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March 16, 2023


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It is transferred for that it is not bush for love and still it charges taxes without the right to make it. Daryl Katz is likely to increase your knowledge. The author of this book (ghost of the opera Le Fantme of l' Opera) is Gaston pseudonymous Leroux of Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux was born in Paris in 1868, French writer who was known for its workmanship more famously and known world-wide the Ghost Of the Opera. Caux in Normandy grew in valry en. It attended a course right in Paris finishes the course and in 1889 its father it dies and it leaves an enormous richness that it spends very fast. It released the right and if it became jornalista.foi very influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Stendhal, Alexander Of ones and Vitor Hugo.publicara its book the Ghost Of the Opera in 1911.Como always made its books to arrive more close to the reality, after to only visit the opera of Paris and known its lake made the such book with aid of some facts for example the luster fell exactly but it was not workmanship of ghost and yes of a militant anarchist. The ghost of the opera is a history that if passes in Paris in century 19, and it uncurls with its three main personages Raul, Cristine and Erick (the ghost of the opera). Raul knows Cristine since child, in its infancy had had a lasting friendship where it only got passionate itself for it that they had followed different ways: It: left knowing it that one visconde of Chagny could not screen as woman.

It: it left it to go in the attempt of one day to forget it and dedicated its art deeply. They reencontraram themselves in operate it singing and it in the auditorium attending and remembering as its infancy with it was good, only the two, as ' ' he was boa' ' why now he would not be more thus, it was different it also, but the love of the two did not only move was forgotten, is there that the ghost enters in history it also is gotten passionate by Cristine alone that it the same does not feel for it to put it will make of everything it its love to conquer and nothing does not leave confusing in its day route to the love of it. Erick or ghost of the opera says the Cristine to be so waited by it Angel Of Music thus being able to come close to it without it has fear of it, therefore its face it is not nothing pleasant, but its voice is soft and charming and obtains to make with that it believes that it is same the angel who its father says that he would go to order to it when he died and he was for the sky. In this it has a dispute enters the Ghost of Opera and visconde of Chagny for the love and the life of Cristine. It is a book that surprising to put has high and low its, history is legal is a new plot, the tram of history is fascinating, however the adaptation and translation that I read of patriotic daisy, it was not very good, I liked the formal language, although this the book, exactly after a quarrel, loses the interesting part and is thus ties the end of it taking off this the book in itself is mayor for people who like fiction and romance. Gabriel Fuzinato currently student. Attending a course basic education in the College of Military Policia. Reference: Wikipdia