Engineering Design Landscaping Residential Buildings Construction

May 28, 2014


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Our country has laws prohibiting the commissioning of residential and public buildings without the work performed by engineering equipment and landscaping provided by the project. Design engineering improvements and equipment is performed intra territories in the overall complex design area development district or quarter in a two-stage procedure, based on earlier and approved plan of detailed planning of a residential area or trunk. Our country has laws prohibiting the commissioning of residential and public buildings without the work performed by engineering equipment and landscaping provided by the project. Design engineering improvements and equipment is performed intra territories in the overall complex design area development district or quarter in a two-stage procedure, based on a previously developed and approved the draft detailed plan of a residential area or trunk. In some cases, relatively simple local conditions, the design can be performed in one-step procedure. Very often, when a two-stage design at the stage of project design engineering assignments underground networks is limited to drawing up the scheme with definition of core expenses, and after approval of project assignment with the circuit engineering, network developed by the working drawings of these networks. Design of engineering equipment and improvement of intra territories should, as a rule, precede the design of urban roads and urban utilities. As an exception may be allowed a parallel design of urban roads and intra-quarterly territories with reciprocal linking and matching, but always with the initial planning of the red lines and red marks on the city's thoroughfares with red lines. In some cases, when the intra Areas traced the various underground facilities citywide destination (drain sewers, water mains, gas, heat pipelines, etc.), the design of these utilities should be conducted in conjunction with intra landscaping and equipment. As a rule, through the territories of districts and neighborhoods are not traced urban road use and is not allowed even such an arrangement of intra roads, which could potentially cause them to traffic, linking the various city highways.

Health and Twitter

May 19, 2014


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We are confident that they will be sensitive to this petition, they say. The self-regulation of the social network to block comments that promote anorexia is the only way for these publications are deleted. Health has asked makers of Twitter that eliminate user accounts that promote anorexia or bulimia, request that the Ministry has made public from your own account (@sanidadgob) in the microblogging network. The Ministry has completed this application through the telematic crimes from the Civil Guard unit, before the flood of Internet users claiming the denunciation of certain Twitter accounts dedicated to do advocacy of anorexia and bulimia. As the increasing number of complaints registered in the past two weeks, the Ministry decided to make a sweep of the accounts that host these contents, to ask Twitter responsible for a practice of self-regulation, have confirmed sources of health. We are confident that they will be sensitive to this request, I have commented these same sources, as They reported that periodic compilations of conflicting accounts that will appear periodically forwarded to Twitter will be made. The self-regulation of the social network to block comments that promote anorexia is the only way that these publications are deleted, since disposal is not orderable through the courts by not consititute an offence. Source of the news: the Ministry of health calls on Twitter to delete accounts that promote anorexia.

USA Democrats

May 11, 2014


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AGENCIES Barack Obama invited those leaders to engage in dialogue to build a consensus. Both Republicans and Democrats want to avoid the fiscal precipice. Special: All about EE UU elections that gave victory to Obama. The newly re-elected President of USA, Barack Obama, today invited leading Republicans and Democrats in Congress to start negotiations for an agreement reducing the public deficit that prevents the dreaded fiscal precipice next week. In his first appearance at the White House after winning re-election, Obama invited those leaders to engage in dialogue to build consensus and stressed that the priority should be the employment and growth. The President also said that he is open to new ideas to reach an agreement on debt, but reiterated his plan includes combining cuts in spending with tax hikes to the richest. We have to combine spending with revenue cuts and that means ask wealthier Americans to pay a little more in taxes, said Obama during his appearance in the East Room of the White House, which was accompanied by his Vice President, Joe Biden, and not admitted questions.

Obama was declared open to compromise, but also stressed that will not accept any plan for reducing the deficit is not balanced. I’m not married to every detail of my plan, he said before affirming that the elections of last Tuesday, which was re-elected, put revealed that the majority of Americans agree with his approach. Americans want cooperation, consensus and common sense. But above all they want action, said Obama.We are going to extend tax cuts to the middle class now, he asked the President to Congress. Deadline of January at this first hearing Obama made it clear his priority now is to avoid the dreaded fiscal precipice that would enter United States if Republicans and Democrats do not agree measures in Congress to reduce the deficit in the long term before the end of the year. Republicans control the House of representatives, while the Democrats are the majority in the Senate, forcing an understanding between the two parties to take forward the laws.

