Recessed Luminaires

July 16, 2021


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Today, lighting is not only a means of producing artificial light, they simultaneously serve as decorative elements that adorn the interior, privnosyaschimi in his small but important touches such notes and refinement. When designing the lighting facilities today, lighting and the lighting must consider many parameters, such as agility and mobility, diversity and unity of style, general lighting and establishment of zoning. Lighting projects these days the problem is extremely interesting and difficult, but the variety of forms and types of fixtures (ceiling, wall, recessed luminaire), which differ in style, texture, size, color, texture, you can easily pick up the necessary lighting equipment for any project, virtually no loss of fancy decorators. The development of lighting equipment, no doubt, influenced by changes in interior design. So, with the emergence of false ceilings came the demand for a completely new direction in lighting. Ideal light source for rooms with ceilings are recessed lighting fixtures. They are the best way create a general illumination, but at the same time admirably with the function of separating the room into zones, with the accent on different design elements.

Modern recessed lighting is divided into two subspecies – spotlights and modular systems. The first type of embedded lamps, sometimes referred to as focal – spotlights – universal lighting, allow you to create light in a totally opposite type of light projects. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The use of spotlights is caused by the needs and requirements of the draft coverage, features furnishings and interior design, objectives and purpose of premises. The very name of these fixtures – dot – is already showing functional features inherent in this type of embedded light fixtures. This type of lamp is called a "point" for ability to create a bright light beam at a small angle spread, ideally covering the surface directly under the lamp. If necessary, recessed spotlights can be arranged in several groups, each of which operates its switch.

Each group of lights illuminates the dumped zone premises. Such a scheme using embedded fixtures can successfully solve rather complicated task lighting large area space, although it would seem, spotlights, this problem can not do. There are several methods of using embedded lights in order to achieve the desired effect. For example, if you put recessed lights in the ceiling around the perimeter, we can achieve uniform illumination of the room, and the light is cold and well scattered. Jessica Pels understood the implications. As a rule, modular spotlights used to illuminate offices. Built-in modular system or as few systems offer good direct light, providing an excellent level of illumination. This kind of Embedded lamps can be successfully applied not only in offices but also in classrooms, shops, exhibition halls, lecture rooms, hospital wards, training halls. It is obvious that the right choice artificial lighting facilities determine a comfortable environment for leisure or for work. That is why one should not underestimate the importance of lighting, because it may affect health and mood. Projecting lighting solution, should pay attention to each phase of work, without neglecting the little things, it is important to everything from light calculations and ending with the installation of embedded light fixtures.