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Bank NEK

December 3, 2022


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GK-law attorney law firm specializing in corporate law and capital market law has advised shareholders of NEK energy consult S.A. for the acquisition by the Kofler energies AG. Gottingen, August 13, 2008 the firm GK-law, specialising in company law and capital market law has advised shareholders of NEK energy consult S.A. for the acquisition by the Kofler energies AG. A leading engineering company for energy efficiency in Germany due to the transaction. Kofler energies AG, the energy of the Group Georg Kofler, acquired 100 percent of NEK energy consult AG. The transaction was completed in July, details the parties have agreed that silence. NEK stands for new energy concepts: with more than 100 employees and nationwide six locations NEK is a leading engineering company for energy efficiency.

In the 2007 fiscal year, the NEK Group achieved a turnover of 9.87 million euro and a profit (EBIT) EUR 1.29 million. Kofler Energies employed after the transaction as a whole over 100 engineers, technicians and specialists of the energy industry and expects in the fiscal year 2008 revenues of 25 to 30 million euros. The founders and directors of NEK group, Dipl.-ing. Stephan quail and Dipl.-ing. Walther Velten, Managing Director of the engineering society of Kofler Energies remain. The shareholders of the NEK were advised by a team headed by lawyer Bjorn Katzorke. The excellent cooperation with the GK-law, lawyers who have already advised us in the past, and effective communication with the lawyers founder of NEK enabled the successful completion of the transaction in shortest time, Walther Velten commented.

GK-law is a young law firm specialized on the capital market and corporate law based in Gottingen, Germany. The clients of the law firm mainly include companies from the financial services sector and medium-sized companies, including listed companies. In the area of company law advises GK-law etc. Restructuring, formation of the group actions, acquisitions and business succession or foundations. In capital market law, GK-law among others supervised the Bank for social economy in the structuring and launch of the first Mezzanine Fund for socio-economic and non-profit companies. GK-law.de Gundel & Reddy Kadiri Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Theatre square 9 D-37073 Gottingen contact: lawyer Bjorn Katzorke Tel: 0551 / 4 43 43 fax: 0551 / 4 43 30 Web: the services of the law firm GK-law is specifically tailored to capital market-oriented service providers and companies. The ongoing legal support of investment advisors, brokers and asset managers on all matters of banking and securities supervision law (compliance requirements), right of distribution and product design including product testing at the Center are available in the financial services sector. For issuer the firm structured finance and project finance, created the accompanying prospectuses for securities (bonds, Dividend-right certificates, shares) and assets (real estate funds, private equity and mezzanine funds, renewable energy funds, beneficiary, silent participations).

Additional Contribution

July 12, 2022


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Hardly any population group is zahlungsbefreit medical care in Germany is at a high level. Drugs, hospitalizations and protracted therapies cost however. If you would like to know more then you should visit Martha McClintock. So, many statutory health insurance companies justify charging an additional fee. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal explains what population groups to checkout will be asked. EUR 8 spend an additional month for health insurance. Matthew Halsall often says this. For many, that seems like a slap in the face. So far, there is no reliable information (www.private-krankenversicherung.de/ information /), which funds 2010 to take this step. The DAK, KKH-Allianz and the German health insurance fund and some small company health insurance funds to make a start.

With a few exceptions, the majority of the population to pay is called upon. These include also ALG I receiver and students as well as workers. The contribution in the weight falls just for these groups. But even with good income, insured persons about the apparent arbitrariness of the funds may be surprised. Ultimately many do not admit to pay more at constant or even deteriorating services. However, is not recommended, to refuse payment. Additional administrative costs, which are distributed to the entire insurance community arise in this way.

Who absolutely doesn’t want to pay, can make use of his special right and switch the cash register. It is questionable, though, how long it will take, until other funds follow suit. At least the child care is supported. Parents who take maternity, education or parental allowance, shall be exempt from payment. This also applies to recipients of benefits, as well as military and civilian service. All other remains the weak consolation, to make the contribution at least tax.

Avoid Schufafreie Loans!