In the absence of a bipartite agreement, in January came into force automatic cuts in the budget and that would coincide with the end of the tax exemptions of the George w. Bush administration, something that the experts consider that it would be fatal for the first world economy. Shortly before the statements of Obama, the leader of the Republicans in the House, John Boehner, urged him to lead the negotiations for an agreement of debt reduction that would prevent tax increases which, in his view, will slow job creation. See more: Barack Obama invites Congressional leaders to discuss the debt next week

The Moment

March 23, 2014


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Here I am, in the middle of my. I feel that things are subject alrrededor of my. I feel that life is as hobbies, sometimes you solve them and other do not, but do not pass anything, continuous world to your alrrededor, and as much as you want you wiggle with it, is impossible. There is something that I don’t know that I can not stop, nor make it wiggle. It does not only, and do not know as. This happens in an incoherent way, because you never clear what is your exact place, however much you menees.

You’re never on the site better, nor worse. These on your site and that is not normally suitable. But it can that if, you just have to stop to enjoy the place where these in that precise momente, and not to think or feel the after, nor the before. But how it will be? I will not do it, and I am already an adult. Or that is the problem?. Children if you live the exact moment of his moment, therefore, does are more ready children than adults?, do or I am only more silly than boys?.Not lose but right now I’m only writing and I’m fine.

Well just things are like this, without which nobody access to wiggle them no more. Now well, also can choose certain moments or other, but time passes, and your choice already not worth for another time, for the exact moment, only for another is not. That’s what confuses me, that there are times that do not choose you, you choose what time and you are already there, after the before, without knowing why, nor as. Life are a lot of moments, do few actually are ours?, and cuantosson only of moments?, is there some way of wagging moments with whimsy?, I think not, but if a day just from our lives, or only ten minutes, we are able to shake us to our own liking, it has to be the host mother. If you find some time that is only your creation, tell me, surely it is a charm at the moment, but when you tell me, already happened, then do not be a single moment, you always contarias as another moment that you spent. This moment is the ciborium, but the truth is that it has me worried, because I never give them hunted, are not as the Grasshopper, or mosquitoes, you bite and then are no longer. The case is that I wish you your best moment at this very moment. Indalecio Regueira. Ourense-28-10-08. Original author and source of the article.

Professional Photos Photos

March 17, 2014


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Photograph is a powerful instrument of communication, as well as the writing, the sound, it has very important contribution in the day the diadas people. What it would be of History without photographs, the periodicals, the magazines, it internetsem photos? We believe that half empty, without brightness, colors. The photograph in the familiar way is tradition that retraces centuries, and todoscontemplam the old albums of the grandmothers. With the advent of the technology, the photograph is tool of personal use of the day postpones, as the cellular one, making with that more and more people can have lembranasumas of the others as one hobby personal pleasure. For the social events, as marriage, has the necessity of the presence of um' ' Profissional&#039 photographer; ' to catch photos in good angles and emalta quality. TIPS TO CONTRACT A GOOD PHOTOGRAPH PROFESSIONAL? It preferential marks a schedule with the photographer, part to see algunsexemplos of the work of it (a). It observes the marriage album entirely.

Any one can take off a photo good of time in when, but a fotgrafoprofissional has that to be capable to take off good photos constantly. Details as photos with vibrant colors, correct focus, etc? It argues on the photograph number that will be taken off; Cost for revelation; type of tests that will be presented for choice. Taxes of trips of long distance and other details special. Many photographers do not allow that nobody more takes off photos while they estotrabalhando. Its reasons are several, for example, the flashes of other cameras to podeatrapalhar the illumination. It combines with its photographer on the ownership of the digital quantity emsistema. WORKING WITH ITS FOTGRAFOProcure to inform it on all the details, so that it knows exatamenteo that you wait. It is important that the photographer knows the sequence of eventospara that it knows when it will happen occasions to be portraied.

Selection Appropriate

March 16, 2014


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The most prominent element in any garden is lawn, whose total growth ends at 12 or 18 months of having been planted. This grows with difficulty on the ground from under trees, which may be the plantation with gravel. In addition, it should be taken into account that, in the lowlands, garden can suffer flooding, so it is convenient aterrazar to enable plants to develop their roots above the water. When the case is the design of a plot around a House already built other aspects must attend. Thus, in the case of soils compacted by heavy machinery, treads or roots it is possible that there is a need of an aeration of the terrain.

