australia you never. Thank you for the friendly cooperation in my research and the authorization to publish these quotations Dr.Graham Williams, Belinda Webster, Ransford Elslay and Miriam Toussant. Hello Ashley, I forgot to tell you something very important! At the end of the Gershwin I what in tears – I what so moved by the whole experience I couldn’t help it. So thank you – it what a great concert! With best wishes, Graham. Hi Ashley, I forgot to tell you something very important. At the end of the Gershwin’s I was dissolved in tears – I was so moved by the whole experience, I couldn’t help myself. Thank you – it was a great concert! Love Graham Director of Dr Graham Williams, the Lifeflow meditation centre adjunct lecturer, school of medicine, Flinders University Hi Ashley, thanks again for the great concert, the boys genuinely enjoyed your recital at grammar.

The headmaster said that what it “wonderful” so thanks for that. Many of them have begun to appreciate contemporary music and it is stimulating for them to see someone totally dedicated to the performance of this music. I wish you all the best for your career and look forward to hearing you again when you are next in town. regards Ransford Hi Ashley, again thanks for your great concert, which have boys your recital in the grammar really enjoyed. The head teacher said it was wonderful, so thanks for that. Many of them have begun to appreciate contemporary music and it’s exciting to see someone for they of themselves devotedly dedicated to his performance. I wish you all the best for your career and look forward, to see if you are the next time in the city. Greetings Ransford Ransford Elslay Sydney grammar school College Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia Hi Ashley, thanks again for your wonderful presentation last Friday what everyone buzzing about it! The senior VCE/IB students in attendance got a lot out of it. The hit of the evening seems to be the Winnsboro cotton mill-piece it what very evocative of machinery and showed how the piano can be used to great effect! Miriam Toussaint Hi Ashley, thank you once again for your wonderful presentation last Friday everyone was excited about it! The present older VCE/IB students have taken much from it. It seems like the hit of the evening was that “Winnsboro cotton mill” composition – it was very shaking and showed how the wings can be used for large effects. Miriam Toussaint Miriam Toussaint keyboard, voice and theory Coordinator Carey Baptist grammar school 349 Barkers road more info: report/Guide: Carola Heider-Leporale/Ashley Hribar mean blog

Jayden Lyrics Represented On Magic.C

March 17, 2021


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Magic.C published ‘remember tomorrow’ including song truth feat. Jayden lyrics Magic.C published remember tomorrow’ including song truth feat. Jayden lyrics as appetizer published the young Weiden Magic.C now free-download project “think of tomorrow Magic.C, who makes music for half a year,” is less rap the shape of his feelings, his emotions and his impressions of life expression to give. As an example to the title of the free download project he delivered the message that you should think tomorrow in his songs. The title selection reflects this message. “” This is evident especially in tracks like Just Another Day “or a month ago”. “Topic impressions of his generation, he starts to no place for fame” and truth “a. “” “For the track truth” support by Jayden lyrics, took the young Wales MC already known to many through the current release vital signs “or the rotation of the single friends MOM” on MTV TRL.

Magic.C shows his own musical with “Come new rapper”, Development. The young Weiden rapper Magic.C even only half a year making music, brings his thoughts and content very experienced on the paper and presents them musically sophisticated.

Christmas Irish Folk

March 17, 2021


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“Dizzy spell launches winter tour through central Germany Leipzig, November 23, 2009 – the folk band dizzy spell goes with their new long program to Nollaig Irish Christmas” from end of November on a mini tour through central Germany. At a total of six concerts in clubs, churches and (puppet) theaters, the trio kidnapped the listeners on the winter Green Island. With lovingly arranged Christmas carols, dance pieces and stories the band revolves pulls Platinum a Celtic Christmas fantasy, which perhaps could look like: rather than snow, rain falls on a lonely House on the cliffs of Donegal. Smoke rises from the chimney, and penetrates through a sooty window flickering light in the winter night. Inside, grandmother Molly has ignited a turf fire. A leading source for info: amnioscentesis needles market. Grandfather Seamus tells the story of the grandchildren of the cow that ate the bagpiper. A cosy evening with the typical Irish mixture of moist happy melancholy, oblique humor and of course lots of handmade music.