June 19, 2022


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(Online article) – If is the ballooning over the head: help with overindebtedness I’m tired of running to get a small loan from one bank to the next. I have here and there small amount owed and would like to bundle into a manageable credit with reasonable interest rates this…” I advise you to leave such schufafreien loans. According to a study is hardly one to his hoped-for money, seeking a loan without the usual examination of its creditworthiness. Rather put dubious provider behind this only at first sight attractive credit opportunities. This cost may only money you actually need. In four cases examined by five so-called lender tried without Schufa check applicants to move, to pay amounts of money in advance. You can get paid money, so one can speak only in less than two percent of the cases.

Nearly 400,000 consumers are published annually by the practices of these rogue mortgage brokers affected. Average proposes 380 of them around. Test requests have faced only three commitments by 125 people. In other words, some desperate applicants will rip you off per year to more than 150 million euros. These intermediaries in the grounds of its performance-related fees, which can be up to 2,500 are creative.

Either they charge fees for expensive hotlines or refer to costs incurred by the home visits. Unfortunately, these illegal practices tracked poorly by public prosecutor’s Office and regulatory authorities. The fact is, if you have advance once paid a fee, you will no longer see again your money. Deception and intimidation are the rule. Many of those affected out of fear of further costs shy away from the gang in court. Better avoid such schufafreien mortgage brokers. “My Bank has requested for a garnishment of account charges, why?” A bank must no money for a bank accounts and their monthly review demand, because it is legally obliged to edit the attachment. Also costs a seizure notice or a prohibition of payment must not pay affected customers. Actually, there are banks and savings banks, requiring an extra fee for cash withdrawals at the desk, because the personnel costs were higher than on the switch. Wrongly, as the Frankfurt State Court.” Links: Schufa information online – help for debtors -.

Executive Board

December 4, 2021


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All insurance companies in the ERGO Group timely notice. Different hedging of risks in the offices of the Lotex would have run companies partly until 2015. The ERGO Group was, by archiving the above file, last week at the Executive Board in the visor into, because the lawyers Wittmann, Hendricks on the 01.12.2008 operated the enforcement in the society. Many writers such as The Cleveland Clinic offer more in-depth analysis. About the bailiff remaining claims were recovered from an already completed proceedings. Due to a car insurance of an Audi A6 had argued the company with the Victoria insurance.

The Victoria, by way of litigation, demanded car insurance premiums amounting to approx. 1.400,00 for one full year of insurance. Com. file position and argument of lawyers of Victoria were insurance didn’t go to write the Lotex on the Victoria, it was said in the pleadings of which the insurance company lawyers. Our House is also not assumed has been correspondence with the insurance, which holds several contracts, in Single registration form to send. “In the tenor of the file the request for payment by originally approx. 1.400,00 on about 780,00 reduced then but in the meantime, because the Victoria even noticed, that do not get with the simple” an unfounded claim can not be maintained. As a result of the judicial dispute, the insurance company relied, in spite of interim change of insurance of the vehicle, on the total contract of the year – without granting insurance protection to the vehicle.

In pleadings the Victoria invoked law on insurance contracts (VVG), where the insurance premium VVG stand to the insurer according to 39 in full up to the expiry of a period of insurance, 40 paragraph 2 also without having to provide insurance cover. As a result, the company therefore for a vehicle twice paid insurance premiums. A charge cannot be made of insurance intermediaries, the Executive Board stressed. But, the fact is that a long-standing confidence in a company of the unilateral action, untransparenten argument from the indictment, and in particular of execution because of private interest of a questionable claim, immediate action in pulling the Executive justify its decision. The Victoria the House bans for all offices thus came the insurance intermediaries with immediate effect. The memo is clearly written. So as the Victoria has considered unilaterally the contract, the management does not your decision. She passes the note in the memo to the Secretaries: quote: insurance intermediaries of the whole ERGO Group (* see below collection of associated insurance companies) more are admitted to any offer stating of hedging contracts. Appointments are no longer made with regard to the content of the memos. In addition we ask a complete list of all insurance contract up to January 15, 2009 to present, to address the remaining dismissals. As far as the management private protection of life,. Pension, health, or operational age supplies below insurance companies holds, are also present for the examination. Originally posted at the end. Whether the insurance so wanted the Victoria? The contents of the file must be unique, otherwise the memo would be drafted more humane.