Osteoporosis Treatment

October 27, 2020


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For it, more important that the treatment is to prevent, therefore thus it will bring more benefits of what to make medication use in the advanced age. Of this form the ideal that if makes examinations Kauffman periodically (2001), strengthens, saying that the treatment of osteoporosis can diversify of simple mannering modification significant the medication therapy; the certainty consists of a boarding to multidiscipline, being the one of the points orientation on the part of the team multidisciplining or same for a particular professional. Having as objective to facilitate the therapeutical decision where the individual understands of the best form the information that will be passed on the treatment, changes in the alimentary habits, risk of falls, being able to be also informing how much to the importance of the physical exercises to prevent osteoporosis. Prevention In its literature Tortora and Grabawki (2002), tells that the prevention of osteoporosis, can be much more important that the treatment, therefore, through the ingestion of calcium, beyond the practical one of physical exercises, as, sustentation of weight, during youth, is forms well more favorable for the women of what calcium medicines and supplements in the advanced age. Further details can be found at muscular dystrophy, an internet resource. The prevention of osteoporosis and the breakings must be made through not farmacolgicas writs of prevention supporting it a tripod: adjusted nutrition; good habits of life, including physical exercises, preventing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and keeping the environment adjusted for the prevention of falls, thus, can be prevented the breaking risk consequentemente and the internment (FREITAS, et al. 2002). The genetics contributes with about 70% for the peak of ssea mass at the time of the puberty, therefore during the puberal development 60% of the ssea mass are formed approximately, while the remain is on account of the physical calcium ingestion, exposition to the sun and exercises (BRAZIL, 2007). The influence of the physical activity in the prevention and treatment of osteoporose it is essential, because beyond..