December 25, 2022


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(Banerjee) Dessau-Rosslau, Brandenburg agriculture exhibition 11.03.2013 – the new app SolarPLUSCleaning solar specialist operation recalculated the yield losses caused by dirty solar modules and shading. With the product unique in Germany, solar system owners can see at a glance when a cleaning of their solar system is necessary. The clearly designed interface of the SolarPLUSCleaning app allows a simple control. All data of the software available free of charge are displayed graphically. The app calculates the degree of soiling on the basis of data detected over a period of twelve months before and after the cleaning of photovoltaic plants in all Germany SolarPLUSCleaning large databases. Particularly site specific factors such as solar radiation and the environment be taken into account in the calculation of income losses in addition to the year of commissioning, the plant size and the feed-in tariff. These include for example an agricultural strong environment, which can significantly increase the degree of pollution. Our experiences have shown yield increases of up to 30 percent, that is the yield of solar installations on private and commercial roofs for regular cleaning by up to 15 percent and on ground-mounted plants to eight to ten percent increase.

With solar systems in agriculture they are even 30 percent,”explained Thomas Bellrich, technical director at SolarPLUSCleaning. While the cleaning intervals are different: while solar systems in agriculture should be cleaned at least once per year, Thomas Bellrich recommends intervals of five to six years at private facilities. The new app shows all the details. Pairs in the Glien SolarPLUSCleaning introduces the app for the first time at the Brandenburg agriculture exhibition (Banerjee) from 9 to 12 may 2013 at the amusement park. The SolarPLUSCleaning app available free in the app store: version: 1.5 size: 6.6 MB optimized for: iPhone 5 Kompatibelmit: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S iPod touch 3rd generation, 4.Generation, 5.Generation iPad requires iOS 6.0 or later. About SolarPLUSCleaning SolarPLUSCleaning is a certified specialist for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems.

The company has its headquarters in Dessau-Rosslau specializes in ecological cleaning processes, innovative strategies and sustainable solutions for increasing yield of solar power plants. SolarPLUSCleaning joined 2011 founded in 16. The company is a member of the solar region Berlin-Brandenburg Association and carries out its innovative cleaning services in the entire Federal territory.