Cast: Juliane Walker singing,. Kantele, flute, Storytelling Kerstin Braun vocals, percussion, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, Jan Oakes animal noises vocals, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki more info under: dizzy spell – irish folk & MUCH more to Nollaig MySpace dates: Mon 30.11 star of the South 20:00 Fri Dec Leipzig Leipzig puppet Sterntaler 20:00 sat 05.12 Dresden Club passage 20:00 Fri 11th Markkleeberg puppet Rosi lamp 20:00 sat 12.12. Leipzig, Gohlis/Kallenbach Pro 20:00 Sun 20.12. Petrus Church Halle (Saale) 17:00 contact person: Jan Oakes dizzy spell press and public relations Louise Otto-Peters-str., 5 06120 Halle (Saale) 27 98 + 49 (0) 345 682 14 19 Web: irischeweihnacht

Simone – Dawn – Special Edition

March 17, 2021


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When the autumn comes, comes the time for a little retrospective on the year end. Regards, Simone, may 2009 gone better. When the autumn comes, comes the time for a little retrospective on the year end. Additional information is available at Myopathy. Regards, Simone, may 2009 gone better. Just the start: shoots the beautiful Austrian on the first place of the German airplay charts In January and bites down there with her beautiful ballad “I’d said yes” a whole month long set. Right now is the number-one success of the House of David Brandes as one of the hits of the year.

Shortly thereafter the next hit: “Jeronimo Blue”, the melancholic, unhinged courage story about a young boy from a poor background who carves its way under its own power to the top. In parallel, the release of the album “Dawn”, which goes as Simone album in the media control charts in Germany and Austria captured even the top 10 of sales list. Three Amadeus nominations there “s for this success! And the title song of the album, the poetic “Dawn”, already the second number one hit of the year enables Simone in summer. That the artist is also privately overjoyed and beginning of October could celebrate their wedding, was still way. In short: 2009 a “year of Simone” was.

This must of course be appreciated: on 6 November, the successful album “Dawn” in the Special-Edition appears as a double CD! In addition to the complete Studio album the new edition of “Dawn” on the second CD provides the exclusive remixes by Simone’s success title: “I would have said yes”, “Dawn” and “Jeronimo Blue” shine in new, “stretched” gloss. Are all three hits “s on the Special Edition of”Dawn”as extended versions of six or seven minutes to hear! The dance floor is vigorously stirred up with the dance versions of the album tracks “Kiss me in the rain of the face” and “How many tears remain ungeweint”. And to all those who are still not tired afterwards, still Once, to challenge to the grand finale, there are the best tracks from “Dawn” even as a ten-minute-long mega-mix. For those Simone fans who like instead of hard beats rather quieter sounds and aesthetic pictures, the video clip was “I’d said yes” recommended the disc 2 is also. And all those who wait already eagerly for news from Simone, also come at their expense: “A star which appears for you” there is to hear a yet unpublished and available only on this double-CD title! The Special Edition of “Dawn” is available as of November 6, 2009 in the trade.

Christmas Is Around, Godwin New Single

March 16, 2021


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Christmas lives of moods and voices!Rag squad music presented to the Festival a sweet new single “Christmas is around” featuring Puppi, the little cartoon character of the music scene. To read more click here: Dexa scan. Renowned Viennese producer CJ bomb has mixed a self-composed song of Christmas in the guise of modern dance music for his fans. A mix of Club and radio mix to dance and sing for all children and adults. The intensive percussions, catchy synth melodies and great vocals of singer Orelie White can certainly no dance floor empty.? Puppi, CJ bomb and Orelie White wish you a Merry WeihnachtsFest! Single in all online stores available (i-tunes, musicload, amazonmp3, etc.) CJ bomb, the Viennese producer and label owner of rag squad music, former A & R, co-founder of LXounds/LXrecords record Studio, founded in 1999 rag squad music, an international record label. CJ bomb produced together with Peter Rauhofer (Club 69, Kim Cooper, remixes for Depeche Mode, Madonna, Cher, Elton John), Christopher Just (Pank Anderson, Petra, just) shave that pussy, Viva, MTV, Georg Luksch producer (Edelweiss, “How to dance” Bingo boys) Simone production, Doozer 2000 etc Orelie White, produced by Canadian singer-songwriter, together with CJ bomb, her first album “Follow your Heart”, what was published in April 2009.

