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Variety Of Balconies

June 6, 2021


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Russians like apartments with balconies. The real estate market apartment without a balcony are cheaper compared to the same shelter, but with a balcony. And these days people love him glazing. Gazebo to some extent extends the living area of apartments, offsetting its lack. Balcony is emerging from the plane of the wall facade of the house enclosed area which serves to relax in the summer. A loggia is a built-in or built-on, open the outer space, usually fenced on three sides by walls (with two – with the angular location of) the placement. And balconies and loggias can be glazed. What are the possible options for glazing balconies and loggia? Standard glazing is a wooden frame with a conventional glass.

Nowadays it is used less and less. If sheathe the inside walls or hardboard paneling, it will increase the temperature of the air on the balcony at the 2-3 degrees and slightly reduce street noise. But we should not forget that the frame should not only properly install, but also handle the seams and joints with silicone sealant, foam, strengthen the sill and visor. The cost of such glass depends on the materials used. Balcony design with a conventional wooden window frames and single glazing can only protect against wind, rain and snow. ‘Cold’ aluminum.

This design represents aluminum frame with single glazed with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. Sliding sash do. Aluminum loggia or balcony looks elegant, but has a low thermal insulation. The difference in temperature on the street and in the glass loggia – 5-7 degrees. This is one of the most common in our time means glazing. Cold glazing a balcony or loggia allows to save space, because windows are sliding. Except that design can make up to 30 cm in front and sides, thus increasing the terrace area. Aluminum structures for glazing of loggias and balconies are relatively light, which allows you to install them on all types of balconies and loggias. With a warm glazed room balcony or loggia will be well protected from frost, excessive heat and noise. For a warm glass can be used pvc profiles, or ‘warm’ aluminum. Profile pvc with Fiberglass – almost perfect protection against cold and noise. Please Note: The interior walls glazed ‘in plastic’ balcony or loggia must necessarily be insulated with plastic panels. Otherwise, the walls will fall moisture, and subsequently will certainly mold. ‘Warm’ aluminum. Read more from Sam Lesser Penn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the aluminum profile and add a thermometer insert through this glazing excellent protection from the cold. Such glazing goes even more expensive than pvc, so aluminum structures are appropriate when your balcony or loggia have an unusual configuration.

Excellence ISO

June 4, 2021


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The problem of quality people are always worried. Archimedes discovered his law was to try to verify that the product (the Crown governor) declared by the manufacturer specifications ("made of pure gold!"). But this ancient expertise, while effectively caught jeweler in the fraud, was only a "first sign" of the coming struggle of humanity for the high (and single!) standard. She was well known, with varying success and aroused fierce controversy, not only industrialists and lawyers, and philosophers. Chuck Carroll will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This grave problem bothered to even the great Hegel, issuing the descendants of the profound statement: "Quality is first and foremost being identical with certainty, so that something ceases to be what it is when it loses its quality. To deepen your understanding Tom Florio is the source. " Is that true in terms of philosophical science – let the debate its adherents. In practice, attempts to create a system acceptable to all the general quality assessment have appeared relatively recently – in the middle of last century. They were caused by the emergence of a global division of labor, when set, say, a German car can be produced in Italy, Poland or even China.

Endless visits of experts for the reception of each consignment was inconvenient, expensive and take up a lot of time. That is to simplify the procedure and developed the first special standards, setting out some basic requirements for the supplier to be met by an overwhelming majority of consumers. Subsequently, these standards have now familiar name – "Standards for quality systems." iso 9000 – world domination Quality It is obvious that with the acceleration of progress increasingly complex equipment required an equally complex process of production. .