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December 26, 2022


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There has recently turned up a case to test the retrieval system to a delivery. Previous testing (and) has shown that it is appropriate to limit testing only three search engines – Google, Rambler, Yandex (Yahoo, I still excluded from testing because it is not very popular among Russian users, Aport – impotent, I will test only popular among the Russians the system). Feature of the new test is that it very closely mimics the situation that in which turns out to most users of search engines. It all started with that in a telephone conversation a friend mentioned the name of the drug, purpose of which I did not know – BELOTOMINAL. It dictated that the name on the phone, I recorded it, and after talking for the sake of curiosity, I decided to find out – what kind of drug. And then it had to be a new test search engine, which radically changed my attitude towards individual search engines and to practice searching the Internet as a whole. So, being a supporter of Guuugla, I asked him to search – BELOTOMINAL.

And the honest but dull Guuugl I gave 54 pages that mention the word. All these Pages related to different forums at which unhealthy and obviously uneducated (see below), people shared their impressions of this medication. But I have these results did not suit – I’m looking for something more detailed instructions for use of the drug and description of its composition! Well, think again Guuugl gave only 54 pages, then – an old remedy and obsolete, or ….. or – I dictated to his name wrong! At first I thought – what I could slip Guuuglu instead belotominala, but then I remembered – after all, you can search through the Yandex. And that’s what he gave me: ‘Request amended to “Bellataminal.” Show results for “belotominal”? ” Result Search for: Pages – 11 696 sites – at least 1431. Ie – Yandex correct spelling of all illiterate, sleposharymi, krivorukost and hard of hearing users, and produces the desired results, regardless of spelling. So – the desired drug naeyvalsya Bellataminal (such here in my friends).

At the request Guuugl issued 14 100 pages. Then I decided to check and Rambler. On request he gave BELOTOMINAL – offers from sites 7, document 21, ie, it looks worse than Guuugl and such as-dumb. At the request Bellataminal – offers sites: 1278, documents 10 495, New: 24. Maladets! That way everyone can find a fool if you correctly enter the word, and you try as Yandex – fix invalid query and immediately give the right answer! Overall rating (on a 10-point scale): Guuugl – 8 (reduced from 10 points behind the current setback, but I put it on a place in the previous contribution) Yandex – 7 (upgraded from three stars for their invaluable assistance and unique abilities) Rambler – 1 (it was a search engine) So, after testing in an environment close to combat, I have compiled the following opinion: 1. The dominant search engine in RuNet are Google and Yandex 2. Yahoo – not bad (from previous tests), but so far leave it vstorone as previous two is enough for successful quality search 3. Rambler – ready for burial 4. Aport – buried 5. Personally, I for easy and quick search prefer daily use Google, occasionally, in complex situations, which are described above, involving an assistant Yandex.