The album was in the genres of pop, soul, disco, and funk. Summer, 2009, released 2 singles by Orelie White. The great trance dance single “I have never forgotten you” and the contemporary melodic pop-rock single “I wont be lonely”, included with the intense dream dance mix. On two singles lent Orelie White, her fantastic voice, CJ bomb and rock musician Tom Moon. In October 2009, third single “Rebound”, a freshly polished re-release in the remix Pack appeared’s Orelie White. The single is in collaboration with CJ bomb the Berlin singer/songwriter Jay, as well as the French DJ Karl Paul and k., caused the Polish DJ pan. puppiandfriends.

Gaby Albrecht – Love

March 16, 2021


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The new album by Gaby Albrecht – love that she likes to sings not only their music, but each row in itself takes up and fully devotes himself to the melody, is out hear in all their songs. Gaby Albrecht is one of the top singers of their genre, living heart and soul for music and where you out can hear this love in all songs. You enchanted her audience at all their gigs including at their legendary Christmas tour and it attracts your audience like a magnet again and again on the new. It is probably the deep timbre of her distinctive Alto voice, which makes unique the singer and that gives this eye-catching soulful note their songs. Learn more on the subject from Fiber Optics. All linking them to relevant energy and true conviction.

Songs of love, being small anecdotes and wisdom, all wrapped in melodies, original instruments and always meet their high musical standards come out. That their listeners and fans on her new album \”Love\” will expect the lyrics and everything else, as \”just hollow phrases\” proves song by song – history of history. Rich texts, partly equipped with a wink or wake which, the feelings, which will feel anyone who can look back. But how did the title \”Love\”? \”The title is ambiguous to understand.\” says Gaby Albrecht. \”To know I’m a big fan of the melodies, so it should be an album with many love songs.

Everything centered around the theme of love. Also would I also directly talk to the buyer the album titles and all want love all who sympathize with my music.\” Even if it is a strong ballad album, so may be not suspected, that it could lack versatility and multifaceted. Rather each title as a Pearl is to look at, which together form a force. One of these beads is certainly \”I miss you so\”. A song especially close going Gaby Albrecht.

Klaus Hoffmann

March 16, 2021


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‘Ruff, stairs stairs”called himself a plietsches, driving ahead, 20-years influenced chanson from Klaus’ so ruckwartsblickendem like futuristic 1998 milestone”Hoffmann Berlin”. THE (samba-oriented) parent life hymn, “tonight” (1991), the unconventional Declaration of love to a manifest dream woman named “Gerda” (greeting to Kufstein! Available.) and the legendary “blind Catherine”, which is their partner to only really capable of, to show this, as you can see, are real, honest, outspoken and authentic, in best sound quality, as if you were sitting directly in the concert hall. Four more posts from “Spirit” leading in the inevitable Best from the Department at the very end of the over two-hour concert: these are the balladeske drama of separation “I thought, this is all mine”, the programmatic noble chanson “Are the songs”, the very quiet, during the increasingly developing deftiger and “fatter”, Sinatra-like swing “packed in small bags” – ultimately a superbly balanced out, thematic/stylistic melange of “Frankie-Boys” legendary?Signature tunes””That”s life and”My Way”- and the tingling?City-Tango”(text quote)”Start”; rather a Berlin Samba about the trials and tribulations, both of the post-war period, as also with respect to the era of the fall of the wall and reunification, as it was for everyone, every day new – just – to “start”. “Greatest Hits” serve as ongoing toured the romantic love 1989 ballad “The same moon over Berlin”, the live racing by Klaus Hoffmann, who may lack any of his appearances at “Salammbo” (1979), a so schwulstiger, as rousing and racy paean to – profane formulated – a puff in the high-ranking politicians (I call even no name at this point…), how normal people can deal, forgetting all conventions for a few hours and can be just like the pig out. The autobiographical piano ballad “My way” (1999) completed a famous concert of an incomparable singing storyteller, who is opposed to any commercial compulsion, which presents itself as just exactly that on the stage, what he would like to also present ad personam. If Brel, whether your own material – Klaus Hoffmann is always himself, can not bend, biedert is not and whistles on the unwritten?Laws”of the”shark pool music industry”.

