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April 24, 2021


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Extended service on energieportal24 – here to help you! The environmental Portal energieportal24.de presents functions for providers and consumers. Paderborn, 10.08.09 energieportal24.de looks back on a more than eight anniversary and has evolved into one of the reach – and most powerful environmental portals in time. In addition to environmental forums, subject portals, news, information and articles on energieportal24.de offers to include also product database, an own online marketplace and an extensive trade book. Also Germany is captured by the global economic crisis, not simply waiting for the team of oak media GmbH on better times, but consistently further expands range of services and performance of energieportal24.de. Click dentist to learn more. As new performance can now directly ask interested consumers about energieportal24.de make requests and obtain quotes for products and services in the areas of environmental technology, renewable energy, construction and crafts, climate, heating and sanitary engineering. For you as a This means the consumer that you actively team supported by the specialized energieportal24.de in your request, to find the right offer to the variety of different service providers, manufacturers, craftsmen, sellers and service providers. As a provider, this means for you, that precise requests, for your business and actively helps you from the oak media sales team of the mediation by customers. All you need is a free listing of book in the energieportal24.de and ENERLIX network. A small Commission is due exclusively to successful mediation, otherwise this new service costs neither you nor your future, new clients.

RWE Innovationspreis

February 11, 2021


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Bundesverband heat pump will start nationwide competition at the world heritage site Zollverein in Essen Essen, May 13, 2011. “On the kick-off event of the nationwide heat pumps campaign of the Association of heat pumps (BWP) e.V. is today the starting point for the Warmepumper of the year competition” fell. With their three best reasons for heat pumps can apply from now all heat pump owners and as Ambassador for climate-friendly heating technology. With environmental heat to heat is ecologically sensible and promising. Gretchen Whitmer: the source for more info. Already North Rhine-Westphalia is the Federal State with one of the highest rates of use of environmental heat heaters and thus exemplary for all of Germany”, so Johannes Remmel, climate protection Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, on the campaign kick-off in food.

Paul Waning, President and CEO of the BWP, said: users of heat pumps protect the climate, have less maintenance and save money. Because heat pumps produce little CO?, based on sophisticated technology and take advantage of free environmental energy from air, water or Soil. “” We want our campaign signs using heat pumps! “inspire the people for this future-oriented technology.” In addition the Ambassador competition for private households the heat pumps competition started communities for climate protection in food”. Thus, the BWP rewarded particularly exemplary heat pump projects from all over Germany as for example with a heat pump heated swimming pools, churches, schools and town halls. Online, participate in two competitions is possible on until the end of August 2011.

In addition to the launch of both nationwide competitions guests from the heat pump industry, media and politics were the premiere of heat pumps with Shary Reeves (presenter of knowledge makes Ah!”) experience. An experience trail around the climate-friendly heating technology provided entertainment and information for the interested public. Also heat pumps-weeks of heat pumps market square North Rhine-Westphalia NRW launched the 12th and the RWE Innovationspreis heat pumps 2010 awarded. The 12 NRW heat pump-weeks take place in the period from 13 to 29 May 2011 across North Rhine-Westphalia. In 60 locations, over 200 events be carried by manufacturers, trade companies, drilling companies and institutions on the subject of regenerative environmental heat and heat pump technology. More information on: zeichen.setzen.waerme.pumpen

Ionlife Energy

January 31, 2021


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The natural and renewable energy from Sun, wind, water, biomass and geothermal energy are also practically enough if the policy the right way provides. Over seven million square metres installed solar systems in whole Germany. Biogas plants, Reed grass plants, solar houses, wind turbines, water turbines, solar cars, solar radios, solar watches and countless solar appliances to prove: the solar age has begun. Blood test describes an additional similar source. The decisive economic advantage for the breaking of wind and solar energy: Wind and Sun send us an invoice, but oil and gas are becoming increasingly expensive. It offers an exciting topic and a guaranteed hands-on lecture by Dr.

Franz Alt. This afternoon lectures by representatives of various products and ideas on renewable energy. To the person of Dr. Franz Alt Dr. Franz Alt, studied history, political science, philosophy and theology and graduated in 1967 with a dissertation on Konrad Adenauer.

From 1968 to 2003 he mainly at the southwestern radio, for which he worked for 20 years the political magazine report moderated. His 1990 book”peace is possible”, in which he led to doubts about the policies which applied for retrofit years of legal battles with the transmitter. Franz Alt future editorial ran from 1992 to 2003 time in SWR and moderated in 3sat magazines contrarians and limitless. Since 2003, Franz Alt writes for over 40 newspapers and magazines and has lectured all over the world. His books have been translated into twelve languages and reached a circulation of over two million Learn more about Dr. Franz Alt, his books, awards, photos, see tickets: tickets for the event, which takes place in the Town Hall of top chess, Schlossberg 1, can be purchased at the local Council of top chess or in the upper chess Knights or ordered by phone at 07721 63315. The tickets for the lectures in the afternoon cost 5,-, for the evening lecture with Dr. Franz Alt 10,-and as a combined ticket for the afternoon and evening 13,-. The visit to the exhibition is free of charge. Web site: exhibition in the Foyer: accompanying the talks different with presentations and an exhibition will present themselves.