Jorge Etcheverry

December 27, 2021


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The poet of the first part enters the social surroundings become the eye that in exercising his gaze distance and subverts the gaze of the reader who made temporary accomplice in turn runs these instances of life social/personal/institutional/policy of a world which if presented with another style endowed with excesses of the expression and the qualification, it would appear as gradient, but delivered through moderation and essentiality present in this language only reaches the dimension of the inanity of their materiality as insignificant as hopeless, that the poet/traveller travels at most with a subtle ironic smile, accepting the inevitable, and the balance to the positive dessert that has survived the immolation of the dramatic initial and young bonfires, as well in the poem DECIBELS: the stridency of the time put the willies. Howl called obsessions. Birds scurry pages. But life usually given to who deserves it: some passions some dear friends a fever mitigated by writing Los mirrors CONCAVE of the third party determine the social dimension of the anterior limiting it in the personal relationship, focused as another facet of the inescapable need to having others, on the other, that this time is the couple, alterity that comes to complement aspects of recipient of the poetry and cohabitant of the social in the other parts of the book world. The stalking poem touches by the stark, resigned and tender vision of the couple’s life that achieves this decanted poetic expression. The newly betrothed rests of the wedding Balcazar without foresee the dangers that lurk as much lineage. The departure of the best times. The routine that the grid all.

The wear of the spouses. The sessions before the T V. The unforgiving years. Time to reach the last glass of water to another. The final part of the book covers the North of Chile, which introduces the dimension of nature that relativizes and annihilates without DIN (but with a groan) the human conglomerates social, readers, princesses and poets desires, since the pampas doesn’t remember anything. But after reading I prefer to go back to that MEMORABLE Christmas that closes the third section and exiting to my time at the courtyard someone out to smoke it off longevous Jorge Etcheverry, Ottawa, 2009 original author and source of the article.