Furthermore, and given that in a House already built, in general, circulations, the flooring and dry garden materials have already been determined, plants must be complemented with them. Conditions of light, soil, temperature or humidity, are the main factors for choosing plants that will integrate a Garden. However, the great variety of these allows that you can always find one that adapts to the needs and tastes. The final result of the garden will depend, largely, of the plants that are used, in its volume, structure, colours or flowers. There are many different ways in his presentation. Thus, you can place variasplantas together or separately. All these characteristics must be known and analyzed before selecting plants that will make up the vergel. Plants are useful to create new spaces and produce different sensations through employment, for example, areas protected with barriers or areas that stand out for its ornamentation.Contrary to what may seem in principle, you should select plants based on the beauty of their flowers, but by its shape, volume, size, texture, or by the fact that conditions are favourable for its survival. Finally, and in relation to plants, should make an effort to avoid include excessive varieties of plants in the same zone, a very common mistake. Is it advisable to give rise to a simple design, not recharged, by choosing a dominant color and careful grouping of different varieties. Original author and source of the article


February 20, 2014


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The creation of new fields of Teodulo Lopez Melendez non historicity can keep talking democracy thinking that it is a system where votes or where there is representativeness or participation. To democracy we have to sink the teeth, review everything and now we must go on the concept of policy. Indispensable to enter him because in this country people said to be fed up with politics when in truth it is is fed up with lack of policy. Policy is to participate in social activity. It is necessary to finish with the denaturation of the same concept, with the widespread belief of a professional particularization.

Every action on public life or, put another way, about the collective interests, is a political action. Another thing is what might be called political activity (proselytism, pursuit of power, etc.) that is typical of political activists. Venezuelan society is ignoring the rethinking that is democracy. What is not renewed perishes; What in the eyes of the people it is already known, with its virtues and vices, it lacks the attraction of novelty. It must be conceptualized for the practical demonstration of a democracy without adjectives, only located in a context of time: twenty-first century, with all that that implies. Venezuelan society is atomized by many causes: detour and confusion by the profusion of sorcerer’s apprentices who swarm in the radio media, the conversion of the takers to analysts with the consequential mischiefs, the determination of the carefully chosen media who attend its programs of interviews, traders going to survive in the current regime.

Venezuelan society has lost the ability to react, is sitting in front of the TV waiting for the screen tell you how you should behave. The healing of the social body involves a long process that must start from the inclusion in everyday life. The limited influence of thinking about democracy in the democracy itself is due to the crisis of all transcendent thought in a world of repetitive clunkers, of insubstantiality and the absence of which diagnosed in a different way to how ruined ideologies were built.

New Economic Policy

January 7, 2014


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Directorate of the Soviet Economy After the Civil War and launched the New Economic Policy talent fully shifted to the construction of Soviet economic bases. He was Commissioner of Finance from 1922 to 1926. Initially formed a triumvirate with Yevgeni Preobrazhensky (which became his opponent as completely opposite ideas posited) and the U.S. educated economist PM Krasnoshchekov, who became head of the Industrial Bank (Prombank). Sokolnikov uniquely finished exercising office when Preobrazhensky vision was discarded and their proposals were approved: the new financial policy established a firm monetary system, structuring a healthy budget with tax dollars and progressive strengthening of the banking and state cr.Since before the war, the Tsarist government had been increasing emissions of money, which increased during the World War and later during the civil war when the government revolucinario went to the same formula to ensure military operations. Sokolnikov found that the general peace could not endure the extreme inflation reached the Conditions by which severely affected the lives of workers. Interrelated reforms with the need to consolidate the Russian revolution, so that the European proletariat could avoid another world war or to advance the international revolution. In the eleventh party congress (March-April 1922) had to discuss in depth with Preohrazhenskii, Strumilin, Krasin and Larin and stated that the “printing of money is the opium of the people.” Congress set up a committee to prepare a final thesis based on Sokolnikov. Sokolnikov believed that the state banking system was the crucial lever for the economy right direction.The Gosbank founded in January 1922 in Moscow, opened 21 branches, which reached 389 in 1924. also urged a network of banks: industrial, agricultural, cooperative, regional … supremaci a of Gosbank under which a central bank gold reserves increased and stabilized the monetary amsa. At the beginning of 1922, the emission of money covered 95 percent of state spending at the end of the year the figure fell to 35 percent and for May 1923 to only 16 percent. In 1924 emissions were stopped money. The Soviet state had for the first time with a stable currency.Sokolnikov listed the achievements during these years: “The organization of the Commissariat of Finance, the creation of a budget deficit not strong, the natural tax settlement and organization of a system of taxes and monetary income, the introduction of modernity firm, the creation of a system of banking institutions led by the state central bank, the organization of the cr operations of the state (short-term and long term loans), differentiation of the central state and local budgets , the introduction of the discipline and financial responsibility.

