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Nonlife Insurance

December 28, 2022


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Determining the correct insurance amount for the fire and property insurance is a complex and opaque issue, especially in commercial or industrial companies. Determining the correct insurance amount for the fire and property insurance is a complex and opaque issue, especially in commercial or industrial companies. Precisely for this reason the risk a possible lower insurance and corresponding deductions in the case of damage this often, as positions in the areas of building and operating facilities are sometimes forgotten or incorrectly rated. For determining the correct amount, the insurance industry sees two assistance/variants which are presented and assessed in the following. 1 expert principle: assessment a manual/physical inventory and evaluation of individual building and facility positions locally is carried out by a State-vereideten expert.

These values serve as a basis and can in the future by means of one of the Experts issued index according to be extrapolated. Advantages: It is the principle described under 1.1. a very accurate method for determining the correct insurance amount, because every position of the building or facility is separately collected and evaluated. Also the insurer agrees upon request a General under insurance waiver to disadvantages: A valuation on the basis of an expert’s report brings the typically high costs. These are, in particular for medium-sized companies, often not in relation to the cost / benefit factor.

2. value of overhead calculation using the indexes of the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden principle: the insured amount for the position is building or facility made up of the value of things based on insured a basic year E.g. currently 2000 (early 1970 or 1980) and a value of surcharge, which takes into account the price development until today. The acquisition values per year according to asset accounting can this help be used, with the help of the respective price indices (published by the Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden) up on the base year or re billed. Example: Sum of the purchase of factory equipment ‘ in the year of 1995: 250.000,-index facility 1995: 94,60% value 2000: 264.271,-benefits: main advantage in this market procedure is quite easy conversion of the assets to the base value, especially if the assets electronically are the companies available. Is calculated at the beginning of insurance the insurance sum according to the variation explained under 2.1. properly, the double value surcharge as pension is consulted for calculating under insurance. Also once a year only the arrivals and departures must be reported after first establishing of a basic sum, accordingly to determine the current insured amount. Disadvantages and dangers: The determination of the sum of insured on the basis of the system directory is in principle a simpler and cheaper method for a company that still brings this variant the valuation also some hazards to be presented briefly below: technical progress is by the Federal Statistical Office not considered remain MLA’s, foreign ownership, spare parts and accessories special conditions, equity services partially ignore, appear trade-in of old machines in asset accounting rule not in the attachment list no assets are identified which may have a separate insurance such as electronics / machinery insurance is the indexes are set up for groups of goods and therefore only averages are C. Mikosch

Disability Insurance

December 12, 2022


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inaccurate health questions can have fatal consequences forum posts by policyholders begin frequently so: “The insurer refuses to pay on the grounds of breach of precontractual duty of disclosure.” The legal basis of the “non-payment” the insurer is SGA 19: “The policyholder violates his obligation…, the insurer may withdraw from the contract.” This not rare case can be avoided, if some “game” rules. In the application form, the insurer provides questions on health status, medical treatments and hospital stays of the policyholder. These are in any case to answer fully and truthfully. Answering the questions is difficult not rarely, especially when treatments are back quite some time and the policyholder has it no longer accurately in reminder. A common problem is also that some policyholders tend to evaluate what diseases important, even what unimportant and therefore not to be. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Kevin P. Campbell, PhD by clicking through. By an own evaluation is however urge you not to. The questions in the application form should be discussed carefully with an expert advisor, which is legally obliged to ensure that the policyholders fully complied with the obligations it. In most cases, it is required to request the medical records by doctors.

The patient has a legal right to see his medical records. ALS Act helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Who are his medical records completely, on the safe side to answer the health questions. Careful answering can be sometimes tedious, but will be rewarded when it comes to paid: the payment of agreed disability pension is safe, the insurer can refuse these with reference to a breach of the duty of disclosure. In the consulting concept of disability insurance, a publication of the company Borchardt insurance broker from Hamburg, Germany, are the main points that are to be observed in advance of the conclusion of the contract, clearly explained.

Bank NEK

December 3, 2022


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GK-law attorney law firm specializing in corporate law and capital market law has advised shareholders of NEK energy consult S.A. for the acquisition by the Kofler energies AG. Gottingen, August 13, 2008 the firm GK-law, specialising in company law and capital market law has advised shareholders of NEK energy consult S.A. for the acquisition by the Kofler energies AG. A leading engineering company for energy efficiency in Germany due to the transaction. Kofler energies AG, the energy of the Group Georg Kofler, acquired 100 percent of NEK energy consult AG. The transaction was completed in July, details the parties have agreed that silence. NEK stands for new energy concepts: with more than 100 employees and nationwide six locations NEK is a leading engineering company for energy efficiency.

In the 2007 fiscal year, the NEK Group achieved a turnover of 9.87 million euro and a profit (EBIT) EUR 1.29 million. Kofler Energies employed after the transaction as a whole over 100 engineers, technicians and specialists of the energy industry and expects in the fiscal year 2008 revenues of 25 to 30 million euros. The founders and directors of NEK group, Dipl.-ing. Stephan quail and Dipl.-ing. Walther Velten, Managing Director of the engineering society of Kofler Energies remain. The shareholders of the NEK were advised by a team headed by lawyer Bjorn Katzorke. The excellent cooperation with the GK-law, lawyers who have already advised us in the past, and effective communication with the lawyers founder of NEK enabled the successful completion of the transaction in shortest time, Walther Velten commented.

GK-law is a young law firm specialized on the capital market and corporate law based in Gottingen, Germany. The clients of the law firm mainly include companies from the financial services sector and medium-sized companies, including listed companies. In the area of company law advises GK-law etc. Restructuring, formation of the group actions, acquisitions and business succession or foundations. In capital market law, GK-law among others supervised the Bank for social economy in the structuring and launch of the first Mezzanine Fund for socio-economic and non-profit companies. GK-law.de Gundel & Reddy Kadiri Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Theatre square 9 D-37073 Gottingen contact: lawyer Bjorn Katzorke Tel: 0551 / 4 43 43 fax: 0551 / 4 43 30 Web: the services of the law firm GK-law is specifically tailored to capital market-oriented service providers and companies. The ongoing legal support of investment advisors, brokers and asset managers on all matters of banking and securities supervision law (compliance requirements), right of distribution and product design including product testing at the Center are available in the financial services sector. For issuer the firm structured finance and project finance, created the accompanying prospectuses for securities (bonds, Dividend-right certificates, shares) and assets (real estate funds, private equity and mezzanine funds, renewable energy funds, beneficiary, silent participations).