November 25, 2021


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The ischemic cascade has beginning from reduction of the cerebral sanguineous flow, when this falls below of 25mL/100 g/min. In this putting the neurons they are disabled to keep the aerbica breath, then the mitocndrias move for the anaerbica breath, what it generates great amount of acid lctico leading to an alteration in the level of pH (SMELTZER; BARE, 2004). The mitocndrias have as main function the ATP formation, is organelas gifts in all the eucariticas cells and bes situated in intracellular small farms where it has greater energy necessity. One knows that the carboidratos and lipdeos, also the glucose and acid the greasy ones that are the main ones, are substantiate used by the cells for the breath. The glucose is broken in citosol, this process is called gliclise, where if form two molecules of acid pirvico what it liberates an amount of energy (four molecules of ATP), producing two molecules of NADH2 and consuming oxygen. The acid one pirvico enters in the mitocndria, and is converted into acetil-coenzima and is metabolizada by the acid cycle of citric (cycle of krebs). In this stage an amount of energy is set free, and a small part will be used to convert three NAD+ into three NADH, the acetil Ca suffers many modifications what it produces acid oxaloactico, that then recommences the cycle.

These reactions liberate two Co2 molecules and produce three molecules of NADH and a FADH molecule. Soon after the electrons of high energy cover the transporting electron chain or respiratory, composed chain for enzymatic complexes where the electros go to yield 36 energy and to produce mols of consumed glucose. This process to give the name of oxidativa fosforilao, occurring in the internal membrane of the mitocndria (COAST, 2005). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Paul Daversa has to say. The change for the breath less efficient also becomes the neuron incapable to produce amounts adequate of trifosfato of adenosine (ATP) to supply the processes of depolarization.