Syrian Coordination Committee

April 25, 2023


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Arab spring? For all? It’s still winter? Or is it an eternal autumn? Some Middle Eastern societies strive not only to freedom, but also to more change, tolerance and humanity. This change and the necessary social enlightenment contributing among other things to a cultural development, some values such as human dignity, respect for which emphasizes human rights, justice, peace and tolerance. In this essay I turn to the question, to what extent the political and social upheavals in the Arab-speaking world and in particular in Syria bring tolerance and humanity and what prospects have the mentioned values in the wake of this upheaval. The output of this breaks for the respective peoples differs, and the results of these processes will be certainly different. While in the Gulf countries economic crises and unemployment were no backgrounds for political upheaval, but the injustice and the middle ages were more similar forms of Government, yet some things featuring. Check out Eiji Hara for additional information. The demographic development, the hopelessness of the youth, the human rights situation, undemocratic and oppressive governance of the rulers who still want to be worshipped and last but not least, the corruption in the economy and the State apparatus. In the case of Syria, still not able to accept the cultural, political and ideological diversity, I believe the political organizations, and must learn to cope.

The attack by sympathizers of the opposition Syrian National Council/SNC on officials of the Syrian Coordination Committee of the forces of democratic change/NCS before the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, would damage the SNC and the Syrian opposition in General. Because this Act between loyalty and reject the other or of the dissenters connects, dented the SNC. This attack would hit the entire Syrian opposition, because it shows how divided and disunited. There is a non-violent policy, through a practice of peaceful coexistence, dialogue and Partnership for a better society is confirmed.