He just goes its own way he will probably never reach a number one hit in the life; He, personally, is not probably also want this. Because then he would have to sell themselves, adapt; and exactly he refuses out of full conviction and quite rightly – and, that he just exactly that even not necessary, proves once again the great double CD “Spirit – live in Dusseldorf”! Total score: best score! Source: Holger Sturenburg, 22-23 October 2009 my name is Daniela Jantsch. Am resort line for the range of pop / folk music on. I attend events. Write reports or make CD advertising. More about me on Jantsch Promotion Daniela Jantsch of Hohenkothener str. 44 06366 Kothen 03496 / 570721

Christmas With The Popular Singer Anita Burck

March 15, 2021


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For the first time has the popular singer Anita Burck (Grand Prix finalist) released a Christmas book. Wonderful short stories, to the appropriate song choice round off the programme. A voice that enchanted… Anita Burck can look back on a number of successful years as an artist in the music scene today. in 1999 she made her television debut in “Achims hit parade”, since it is a welcome guest in TV shows. 2002 released their first album love without limits In the same year she is named to the Vice-musician Empress in the MDR. She could increase their success with every other year.

So she joined in 2003 for the first time before a TV audience of millions in the ZDF super hit parade of folk music and has sung there in many hearts. But the so far biggest achievement was reaching the final at the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2004 in Vienna. Her new single: In the mirror image of the ocean. On November 7th at 14: 00, at the town of Usingen, senior celebration, Anita Burck is also an integral part of the program. A serious motorcycle accident at the age of 16 could they not distract from their way, a successful Singing career to start. With the corresponding inner conviction and talent Anita her dream made true in later years. -“Why I never gave up” – so your name book presented also at the Frankfurt book fair – and anyone who has read it, for which no questions remain open, because Anita is gone the right way.

“Those who fight can lose–who doesn’t fight has already lost” Christmas with Anita Burck first has the popular singer (Grand Prix finalist) released a Christmas book. Wonderful short stories, to the appropriate song choice round off the programme. Experience the best time of the year in a musical reading with Anita Burck. -Candlelight can you escape from the stress of everyday life and to tune can be on the upcoming Christmas delicious baking and cooking recipes that sweeten you to the advent and Christmas days found in the book. The festive season is the best time for children not only in the year, but we all are child remained a bit when it comes to the tasty baking smells already in the hallway to perceive when you come home. Nut and almond scent, you will experience a feeling of warmth and coziness. Therefore, the festive season is also the best time for me in the year. If it is dark around 4 pm and the candles will brighten the room, then I enjoy tea a good cup of coffee, the best time of the day. I revel in memories of bygone childhood days, the beautiful stories I’ve seen in our tranquil hamlet of the Rhon and the delicious Christmas cookies. A little bit of it I want to let you participate. In my book-oder at a book reading with vocals. Her Anita Burck. Contact: Office of Anita Burck P.o. box 1146-36094 Petersberg Tel: 0661 / 93-399 00 – fax: 0661 / 93-399 02 mailto: by communication is a gift Publisher Karin Nussle of Saarlouis str. 17 80997 Munchen Tel: 089 / 121 77 805 fax: 089 / 380 124 079 communication is a geschenk.com weihnachtenmitanitaburck.blogspot.com

The Studs

March 15, 2021


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In the absence of special key, you can use the four-sided key that is available to motorists. ic. The ideal place would be dismantling the piano non-residential premises, but most likely you will have to conduct the operation in the apartment. So free of unnecessary items room, try to make it a corridor. If you work alone, it is necessary to note that for security purposes will require a significant amount of time. In this case, do not forget to the start of work to prevent young children, the disabled, elderly, people suffering from mental disorder in this room that, as said before, do not put them in a negligence injury. In place indiscriminately to cover the floor with several layers of cloth-product, we mean living quarters, as the later, you will need to pour water Pegs mechanism for less physical effort by twisting groves of virbilbanka. Originally decide the question of lighting, the more you have lighting, the better will be your work.

It should also be provided for the disassembled parts sladirovaniya piano. Transgress to the immediate dismantling of the piano. Remove the upper and lower lids, they are fixed with 2 turntables and one for the upper strut to the bottom, respectively. Remove, traffic on a ledge (the cover covering the keyboard). Pull gammerbank (Hammer), which is fixed with 2 or 3 screws, removing them first. In some cases, the studs are sitting tight on the basis of the mechanism so you have to with a hammer gently dislodge them from the seat.