Creek, More On The Subject

January 4, 2014


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For Mal Kikuchi 2/11/09 The Creek is an open sewer. Today, 4,800,000 people are living with 350.000m3 organic and industrial waste dumped into the river per day. Also coexist with 105 dumps found. Exist near the Riachuelo is unhealthy. Stream pollution is a pending issue that adds to the national state, 14 municipalities in the province and the city of Buenos Aires. This debt is greater than the political apathy towards the Creek and the people living nearby, has a long history. Too long. “Little River, River of Querand es, chuelo Rio, Rio de Buenos Aires. .. Was born in the district of Las Heras, where Castro and Cobey streams join to form at the pace of Horqueta, the Matanza river, changing its name in the bridge and renamed Ferris Creek ” . (Martin Cagliani) The course has an 80 km, is a river plain with low speeds and flows into the Rio de la Plata. So the district is at the mouth of the Riachuelo is called “La Boca”. In 1536, during the first founding of Buenos Aires by Pedro de Mendoza, the chronicler of the expedition, Ulrich Schmcalls him “Little River” and Ruiz Diaz de Guzman was an “Creek bridges.” 1536. Diego de Mendoza, brother of the governor Don Pedro, went upriver with 22 soldiers and they were all killed by the Querandis, inhabitants of the area.Since then, he christened the “Place of Slaughter” and the Indians became the “Matanzas” 1541. The Spanish are forced by the Querandis to leave, it regains its landscape. Since 1580, the second foundation of Buenos Aires, until 1810, the Creek and people coexist in harmony. 1810. Begin work Creek pipeline, commissioned by the First Board and establishing the first salting and tanning. 1811. The First Board, concerned “about the stench” of the Riachuelo, promises clean. Not met. 1813. The Assembly Year VIII ordered that the tanneries and the salting of the banks of the Riachuelo. Not met. 1822. Rivadavia, government minister of the province of Buenos Aires, ordered 40 yards of space to leave free of all construction in the stream bank in its entirety.Prohibit the installation of tanneries and salting. Not met. 1830. Time of Roses. It is prohibited to dump waste Creek slaughter. Not met. 1868. Miter president in Buenos Aires cholera thrives. Alsina provincial governor, prohibits the Riachuelo dump waste. The order lasts only 2 months. 1871. Sarmiento President, with the appearance of yellow fever, the blame rests with the decay of the Brook, as a cause of infection. 1871. For fear of cholera and yellow fever, the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires, orders Creek channel and clean. Not met. Provincial governor Emilio Castro. 1875. President Avellaneda, provincial governor, Carlos Casares. Far and fear and control pests, reopening the installation of factories on both sides. 1884.Roca president, provincial governor, Dardo Rocha. Refrigerator is installed “La Negra”. The river loses oxygen, therefore, life. Pollution begins to exceed the resilience of river. And yet, the polluter is just organic. 1891. Presidency of Carlos Pellegrini.


January 1, 2014


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But you can go the other way – to make the cabinet with the side elements. And there "to settle" all the necessary "stuff". To have on hand, and the door once just do not have to "worry". What about doors for closet in the hallway – it is better if it is a full-length mirror. Visually enlarge the room, and will always be in front than povertetsya and tidy himself up. Built-In lighting will also improve appearance of the room, got rid of a lack of lighting. And of course, your taste and the overall style of the home tells the desired design and color. Closet in the living room – rather, it is decoration and maintenance of the set of interior tone (or its creation).

But the function of storing items and thus did not decrease. Cabinet in the living room may not look just like a normal cupboard. You can supplement it with various elements: bunk shelves lateral extensions, lockers, etc. Indeed, in addition to light clothing (which should take "dead" part) in the seating closet can accommodate TV, stereo, dishes, many interior gizmos. And the place to be better to "open", is visible.

Closet for the bedroom is almost the same as for the living room, with only a few amendments. Doors should be done with glass, interior shelves – more, in the open sessions is not necessary, but the side extension can 'leave'. And do not forget that the bedroom – a special room for rest and sleep. And because the style and color should contribute to all this. In what room did not have your wardrobe, the design shall necessarily be easy. Therefore, pay special attention to internal design, first determine the external dimensions. Inside break all the space for the required number of sections and fill it with various number of necessary elements: Shelves, containers, baskets, hanging clothes, props, lighting, etc. Harmony must be not only within but also outside. Wardrobe, you can choose absolutely any style and design. But he certainly must fit in the existing furniture. Now on the market a huge amount of material finishes, fittings and all kinds of additional elements of the decor. Decide everything your taste. However, everything else should pay particular attention to quality. Materials to choose poekologichnee, poprochnee. The same is true for the guide for sliding doors and features opening mechanism, which depends on the reliability and maintenance-free durability operation wardrobe. When selecting the manufacturer and pay attention to "quality" characteristics.