Scientific Advisory Board

December 4, 2022


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Fair vital presents Scientific Advisory Board. The popular vital substance ver Senderin officially presents its Scientific Advisory Board with the release of the new catalogue in May. Health and an individual problem-solving are basically the entire attention of vital substance ver Senderin Fairvital. For this reason the company has a direct critical working and advisory body by physicians from the practice. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board support Fairvital with its professional expertise, its experience from the medical practice, as well as their personal passion. ISA-M. Albrecht naturopath specializing in the area of blood group specific nutrition, bio-resonance therapy procedures as well as orthomolecular medicine Bodenacherstr. 76, CH-8121 Benglen, Tel: + 41-44-9800422, E-Mail: wyal (at) born on the 11.08.1957 in Freiburg in Breisgau with Swiss and French nationality in 1985 successfully completed of training as a healer and psychotherapist with subsequent acquisition of practice Activities in the trade and creation, restructuring and sale of transfer of residence in Germany recovery of activity as a Naturopath with concurrent maintenance and care for private patients in addition to death chords 2001-2005 correspondence course in terms of blood-group-specific form of nutrition and Nutrigenomics 2005 completion of distance learning and with Dr.

Peter D’ Adamo 2006-training in the fields of BIT and BRT (Bioresonance therapy procedure) and orthomolecular medicine since 2006 is the cooperation with Fairvital with the finest experiences in terms of logistics, Products and product combinations and expertise of involved people. I myself have A2B RH + blood group and can sing a ditty of about physical ailments. The combination of blood group specific diet and Fairvital products made me almost wholly free of symptoms in recent years. Like I would recommend this dazzling combination anyone who suffers from physical as well mental Malaissen, because also here with his wide Fairvital Range of amino acids, wonderful.