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April 27, 2022


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Travel sizes for, to try out or gift – are due to the holiday period starting immediately the new small sizes of lavera natural cosmetics now new small sizes travel sizes are available at lavera natural cosmetics. The faces organic wild rose travel set includes a cleanser, a toner, moisturizer and moisturizing mask. Demanding and dry skin can look forward, because the care system faces organic wild rose gives intensive care and moisture, relaxation and skin protection. The skin has new energy and elasticity, which preserved them throughout the day. The basic principle of the care system from lavera faces is based on the use of natural ingredients that have a skin-like structure. They penetrate easily and quickly and are therefore optimally tolerated. The ingredients provide in addition necessary vitamins.

The balanced recipes (FAT and water content) were specially adapted to the demanding and dry skin type. The bestseller from the beauty care series, the moisturizer organic wild rose, is also individually as Small size available. The soft texture of the moisturizer faces organic wild rose outweighs the percentage of moisturizers attuned to sophisticated skin type,: vegetable glycerides, jojoba oil, wild rose extracts, Rosenblutenhydrolate, and the extracts of hibiscus and elderflowers. Almond oil, palm oil, coconut oil and vegetable lecithin donate the necessary fat phase. Hyaluronic acid and shea butter support the acid mantle of the skin, as well as the newly developed Pflanzenfluide from a special blend of oil and organic extracts in addition to vegetable oils.

The oil mixture lays down protectively on the skin, while the mild extracts of grape, peach and apricot skin verfeinernd. The faces of organic Calendula mixing skin customer finds your Balancecreme now as a small size. The Balancecreme reduces excess sebum production of the T-zone (forehead, nose, Chin) with precious plant essences from Witch Hazel, lemon balm and calendula, as well as the Pflanzenfluiden.